• 10.2.14

    Vault49 and Si Scott Go Natural

    Kiehl’s Artfully Made campaign doesn’t stop, and this time we’re taking a look at the work Vault49 and Si Scott did for the project. One of the focuses that Kiehl’s has as a brand is to create products with a careful balance between nature and effectiveness. They strive to make goods with an attention so particular it becomes an art; they are artfully made. Contracting artists to interpret their own work underscores that effort, and Vault49 and Si Scott were happy to oblige.

    When Vault49 approached the assignment of tackling the Ultra Light Daily UV Defense, they started with Kiehl’s attention to derivation. “Kiehl’s products are all created using Naturally-Derived ingredients, so we felt that the piece also needed to look natural and organic to reflect this,” explains David McLeod, Head of CGI at Vault49. “We set out to create a bright, fun and energetic scene, filled with nature and summer activities in a hand-crafted paper cut aesthetic.” Obviously, UV Defense protects against damage the sun can inflict on human skin, so that was the perfect visual jumping off point for their design. “We wanted to really place the focus on the product, and to achieve this we used the radiating sun to draw the focus into the center of the image,” David says.

    To get the natural organic look that David mentioned, they opted for a cut paper aesthetic, but it’s entirely CGI. Starting from sketches, to compositing in Adobe Illustrator, to finally using Cinema4D to construct the 3D image with texture, Vault49 was able to create that natural look using technological processes.

    Si Scott’s image was for the Centella Skin-Calming Facial Cleanser, derived from Chamomile and Tiger Herb (Centella) which are favorites of bees. Si has always been enamored with insects, especially those that fly, so it was a natural fit for Si to bring that interest into their piece. Along with the bees Si brought the actual natural ingredients into the image. “The ingredients that are used in the cleanser were used to create the illustration that wraps and sits around the product,” he explains. Bright, big chamomile flowers are embedded in the leaves of the Centella, along with spears of aloe, another ingredient.

    All of Si's work starts as hand drawn illustration that gets converted to digital assets as it proceeds. This was no exception. The details in the leaves, flowers, and bees remain from his handy work, while vector drawn elements infuse a luxurious movement to the composition.

    Kiehl's "Artfully Made" series continues uniting artists with the inspiration Kiehl’s uses in their own products, creating the perfect marriage of mission and creation.

  • 7.22.14

    Si Scott Indulges His Passion and the Work Follows with J&B

    The company that would eventually become J&B started creating and selling liquors in 1749, more than 260 years ago. That company has undergone many changes in the last two and a half centuries, but their logo has remained relatively untouched. “J&B” has sat proudly on the label for countless years, until this year when they used a new product to go in a slightly different direction. 

    With the insurgence of more complex and subtle mixed drinks, J&B infused their classic scotch whisky with honey. “Urban Honey,” is now available in a bottle that looks very similar to the iconic J&B with one major difference: the letter “B” has been replaced with a detailed drawing of a bee. Very fitting. Si Scott, the illustrator who created the drawing for J&B, commends the heritage brand for making such a bold move, “A lot of brands are sort of scared of doing anything to their logo at all, I thought it was quite brave of them to do it. I don’t think a lot of people would have.” It wasn’t always supposed to be just the “J” and the bee, it was a part of the artistic process in developing the label. As Si worked and created such an intricate illustration, J&B couldn’t reduce the image to a detail on the new bottle. It had to take center stage.

    Si works by hand. The original drawing was created in two sections, the body and the wings, each drawing was independently nearly 60cm x 42cm, but brought together digitally as seen in the video they created about the process. “If you draw something large and detailed and you decrease it and print it, lines disappear,” Si explains. So, he brought the intricacies down slightly so that they could all fit on the bottle, otherwise the printing would have lost the details in unpredictable and inelegant ways. It’s a credit to J&B that they were able to use as detailed a version as they did for the label. “It all depends on the print quality. Obviously J&B made sure they got things right, got it printed correctly."

    It was no mistake that J&B found Si for this particular project. He’s been interested in flying insects since he was a kid. “Especially bees and things like that because when you look closely at them they look like they shouldn’t be able to fly. Almost armored little things,” he says. “It’s just always one of those things I’m quite fascinated by.” He’s been drawing them for years. Whenever he’s not working on a professional job, he engages himself in work that he wants to do. “What I’ve found over the years, is in order to generate the kind of work you want to do, you need to do personal work that reflects that. I don’t do work that I think will please people, I do work that I want.” His personal series on insects eventually caught the attention of Diageo who commissioned him for the “Urban Honey” illustration. Si is an example of how the work will come if you follow your passion.

  • 1.9.14

    56th Annual Grammy Awards Get a Si Scott Typeface

    Si Scott lent his hand to this year's Grammy Awards, creating a custom typeface for promotions ahead of the January 26 ceremony. The campaign, dubbed "Music Unleashes Us," celebrates "the undeniable human truth that we are powerless against music," said TBWA\Chiat\Day co-creative director Rick Utzinger in a press release. His co-creative director, Bob Rayburn, added, "It will tap our toes and shake our hips for us, whether we want to or not."

    Working on a tight deadline, Scott drew a set of standalone letters and full words (such as "unleashes," "style," and "unity") for the print, digital, and motion advertisements.

    "I was sent a bit of reference imagery for the lettering, but wasn't told who the featured musicians would be," said the illustrator. "The mystery didn't pose a problem; I knew the type had to be pop-oriented and not too dark or too edgy." His text ended up paired with pictures of Taylor Swift, Pink, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – though, "it's not about the specific artists for me, it's about the music," Scott remarked. "That's enough in my world ... I'm open to doing anything music-related."

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