• 7.15.15

    Emir Haveric Brings BMW Home

    For many, buying a BMW is an aspiration. The brand has always stood for luxury and class, with price tags to match (understandably). They’ve inspired rap songs and retirement funds, but as much as the brand feeds off that status it’s important to them that their customers also recognize that they are livable cars. And who better to bring in that element of everyday life than Emir Haveric, a photographer who is always adding accessibility to the vehicles he shoots. 

    For his latest campaign with BMW, Emir shot the 2 Series Gran Tourer, a compact car with three rows of seats and the access of a sedan. Rather than shooting the car thundering through a futuristic city, replete with lens flares and the wash of expense, BMW and Emir opted to present the cars as they’ll likely be used: family vehicles in a slice of life. “We have to come down from the super world, down to the street where you live,” says Emir. The aspiration of BMW is important, but Emir’s work reminds us that these vehicles are tools to facilitate the important moments in life. Most of our every day lived experience isn’t glorious, but that doesn’t mean the car can’t be.

    The name of the Gran Tourer comes from a long tradition of car manufacturers who have all made their versions of a “Gran Tourismo.” The phrase describes a car that offers maximum capability of speed and distance, but also brings comfort and style. It’s the perfect blend of performance and pleasure. Most brands have versions of this car, but few are willing to show the living truth of their usage the way that BMW is doing with Emir. “Three, four years ago, maybe even last year, they would never ever allow you to shoot like this,” explains Emir. “Now, it’s possible. Because this is what the people do.” This is how the customers use the car, and this is what it looks like when they do it. 

    “This is the new way that car photography should be,” says Emir. “Not presenting the car on the plate as it was before. It’s so much nicer to be there and see it in the situation.” By bringing the 2 Series Gran Tourer into this new context, Emir engenders a feeling of inevitability. He proves that this car, even with its aspirational heritage, will fit in the consumer’s life. After seeing the results of this project, the only step left to take it home.

  • 6.26.14

    Emir Haveric reshapes car photography with BMW

    Cars are not driven in a vacuum. The Autobahn is one highway system in one European country, the rest of us are relegated to the back streets of the suburbs, or the imperfect asphalt of cities. We open doors on squeaky hinges, roll the windows down, crease the leather. We let our cars get lived in. Automobiles, despite the years of painstaking design, are tools that we use to shuttle ourselves around our lives. They can be beautiful tools, but they are tools.

    Emir Haveric is working this truth into his work with BMW. “This is the way car photography should be,” he explains. “Not presenting the car on the plate like it was before. It’s much nicer to see the twinkle in the driver's eye. Seeing the car in movement, in a real situation.”

    Emir and BMW went to Houston and Dallas, Texas to capture a particular look for the campaign. Cities like LA and New York can edge into being monotonous. Everyone else shoots there, and everything starts to look the same. Instead he got to work in cities that were unfamiliar to him, that give a new feeling to the images, “Which was beautiful. Which was great,” he says. “Two little cities I had never been to before. They worked perfectly.” They infused a fresh energy to the photos, allowing flexibility with the compositions that were previously unheard of. He explains the shift of what allowed in car photography now saying, “Three, four years ago, maybe even last year, they would never ever allow you to shoot like this. ‘Oh my God he has the door open! We’re not going to see the design line of our car!’ Now, it’s possible. Because this is what the people do.” He sums it up, saying, “We have to come down from the super world, down to the street where you live.” 

    The campaign consists of spreads, pairings of photos. On the left are black and white photographs of car gazing upon or interacting with their cars. On the right, hyper contrasted color photographs with the searing red of the X4. The photos, juxtaposed against on another create a natural movement implied by the shifts in color. Emir’s choice to pair these photos was about telling the story through the aesthetics. He says that it was, “Absolutely about the aesthetics. The visual effect. When you double pages, in the spread, it gets your attention.”

    BMW is able to take these sorts of risks with a photographer like Emir because they’ve been working together for so long. In fact, when BMW knows they’re ready for something new that’s when they get Emir to shoot for them. “I’ve known these creatives for years. I knew some of them when they were very, very young art directors and I was starting to do car photography 10-12 years ago.” It’s a kind of trust that has been forged by time and experience. Emir injects a fresh humanity into BMW’s ads while keeping the aesthetic as beautiful as it needs to be. It really is a new way to present automobiles.

