• 7.28.14

    Get a Taste of Dom Pérignon from Todd Selby's Signature Photography and Watercolors

    A cursory glance at Todd Selby’s book, Edible Selby, is almost overwhelming in its breadth of scope. Todd travelled all over the world taking pictures and putting his impressions down in watercolor. From Mission Chinese Food, to Noma, to Mast Brother’s Chocolate, Todd has taken a bite out of world cuisine. But, in the typical Selby fashion, Edible Selby offers a super accessible take on some of the most difficult reservations in the world. The average reader cannot travel to Denmark and pow-wow with René Redzepi over live shrimp in a brown butter emulsion, or flowers with a sea buckthorn vinaigrette. Todd’s experiential photography brings the viewer in on the pleasure of the moment, only lacking the ability to eat the beautifully composed dishes.

    It was only natural for Dom Pérignon to tap Todd to document their “Creative Combustion” Project built around Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003. The event was so private, but so expertly constructed, it needed a wider audience, so Todd was their guy.

    The Creative Combustion project took nine of the most celebrated international chefs and tasked them with building dishes inspired by Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003. What resulted were dishes that pushed the boundaries of innovation and creativity and Todd was on hand to bring us all along with him. He photographed the chefs through the entire process of considering their ingredients, preparing the dishes, to serving and enjoying their completed work. It was a comprehensive procedural look, but he also added something a little deeper.

    Documentary photographs can’t always bring a representation of a full experience. Documentation is limited by access, both physical and personal. But creative representations can give a fuller picture, and Todd Selby offered a whole other level of the experience with his watercolors. Providing clean portraits of each of the participating chefs, Todd represented them in a way that’s more accessible to those of us that didn’t have the pleasure of attending. Todd’s effortless style extended to ingredients and dishes, giving us a look at lobsters, rabbits, and oysters. He breaks the objects down like the chefs do, separating them in to the essential parts so we can consume them in the most pleasurable way.

    These pleasing consumables were such a triumph that Dom Pérignon even asked him to paint their label in his freehand style, bringing a personal flair to the representation of one of the most widely recognizable brands in the world.

    As Bernstein & Andriulli now represents Todd Selby for Illustration, we encourage you to check out his portfolio.

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