• 5.20.11

    B&A Artists Interpret "The Four Freedoms" for DDB

    Gary Baseman, Craig Ward, and Jeremyville interpret "The Four Freedoms" for the Tribal DDB Gallery Caf'e Launch and Exhibition. Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus of DDB Worldwide, originally penned "The Four Freedoms". Each artist was tasked with interpreting a specific pillar of freedom.

    Craig Ward created the piece for "The Freedom to Be." The pillar expresses the importance of individuality as well as being part of the bigger picture, be that within an agency or in society. Ward's final piece was a 2300+ layer photomontage of a flock of starlings. Jeremyville's pillar was "The Freedom to Fail." His piece is a continuation of his Community Service Announcement series, which convey a simple message of inspiration or empowerment. Jeremyville's CSA for DDB features the phrase "Venture into the Unknown" and depicts a character walking off into a hillside with the words "Uncertainty", "Risk", and "Chance" written on it. Gary Baseman created a piece for the "Freedom from Fear" pillar.

    "The Four Freedoms" is the first installment in a continuous art rotation at Tribal DDB Gallery Caf'e in New York. All of the artists' pieces will be part of DDB's permanent collection.

    Agency: DDB Worldwide
    Talent: Gary Baseman, Craig Ward, Jeremyville

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