  • 12.11.13

    The Story Behind Emir Haveric's BMW 2 Series Images

    Emir Haveric provided a complete package for the 2014 BMW 2 Series – the campaign, the brochure, a calendar, and a video that feature the new model ahead of its official debut at January's North American International Auto Show.

    Set against a crimson sky in the L.A. desert, the images look unlike other car advertisements. "I would take one shot and think, 'This is the best shot of the campaign,' and then I'd make a better one ... [but] I never arrive to the location knowing what the shot will look like," Haveric remarked. "I have to be influenced by the light, the setting, the perspective, and the people around me."

    For Haveric, the calendar was an exercise in storytelling. "It's another type of car photography," he explained. "I was able to create scenes where the car plays a second role, but is still very present. The client loved it and it was a good experience for BMW to see what the brand can do with its imagery."

    His short film for the 2 Series premiered online and was sent to prospective customers as a teaser. Haveric and his team oversaw all aspects of its production from editing the footage to integrating an original score.

    Campaign and film: Interone
    Brochure and calendar: Serviceplan

  • 10.21.13

    From Coast to Coast With the BMW 5 Series by Emir Haveric

    JWT Paris tapped Emir Haveric to photograph the most recent BMW 5 Series campaign. Haveric worked with creative director Olivier Courtemanche on the concept for the ads before picking up his camera. "I'm trying to bring out more of the details," Haveric explained. "I see the things that other people don't see."

    The images combine Haveric's three areas of expertise: shooting, compositing, and CGI. He captured the automaker's Touring, Gran Turismo, and Sedan in Los Angeles, then headed east to set up his camera in Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and New Jersey for the cityscapes. His team seamlessly edited together the foreground and backdrop, and used CG for the light effects and wireframes of the buildings.  

    Haveric also worked on the corresponding brochure. Read more here.

    Agency: JWT Paris
    Creative director: Olivier Courtemanche 

  • 8.20.13

    Emir Haveric's First-Ever European Show Extended

    "Captured Light," photographer Emir Haveric’s first solo, European show, will run through Hamburg Art Week at the beginning of September.

    "The organizers approached us about extending the exhibition for another two weeks," Haveric said. "During Hamburg Art Week, people from all over the world – not only Germans – visit the galleries, so we hope a couple of them will come to our place as well."

    Modesty is one of Haveric's strong suits; when "Captured Light" opened in the city’s former Central Post Office as part of YOUNG BLOOD's pop-up art series, more than 320 people turned out. "There are ten photographs and two video installations, and the global theme of all of the work is light – how to capture light and how to keep it," the artist explained. "It's very abstract. All of the objects are photographed in order to look like they're painted with the light. I also physically painted some of them."

    Among the static works: "Trees" (2012, Bosnia), "Buildings" (2013, USA), and "Koi" (2009, Singapore). The pair of videos was made while Haveric drove through different cities snapping photos. He ultimately condensed the many images into motion pieces. 

    He has lent his hand, and eye, to a number of video projects during the last few years. Silbersee Film, the production company with Wim Wenders on its roster, is now representing Haveric as a director.

    "The idea to direct is not so foreign to a photographer," he remarked. "You're directing each day anyways, but as a photographer, you are the director of photography, the guy who is responsible for the light ... you do everything by yourself. In the movie business, there's somebody to operate the camera, another person to work on the light, and you can focus on one thing – the picture."

    "Captured Light" 
    Stephansplatz 3, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
    Through September 15, 2013
    Tue–Sun, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • 8.15.13

    The Life and Times of the BMW 5 Series

    Emir Haveric recently shot the Sedan, Gran Turismo, and Touring in Los Angeles for the BMW 5 Series' new brochure.

    His images embrace what he calls a shift in automotive photography. "Of course, the car still has to be the hero of the frame and the ingredients are always more or less the same – the vehicle has to be on the road," Haveric remarked, "but these pictures are more lifestyle-oriented, modern, and sophisticated. You have to show a bit from the world around the BMW."

