• 10.23.13

    Where to Shop Now With Tom Corbett and Seventeen

    Tom Corbett brightened up the November issue of Seventeen with his "Where to Shop Now!" images. "I wanted to do a fun and fresh shoot," the photographer said. He captured an ebullient model wearing Isabel Marant for H&M, Asos, and Material Girl at Macy's, with each outfit set against a white backdrop.  

    "Working in a studio was the right decision for this story," Corbett remarked. "I let the model and the clothes do the talking ... there's more than one string to my pictures. I enjoy both studio shoots and big productions, and I think what makes a good photo is the same with both – directing the subject and getting the spontaneous moments." Though, as he noted, the results are entirely different.  

    B&A's Miss Pop joined Corbett on set, providing manicures to match the clothing.

    Fashion stylist: Eric Nicholson at Atelier Management
    Hair: Alberto Guzman for Cutler Salon NYC at Ray Brown Pro
    Makeup: Keiko Hiramoto for Chanel Beauté
    Manicure: Miss Pop

  • 10.4.13

    Miss Pop's Got Game for Cosmo and CoverGirl

    Miss Pop is now the go-to nail artist for female NFL fans – and its players too.  

    For Cosmopolitan's October issue, she traveled to Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium, home of Super Bowl XLVII champs, the Ravens. "There's something about being on that field that's powerful and motivating," Miss Pop said, "especially running through the tunnel there's so much excitement; I felt like a warrior. I wanted to bring that power and excitement to the nails, along with the idea of a clash, to represent the tackling."  

    All of this steered the manicurist in a geometric direction. Eight of model Elyse Taylor's finger tips featured a "rising star" design – "it's how I view the team," Miss Pop explained – and the other two were footballs. Taylor wasn't the only one to receive a paint job on set. "I did the players' nails as well," Miss Pop noted, referring to safety Matt Elam and kicker Justin Tucker, who were photographed for the "She Got Game" editorial. "They have the most gorgeous hands I've ever seen! I know it's hard to believe, but they get manicures as part of taking care of themselves. I was concerned they wouldn't want them, and they were absolutely into it! It was nothing new for them."  

    She also conceived the nails for a pair of CoverGirl ads that ran alongside the Cosmo article: "CoverGirl is the official beauty sponsor of the NFL ... and women who are into sports are still women. If I go to a game, I'm still putting on makeup." She added that a bottle of Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss costs less than $6, much less than the price of a jersey.

    The advertisements list the colors needed to support the New England Patriots and the Chicago Bears. Miss Pop recommends purchasing a dotter and a nail art striper brush to achieve the looks.

    Credits for Cosmo:
    Photographer: Kenneth Cappello
    Fashion editor: Aya Kanai
    Hair: Kayla MiChele for Atelier Management using Perfect Locks
    Makeup: Tamah at The Wall Group
    Model: Elyse Taylor at Marilyn Agency
    Set design: Chelsea Maruskin
    Production: Yael Knopf for First Shot Productions

  • 9.10.13

    Miss Pop's Punk Rock Garden Party for Emerson

    Miss Pop conceived three different manicures to wear with Emerson's "Punk Rock Garden Party"-themed spring 2014 collection, which debuted at New York Fashion Week on Sunday. 

    One of the nail sets, inspired by a print used in the show, was imperfectly black-and-white striped. "If you're one of those people who can't do nail art – who can never get the lines to be straight – this is the design for you," Miss Pop remarked. "The more that you mess up, the better the nails look, so I almost had to unlearn my technique." To add an authentically punk accent, she pierced the middle fingernails with safety pins.  

    A second look complemented the floral headpieces worn on the runway. "Emerson designer Jackie Fraser-Swan's favorite flowers are alliums and the show included incredible headdresses made from them," Miss Pop said. "As with the punk element, I wanted to bring the garden to the nails, so I painted a field of alliums – super fresh, super springy." The final manicure, dubbed "Garden Catwalk" was meant to capture the finale, "when all of the models walk at the end and it's a flurry of color ... so the center of the nail is the colorful frocks making their way through the purple darkness of the audience. It's an abstraction of that moment."

    Using Ciaté polishes, Miss Pop painted the 600 nails ahead of time, so they could be swiftly stuck onto the models' own nails backstage. As for removal, "We were prepared to help the girls take them off at the end of the show, but most of them asked if they could keep them on," the manicurist recalled. "Elle.com's Christiana Molina tracked me down and I put a set on her because I had extras ... I was really touched. I've never had that happen before!"

    Photographs courtesy of Ciaté.

  • 8.23.13

    Miss Pop Brings Back That '70s Nail for Cosmo

    Miss Pop takes readers back – way back – to the seventies for the September issue of Cosmopolitan. For the mag's "That '70s Show" beauty spread, the manicurist looked to icons like Jerry Hall, Debbie Harry, and Donna Summer for inspiration.

    "Nail art was reborn in that decade with the French manicure, but nothing feels more dated now," Miss Pop remarked. "I really wanted to stay true to the seventies and it's amazing how many coincidences there are with the trends then and today. That chic, almond, Studio 54 nail is huge right now."

    She picked a classic red to represent "Glamazon" Jerry Hall, a mixed metallic to channel "Disco Queen" Donna Summer, and a nude to conjure images of "American Beauty" Farah Fawcett. 

    "Another major theme for fall is the matte metallic," Miss Pop went on, explaining the "Rebel Chic" Debbie Harry style. "Thinking about how the punks were the first to do black nail polish, I did a faded, glittery, deep gunmetal with a matte top coat to give it texture ... the top coat changes the whole look. It's almost as if you had Sharpied your nails."

    Not sold? "On set, I wound up putting it on the photo editor because we liked it so much."

    Photographer: James Macari
    Stylist: Masha Orlov
    Hair: Jeff Francis for The Wall Group using Shu Uemura Art of Hair
    Makeup: Fredrik Stambro using Temptu
    Model: Elsa Hosk for IMG Models

  • 7.26.13

    Miss Pop's Pearls for Marie Claire China

    Marie Claire China's "Ice Cream Lady" editorial in its July issue includes manicures by Miss Pop. Working with stylist Yana Kamps – "she pulls the kinds of clothes that make me Instagram the swatches of fabric and hashtag them 'nailspiration' " – Miss Pop began with a white nail, a popular summer choice, then painted on an iridescent coat. "It gives it a hint of sparkle, a sheen – not kid-like glitter," Miss Pop explained. "It's very sophisticated and it adds so much texture to a color." She also put a pearl on each finger: "This was Yana's genius. We were trying to place the pearl somewhere and she said, 'Center tip,' which is such a bold place. You don't normally see a nail edge like that." 

    Photographer: Amber Gray
    Stylist: Yana Kamps 

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