• 4.15.19

    Dave Homer's Kama Sutra Guide With Ikea

    Illustrators and architects both draw to create imagery. Unique in their skill sets, both artists detail their designs in very different ways. In his latest collaboration with Ikea, Illustrator Dave Homer married these techniques in his depictions for Ikea's Kama Sutra campaign - a fun and practical guide to help Ikea fans find their own bedroom nirvana.

    Ikea asked Dave to illustrate the title cards, borders, and bedrooms for the Ikea bedroom guide based on actual three-dimensional room set-ups. “Initially when I first got the brief, I thought that I would only be doing the title page and the borders because the room itself would be a photograph,” explained Dave. “Instead of it just being the decaling and typography, they wanted the entire room illustrated.” Each bedroom illustrated by Dave was pre-designed and curated by the in-house team using furnishings from the Ikea catalog.

    “It was a bit daunting,” he said. “I’m not an architectural perspective illustrator. That sort of stuff is not in my wheelhouse normally, getting perspective right, so I worked a lot with one of the Ikea artists to get the angles correct.” He was up for the challenge. “It was fun because I got to work with the CAD drawings, and it was exciting to push what I normally do a little bit. Most of my work is usually typography based. So it was a nice challenge to do something that is really technical but not have it look like a technical drawing.”

    Finding it exciting and innovating, the Kama Sutra theme itself pushed Dave out of his comfort zone. Although he did not have a hand in creating the room names, he definitely had fun with them. “I thought it was a pretty edgy idea to do something like that. Some of the room names are kind of raunchy and fun. The Doggy Style and the double entendre in the video are pretty hilarious.”

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