• 11.16.12

    Gillian Laub Covers The Paperboy for W Magazine

    Gillian Laub takes these behind the scenes photos of the film The Paperboy, a dark and steamy 1960s drama. The film touts an exceptional cast including Nicole Kidman, John Cusack, Matthew McConaughey, and Zac Efron. Gillian's photos appear in the November edition of W magazine, which showcases "On Set" portfolios in each issue.

    For the shoot, Gillian headed down to the swamps of Louisiana where temperatures reached over 100 degrees with 100% humidity. A medic was even on set to make sure no one went into a heat stroke. Though temperatures were oppressive, it also heightened the drama of the atmosphere.

  • 9.13.12

    Up Close and Personal with the Basketball Wives

    For the September issue of New York magazine Gillian Laub photographed the "The Belles of B-Ball" - Kimberly Chandler, Alexis Smith, and Vanessa Bryant - in their homes. Kimberly Chandler was particularly cute - she spent most of the time on skype with her hubby making sure he liked the outfits. Gillian loves shooting home stories because she "gets to know so much about people from their domestic environments" and she was able to sneak a peek of Alexis' enviable closet full of shoes and handbags. What's not fun about that?!

  • 5.11.12

    B&A Photographers in the American Photography 28

    Erwin Olaf, Elena Dorfman, Nick & Chlo'e, Jamie Chung, and Gillian Laub make the list this year for AI-AP's American Photography 28. The annual competition recognizes the best photographs from the past year. A distinguished jury of editors from The New York Times Magazine, TIME, Newsweek/DailyBeast, and Details selected the best from 2011 that will be published in a book this fall.

    Two photographs by Elena Dorfman made the list. The first is her portrait of director David Lynch for Telegraph Magazine. The second is from her new series Empire Falling that features abandoned and active rock quarries in the Midwest. Four images from Erwin Olaf's personal series Keyhole, which explores the theme of shame and invites the viewers to be the voyeur, were selected.

    Gillian Laub's personal series Girls At War, featuring teenage female settlers in Israel, and Tel Aviv Beach, a photo essay on the city's popular seaside attraction, were both honored. Additionally her portrait of disgraced pastor Ted Haggard for GQ made the list. A photograph from Nick & Chlo'e's personal series "Exile, Lord of all the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea," on the aesthetic of tyranny in the last days of a dictators' wife was also selected. Finally, Jamie Chung's entry was his photograph of the history of phones for Popular Mechanics.

    Learn more about the AI-AP American Photography 28 here.

  • 5.4.12

    Gillian Laub for the TIME 100

    Gillian Laub photographs four people who made TIME Magazine's "100 Most Influential People in the World" list. The annual feature includes icons, leaders, celebrities, moguls, and pioneers, who inspire, entertain, challenge, and change the world. Laub captured Matt Lauer, Stephen Colbert, Louis CK, and Chelsea Handler for the magazine.

    Laub shot the four in studio and on location. Today Show host Matt Lauer is seen exiting from a limousine at night in New York City. Stephen Colbert, the satirical host of The Colbert Report, is dressed up and carrying a gun and ammunition, standing against a set backdrop. Comedians Louis CK and Chelsea Handler, shot separately, were photographed looking over scripts. Laub says of her subjects "I respect and admire all of them so it was great in being part of celebrating their work!"

    The TIME 100 is on newsstands and online now.

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  • 4.6.12

    Gillian Laub Captures the Fifty Shades of Grey Frenzy

    Gillian Laub explores the frenzy around the hit series Fifty Shades of Grey in a new video and article for Time Magazine. The trilogy, by British author E.L. James, is about the S&M relationship between a billionaire and a virginal young college student. The books started out as online fan fiction before they racked up hundreds of thousands of e-book downloads. After hearing about them from a friend, Laub decided to document the excitement around the books among wives and mothers in Long Island, New York City, and Westchester County.

