• 9.20.11

    Gillian Laub Photographs Teenage Settlers for Tablet

    Gillian Laub photographs teenage girls in the West Bank settlement of Ma'ale Levona for Tablet. "Girls at War" portrays five young female settlers, part of the new generation of settlers who have become active in the radical politics of the settlement. Before they marry and have children, they fight and help defend the land of their home. They attend Ulpana Levona High school whose motto is "Where settler girls go to become 'real men.'"

    Laub and writer Elizabeth Rubin traveled to the West Bank in March to document the school, the students, and their activism. Laub photographed the girls against the idyllic background of the much-contested "Holy Land," the root of the ongoing conflict. She says of the images, "I was hoping to convey all at once each girls' defiance, strength, and determination mixed with their vulnerability in each portrait. After all they were still teenagers, but viewed themselves as warriors."

    Read the full story of Laub and Rubin's visit to Ma'ale Levona on Tabletmag.com.

    See more of Gillian Laub's photography here.

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