• 7.13.15

    Elizabeth Weinberg and Ruby Rose Are Flawless

    The breakaway success of Netflix’s show about a women’s prison proves that truly Orange is the New Black, but this season it is Australian actress and model Ruby Rose who is stealing the spotlight. Inspiring adoration from all corners of the globe, Rose has popped up at the perfect time. Already extolling the benefits of androgyny and gender fluidity, Rose’s accent and flawless countenance earned her millions of fans before she debuted on the hottest show of the summer.

    Part of what makes Rose so attractive to her fans is that she seems so relaxed, effortless in her temperament. When she showed up on set to meet Elizabeth Weinberg for a Rhapsody Magazine shoot, she arrived alone and ready to go.  “It’s really funny,” starts Elizabeth. “She rolled up by herself in her car. And I rolled up by myself in my car. We got there at the exact same time. She showed up with an In-N-Out Burger cup (very iconic). She looked really LA and really summery.” Typically, Rose likes to wear all black or solid colors, but her choice of apparel was pitch perfect for their location: Runyon Canyon, a favorite spot for outdoor activities.

    Even though they only shot for half an hour, Elizabeth walked away with a ton of images that she really loved – which wasn’t a fluke. She’s incredibly efficient with her time, understanding that many of the famous faces she photographs are working on tight schedules. But she’s figured out how to maximize the time and ensure that she gets a lot of great images. “I like when I come out of it with a lot of outtakes that I love,” Elizabeth explains. A lot of times this is reliant upon the kind of model she’s working with. And actors are her favorite. “I find actors are the easiest people to shoot because they know how to move in front of the camera, and Ruby just turned it on. I liked how simple it was because then I can focus on the pictures.”

    It doesn’t hurt that Ruby Rose was practically born to be on camera. “She showed up camera ready, and when I say ‘Camera ready’ I mean this woman was unbelievably flawless,” Elizabeth says. “I basically had to do nothing to the pictures. She looked amazing.” It allowed both Elizabeth and Ruby to focus on the task at hand and complete their work in record time.

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