• 8.7.13

    On Tour: Phish, the Melvins, and Alkaline Trio

    Some of the season's paramount concerts – for non-Beyoncé worshippers – were promoted by B&A illustrators. Phish asked Jeff Soto to develop a poster for the group's Lake Tahoe show, held at the end of last month. He came up with the design after reading about Lake Tahoe's version of the Loch Ness monster.

    "Tahoe Tessie is a snake-like creature that has been seen for decades," Soto explained. "I chose to portray Tessie as a mystical water goddess, rising from the lake with her pet cat. It's unclear if the campers below are performing a type of summoning spell over the fire, or just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Or maybe it's the wrong place to be!" 

    Both David Welker and Tara McPherson produced bills for the Melvins' 30th anniversary tour. Welker's tricolor, hand-pulled screen print features Clarence the Clown, "who ran amuck with a chainsaw one fine Sunday afternoon at the carnival following one too many clown jokes," the artist said. "I chose this character for the Melvins because the band is an odd blend of punk, art, and metal."

    McPherson's protagonist is a girl led astray by a false heart, with a paper replacement pinned to her chest, drawn using glow-in-the-dark inks and metallics. McPherson also lent her hand to the upcoming Alkaline Trio and New Found Glory tour: "The inspiration was taken from the twins in the 'Shining,' and the poster illustrated the unbreakable bond they have – a reference to the co-headlining acts – with a ghostly, Victorian feel."

  • 4.30.13

    Announcing AI-AP B&A Winners

    American Illustration and American Photography recently announced their selections for 2013 featuring work from the world's top image makers. John Hendrix, Tara McPherson (winning piece pictured first), and Yuko Shimizu were among the B&A illustrators selected for American Illustration 32. Works by photographers Jamie Chung, Nick & Chloe, Michael Turek, and Stephen Wilkes were chosen to appear in American Photography 29.

    American Illustration 32 B&A Artists:

    John Hendrix
    Teddy Roosevelt, Disney/Hyperion Books
    George Washington, Disney/Hyperion Books
    Kingdom Sport, Sports Illustrated

    Yuko Shimizu
    Man on Bike with Tulips
    Samurai Hanging in Tree
    Woman's Pubic Hair

    American Photography 29 B&A Artists:

    Jamie Chung
    Oyster, Real Simple Magazine
    Tough Mudder, Men's Health

    Nick & Chloe
    Female Nude with 3D Sculpture
    Female Nude with 3D Sculpture
    Kid with Clown Hats, Moon

    Michael Turek
    Horse Jumping Triptych, Departures

    Stephen Wilkes
    Aerial Sandy Storm Damage, TIME Magazine

  • 10.18.12

    Hello Kitty, Hello Art!

    Hello Kitty is celebrating the third anniversary of her 35th birthday with an art compilation book, Hello Kitty, Hello Art! Dozens of artists from around the world are featured including Gary Baseman, kaNO, Jeremyville, and Tara McPherson. The book is 200 full color pages of Hello Kitty and her Sanrio pals My Melody, Keroppi, Badtz-Maru, Little Twin Stars, and Chococat.

    In a recent interview with Cool Hunting, Gary Baseman said this about the brand behind the favorite feline: "Sanrio seems to have a natural ability to remain young and playful as its own characters, embracing fully current trends in fashion, product design, and art." kaNO's piece, a 48" x 30" acrylic on wood titled "Hello Mello," is a snarky depiction of Hello Kitty's musical rabbit friend, My Melody. "Music is such a huge part of my creative process and I felt [My Melody] would give me a lot to play with."

    For more information on the compilation, visit the Abrams Books or Sanrio websites.

  • 6.13.12

    B&A Artists Illustrate Bottles for 1800 Tequila Again

    Nathan Fox, Tara McPherson, Ilovedust, Kai and Sunny, Stephen Bliss, and Sandro Tchikovani collaborate with 1800 Tequila on the fourth edition of the Essential Artists series. The five B&A artists and Tchikovani created diverse designs inspired by Mayan culture, Aztec mythology, and Mexican heritage for the collectible bottles. The series represents a modern blend of artistry and quality.

    The latest series will launch tonight in New York City. 1800 Tequila has partnered with SPIN on the launch that will feature a special performance by Wavves, who recently appeared on the magazine's cover. Following tonight's launch, the limited edition run of 1800 bottles will be available to purchase in high-end liquor stores across the country.

