• 7.28.10

    FunJob Look Up in Taipei

    FunJob bring their signature magic, love, and friendship to Taipei, Taiwan for the Very Fun Park exhibition sponsored by the Fubon Art Foundation. "Field of Dreams" covers the facade of the Fubon Banking Center skyscraper in the eastern part of the city. A smiling cloud nestled in colorful flowers reminds us to look up at the sky, reminding viewers of their hopes and aspirations as children.

    Very Fun Park extends throughout the entire city of Taipei, with "Field of Dreams" as one of the focal points of the exhibition. Other artists are displayed on storefronts, outdoors, and more, making the art accessible to all and dissolving the line between gallery and viewer. The theme of "looking up" demonstrates how in a small movement, one can be reminded of the vastness of the universe.

    Very Fun Park
    Fubon Art Foundation

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