    Laub interviewed and photographed E.L. James and fans of the trilogy. James admitted the book was inspired by fan fiction for Twilight and other popular series and was derived from her fantasies. At the book party Laub attended with James, the author was overwhelmed by the response from her fans. The fans told Laub that the books had changed their lives and they were recommending it to everyone they knew. Laub calls the series "a suburban literary virus of sorts."

    Watch Gillian Laub's video for Time Magazine of the Fifty Shades of Grey popularity here.

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  • 3.12.12

    Gillian Laub for The New York Times

    Gillian Laub photographs the cover story for the latest issue of the Sunday The New York Times Magazine. The feature examines the medical oddity of twitching in a number of girls in the working-class town of Le Roy, New York. Despite numerous tests and doctors, no one is quite sure what is causing the twitches and tics in the young girls. Laub traveled to the town to photograph several of the girls in their homes. She also captured Le Roy, once a prosperous manufacturing town, in its current state.

    The Sunday New York Times Magazine is out now.

    See more of Gillian Laub's photography here.

    Publication: The New York Times Magazine
    Issue: Sunday March 11th, 2012
    Story: "What Happened to the Girls in LeRoy"
    Photographer: Gillian Laub

  • 3.2.12

    Gillian Laub Photographs Nick Jonas

    Gillian Laub follows Nick Jonas for a day, capturing an ordinary day for the singer and actor in New York City. Jonas is currently starring on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, replacing Daniel Radcliffe in the lead role. Laub photographed him as he walked his dog Elvis, enjoyed his weekly waffle treat, prepared for his performance in his dressing room, and met fans outside the theater after the show. She says it was fun to spend the day with him and calls him "the most serious and mature 19 year old I've ever met."

    See more of Gillian Laub's photography here.

  • 1.10.12

    Gillian Laub at ICP and The National Geographic Society

    Gillian Laub will participate on two panels on photography this week. The first is today at The International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York City and is called "ICP Spotlights: Creating a Better World: Groundbreaking Women in Photography." The second is an all-day seminar on photography at The National Geographic Society's headquarters in Washington, D.C.

    The panel at ICP is moderated by Ann Curry and will feature a discussion on women on the cutting edge of documentary practice and social justice through photography. Laub will join Mary Ellen Mark, Kathy Ryan, Samantha Appleton, and Stephanie Sinclair on the panel. The discussion will be followed by a silent auction and luncheon with proceeds from the events benefiting ICP's educational programs and exhibitions.

    The National Geographic Society Photography Seminar will feature Laub, David LaChappelle with Robert Draper, Kitra Cahana, Cirenaica Moreira, and Paolo Pellegrin with Anthony Bannon speaking to an audience of 400 photographers, editors, curators, and critics. Laub will be discussing her "Prom Divided" project, a photo essay on segregated proms in the South.

    For more information about the ICP panel, visit their website.

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  • 12.12.11

    Gillian Laub for Esquire and Time

    Gillian Laub's photography appears in recent issues of Esquire and Time Magazine. Laub captured film and stage director Julie Taymor for the December issue of Esquire. For Time, she photographed a cover shoot for a romance novel.

    Laub photographed Taymor at her apartment in New York City. Taymor posed for Laub on her roof, where she'd previously shot a scene for her movie Across the Universe. Taymor spoke to the magazine about her ambitious career and her departure from the controversial Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical. Laub enjoyed working with Taymor and calls her, "a great creative collaborator."

    Laub spent the day photographing the cover shoot for a romance novel for Time Magazine. The article details how the romance novel industry is finding renewed interest in "real life" heroes, such as firefighters, war veterans, and cops, as cover models. Laub calls the shoot "amazing" and says watching what they were creating to sell, as female fantasy, was "fascinating and fun."

    See more of Gillian Laub's photography here.