    The designs above from l-r are by Sandro Tchikovani, Stephen Bliss, Nathan Fox, Ilovedust, Tara McPherson, Kai and Sunny.

  • 5.2.12

    Tara McPherson Releases "Bunny in the Moon"

    Tara McPherson debuts her latest book Bunny in the Moon. It is McPherson's third art book with Dark Horse Comics. Bunny in the Moon features new artwork, illustrations, and paintings that explore love, loss, strength, and female empowerment, all of which are common themes in McPherson's work. Super Size Me filmmaker Morgan Spurlock provides the introduction. The cover is made up of hard puffy colors with glow-in-the-dark accents.

    McPherson promoted the book this past weekend with a signing at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn. McPherson is the co-owner and Art Director of the store that specializes in art prints, books, apparel, toys, and more by a variety of contemporary artists. The space holds sentimental value for McPherson, as it was her studio for the five years before it became a store. The paintings from her first two art books were all created there.

    Bunny in the Moon is available for purchase now here.

    See more of Tara McPherson's artwork here.

  • 9.1.11

    B&A Artists for Kid Robot x Swatch

    Tara McPherson, Jeremyville, and Gary Baseman lend their artistic talents to a new collaboration between Kid Robot and Swatch. The collaboration brings together the classic Gent Original Swatch and Kid Robot's iconic vinyl Dunny as a collectible pair. McPherson, Jeremyville, and Baseman were three of eight contemporary artists asked to put their own unique design on the pairs.

    McPherson's set is called "The Eyes are Watching" and features one of her characters, Carina a three-eyed space cat hanging out in a field of eyeball flowers. The eyes wrap around the watch's band so they can be seen from all angles. The band is also frosted with a see-through frame in McPherson's signature palette. Of the experience, McPherson says it was "fun for sure," and "it was a nice challenge to figure out how to make something work on such a limited amount of space."

    Jeremyville has collaborated with Kid Robot on toys in the past but this is his first time designing a watch. His set is called "The So Far Away" and features a new character, Ibbity Pop, from his upcoming storybook of the same name. Jeremyville wanted the strap and face of the watch to represent the furry body and the face of Ibbity Pop. The arms also create eyebrows for the character and at 10:08 a frown appears over his face.

    Baseman's set is called "Midnight Magi" and is inspired by one of his original characters. The strap is black matte with black gloss and there is just a hint of color in the ghostly character.

    The Kid Robot x Swatch collaboration is on sale now. Visit Kid Robot's site for where to buy.

    See more of Tara McPherson's work here.

    See more of Jeremyville's work here.

    See more of Gary Baseman's work here.

  • 7.15.11

    Tara McPherson Exhibits in New York

    Tara McPherson will exhibit at The Eric Firestone Gallery as part of the group show Nose Art, opening today in East Hampton. Curated by Carlo McCormick, the show is a tribute to the folk art created by pilots in both World Wars by painting images and slogans on the noses of their military planes.

    Firestone and McCormick started the project by traveling to the Arizona desert, where disused Air Force planes are stored, and collecting a wide range of cones in various shapes and sizes. McPherson and several other contemporary artists such as Shepard Fairey, Ryan McGuinness, Richard Prince, Peter Dayton, and Aaron Young, were commissioned to turn the nose cones into objects of art. On her cone, McPherson created an alien-like woman with green skin and three eyes, against a backdrop that includes mountaintops, clouds, and a rainbow.

    Bernstein & Andriulli welcomes Tara McPherson. McPherson is an artist based in New York City. She received her BFA with honors in Illustration from Art Center in Pasadena, CA. Named the crown princess of poster art by ELLE magazine, she has created numerous gig posters for rock bands such as Beck, Modest Mouse, and Melvins. Her art also includes creating toys with companies like Kid Robot, Dark Horse, and Toy2R, comics and covers for DC Vertigo, and advertising and editorial illustrations for companies such as Wieden+Kennedy, Spin Magazine, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Playboy, Sony Magazine, Bust, Magnet, Elle, and Marie Claire.

    Nose Art will run at The Eric Firestone Gallery until August 21st. For more information visit the gallery's website.

    See Tara McPherson's full portfolio here.

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