• 7.31.14

    Elisa Flowers Champions Inner Beauty for Elle Mexico

    For Elisa Flowers beauty is about the essence of the woman she's working with. “The skin and the inner beauty of the girl needs to shine through,” she explains, positioning herself as a champion of the natural look.

    She’s taken it as a mantle, a one-woman charge, to have her looks be as natural and effortless as possible. Even in the constructed, and complex looks of Louis Vuitton for Elle Mexico, everything is light. “I like women to look really modern and fresh, so that was my approach with the make up,” Elisa explains. She’s not marring the face, or trying to contour and change the shape of who she’s working with, “When I look at a model, I really look at the girl.” For Elisa, the model isn’t just there to be a hanger for the clothes, she wants to pull out what makes them unique, what makes them beautiful. It makes the whole shoot more accessible, which is why she’s such a champion for it.

    For this Elle Mexico shoot, they were constrained by the clothing. Louis Vuitton designs their looks very specifically, so Elle had precise directions on how they were to be styled. Everything from the ensembles to the accessories was predetermined. That’s why it was so important for Elisa to lend her hand, to bring a unique take on an already established line. “A softer more modern approach is classic, and it’s beautiful,” says Elisa, who brought that softness to meet the elegance of the apparel.

    At the end of the day for Elisa, “I like seeing who the woman really is,” which is why Yulia Terenti is so noticeable from page to page to page. The clothes are important, the clothes are what she's wearing, but it's the style of Yulia that shows through. And that style was enhanced by Elisa's touch.

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