  • 10.14.11

    Gillian Laub for TIME

    Gillian Laub photographs her favorite beach in Israel for a photo essay for TIME. "Tel Aviv Beach: One Photographer's Enduring Oasis," documents the eclectic mix of people who frequent the beach. They are old, young, skinny, maimed, Orthodox Jewish, American, Israeli, Russian and Ethiopian immigrants and Phillipino or Chinese foreign workers. In Laub's decade of photographing Israel, the beach, called Tayelet in Hebrew, has become her favorite escape. And not just for her. Laub has come to see that the beach is an escape for the people of Israel as well, a temporary break from the country's politics and turmoil. She says, "the beach, I've come to realize, is where the country comes to breath."

    Laub will be speaking at FIT on October 20th as part of the photography department's "Photo Talks" lecture series. Her talk will begin at 5 pm in the Katie Murphy Amphitheater. For more information, visit the FIT website. Laub will also be part of a panel hosted by Aperture Foundation and Sasha Wolf Gallery at the Aperture Gallery and Bookstore on October 22nd. "Family Matters" will feature Laub, Elinor Carucci, and Chris Verene and will be moderated by Susan Bright. The panel will discuss the craft and art of photographing family. For more information, visit the Aperture website.

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  • 9.29.11

    Gillian Laub Photographs Toddlers & Tiaras

    Gillian Laub photographs pageant princess MaKenzie Myers. Myers is, at age six, a four-year veteran of the pageant scene and a star on the controversial TLC show Toddlers & Tiaras. The spread is featured in an article on the show's depictions of skimpy costumes, temper tantrums, and pushy stage mom.

    Laub photographed Myers at her family home in Montgomery, Louisiana. While she was napping when Laub arrived around midday, Myers soon woke up and the day turned manic as she modeled numerous pageant and casual outfits. Laubs says Myers was "very precocious" and that she forgot how young she was until the child had a few meltdowns during the shoot.

    See more of Gillian Laub's photography here.

    Publication: People
    Story: "A Pageant Princess at Home"
    Photographer: Gillian Laub

  • 9.20.11

    Gillian Laub Photographs Teenage Settlers for Tablet

    Gillian Laub photographs teenage girls in the West Bank settlement of Ma'ale Levona for Tablet. "Girls at War" portrays five young female settlers, part of the new generation of settlers who have become active in the radical politics of the settlement. Before they marry and have children, they fight and help defend the land of their home. They attend Ulpana Levona High school whose motto is "Where settler girls go to become 'real men.'"

    Laub and writer Elizabeth Rubin traveled to the West Bank in March to document the school, the students, and their activism. Laub photographed the girls against the idyllic background of the much-contested "Holy Land," the root of the ongoing conflict. She says of the images, "I was hoping to convey all at once each girls' defiance, strength, and determination mixed with their vulnerability in each portrait. After all they were still teenagers, but viewed themselves as warriors."

    Read the full story of Laub and Rubin's visit to Ma'ale Levona on Tabletmag.com.

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  • 8.10.11

    Gillian Laub Captures Danny Meyer for The New York Times

    Gillian Laub documents a day in the life of New York restaurateur Danny Meyer for the latest issue of The New York Times Magazine. Meyer is the owner of popular New York restaurants Eleven Madison Park, Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, Modern, Maialino, Untitled, and Shake Shack. He is also the CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group. Meyer spoke with the New York Times about his many restaurants, upcoming ventures, and his business strategy.

    Laub followed Meyer while he visited several of his businesses. They started the day at the Shake Shack in Westport, CT, then visited Maialino and Gramercy Tavern in New York City, stopped in at a new restaurant opening later this year in Battery Park City and finished the day with a workout at his athletic club. Laub calls Meyer "the busiest and nicest guy I've met."

    The issue's cover illustration is based on a photograph Laub took of Meyer.

    See more of Laub's photography here.

    Publication: The New York Times Magazine
    Issue: Sunday 8/7/2011
    Story: "Danny Meyer Is on a Roll"
    Photography: Gillian Laub

  • 7.21.11

    Gillian Laub Exhibits at Robert Berman Gallery

    Gillian Laub will exhibit at the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica, California as part of the group show "Fuck Pretty," opening today. The show is curated by actress Angela Featherstone and is a collection of photographs by world-renowned and unknown women artists, whose work inspires her.

    Laub is exhibiting alongside contemporary photographers such as Catherine Opie, Susan Meiselas, and Tierney Gearon, as well as several emerging artists, many of whom have never exhibited before. Laub's photograph comes from her family series, "An American Life." A musical score created by film composer Claudia Sarne accompanies the exhibition.

    "Fuck Pretty" will run until August 20th. For more information, visit the Robert Berman Gallery website.

    See more of Gillian Laub's photography here.
  • 7.11.11

    Gillian Laub Talks with Tina Barney for PDN

    Gillian Laub interviews iconic photographer Tina Barney for the August 2011 issue of PDN. The magazine brought together some of the most influential people in photography, whose work spans generations and genres, to discuss their inspirations, their technique, their challenges and the past and future of their careers.

    Laub sat down with Barney in New York this past April. Laub first explains how she had no intention of photographing her family and rather felt that photography was a way out of her sheltered upbringing. However, like Barney, Laub found herself using her family and the familiar territory as her subject after capturing them at a friend's wedding. Laub questions Barney on a variety of subjects related to her work. The two discuss how Barney got her start, the identity of an artist, the interaction between photographer and subject, and her latest book The Players.

    Barney finishes their discussion by explaining how she continually pushes herself to evolve and be unexpected. Her parting words to Laub are to "keep up your good work."

    The August 2011 issue of PDN is out now.

    See more of Gillian Laub's photography here.

  • 6.20.11

    Gillian Laub Screens "Four Generations" at LOOK3

    Gillian Laub screened her short film "Four Generations" at the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph, from June 9th-11th. The film was curated by Kathy Ryan of The New York Times and Scott Thode of VII Magazine. The annual festival in Charlottesville, Virginia celebrates a wide range of photography forms, from photojournalism to fine art. The entirety of historic downtown Charlottesville is transformed into a living image as photographs are hung in trees and in galleries and projected onto storefront windows and the sides of buildings.

    This year's theme was Home. Each participant was asked to create a five-minute multimedia piece using photographs of home. Laub's entry, "Four Generations", is comprised of images she has taken of the four generations of her family. Laub narrates the film, describing the photographs and adding in personal anecdotes about her grandparents and family events. The film was screened at the Pavillion on the second day of the festival.

    See more of Gillian Laub's photography here.
  • 2.14.11

    Gillian Laub Photographs Braddock, PA for The New York Times

    Gillian Laub photographs the town of Braddock, PA and its controversial mayor John Fetterman for this Sunday's New York Times. Laub photographed Fetterman and his wife and son as well as residents of Braddock. Once a booming town, the collapse of the steel industry in the 1980s left it impoverished and dilapidated. Fetterman is working to change that by launching social change through art. The town has hosted several art installations, opened its first art gallery, and is growing organic produce in the shadow of the abandoned steel mill. Fetterman says of his work, "We use art to combat the dark side of capitalism." In 2009, Levis promoted their line of work clothes by using Braddock as a backdrop for the campaign.

    Bernstein & Andriulli is proud to welcome aboard Gillian Laub. Her recent photographs of actor Robert Duvall appeared in the January issue of Esquire. She photographed disgraced pastor Ted Haggard for the February issue of GQ. Her video "Take Care" has been shortlisted for a Webby and was one of TIME's Top 10 of Everything 2010. Laub will be in "The Collectors Guide to New Art Photography," a book and exhibition launching March 25th at Chelsea Art Museum.

    See more of Laub's photography here.

    Publication: The New York Times
    Story: "Mayor of Rust"
    Photographer: Gillian Laub

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