    By Haveric's count, he works with cars 300 days per year, though he doesn't tire of the subject. "It’s all about the little details," he said. "I see the things other people don't see." He also photographed the 5 Series for a soon-to-be-released worldwide campaign.

    Agency: Serviceplan Hamburg
    Art Director: Olaf Scheer 

  • 5.3.13

    Recent Work from Emir Haveric

    Emir Haveric recently photographed Mercedes-Benz' new GLA Concept that debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show last week. He captures the compact SUV's futuristic design and modern sleekness, legitimizing all the hype that's built up around the car. The GLA Concept is expected to arrive sometime in 2015.

    Client: Mercedes-Benz
    Agency: Jung von Matt / Basis
    Photographer: Emir Haveric
    Art Director: Matias M"uller
    Creative Director: Thim Wagner
    Art Buyer: Susanne Nagel
    Set Design: Arndt von Hoff

    Starting today, Creative Week NYC takes over Manhattan. The city welcomes over 300 art directors, writers, producers, designers and others who are passionate about advertising and design for a week of engaging seminars and of course, The One Show's three award ceremonies honoring the best creative work.

    Emir Haveric was among the talented creatives whose work was selected for The One Show Interactive for his VW Golf 7 Mobile Application film. Shot last December, the video is a beautiful, light-hearted love story around the new Volkswagen Golf 7. Emir took footage of empty streets and later with CGI technology, placed the Golf 7 on the road. On the VW Golf mobile app, users can interact with the video and customize the car on everything from the color down to the rims.

  • 12.11.12

    New Work from Emir Haveric for Volkswagen

    Emir Haveric creates a beautiful, light-hearted love story around the new Volkswagen Golf 7 in a recent interactive film for the brand. The brief called for a global multimedia campaign that included print, video and a mobile app. All content, motion and photography, was shot on location in Los Angeles in nine weeks.

    The challenge with the film was shooting without the actual car. Emir took footage of empty streets and later with CGI technology, placed the Golf 7 on the road. On the VW Golf mobile app, users can interact with the video and customize the car on everything from the color down to the rims.

    In addition to the film, Emir Haveric also photographed the print campaign for the Golf 7.

    Emir Haveric - Volkswagen Golf Director's Cut from BERNSTEIN & ANDRIULLI on Vimeo.

  • 8.16.12

    Emir Haveric for Audi

    The Audi A3 gets a sleek and stylish upgrade for 2012. Emir Haveric captured the updated model for the car company's new campaign. The car features an intuitive MMI touch system and the ultra-lightweight technology. The minimalist silver and red set was built from scratch with a stone wall and hundreds of meters of flooring. Haveric says of the shoot, "Great team, very cool people from the agency and very relaxed client who trusted us."

    See more of Emir Haveric's photography here.

    Client: Audi
    Agency: Thjnk Berlin
    Creative Director: Stefan Schulte
    Art Director: Sebastian Schmidt
    Photographer: Emir Haveric
    Set Design: Ole Gr"onwold
    Set Build: Efektiv Team

  • 5.18.12

    Emir Haveric for Mercedes Benz

    Emir Haveric photographs the campaign for the new Mercedes-Benz C250 Coup'e Sport. Haveric has collaborated with the car company on several occasions in the past. The latest edition to the C Class line of Mercedes combines comfort and luxury in a sleek two-door sedan. The car comes with impressive torque, which is highlighted in the ad. While the background blurs by, the C250 stays in focus showing off its stunning features and design.

    Haveric shot the campaign this past November in Spain. The cars were shot separately on an airfield near Sevilla and later on put in the setting of the nocturnal airport of Granada. The back plates were also shot there. Haveric combined still photography and CGI to capture the imagery. The campaign was recently released in Germany.

    See more of Emir Haveric's photography here.

    Client: Mercedes-Benz
    Agency: Jung von Matt/ Neckar
    Art Direction: Sven Kratzsch
    Photographer: Emir Haveric

  • 2.22.12

    Emir Haveric Captures the Volkswagen CC

    Emir Haveric photographs the campaign for the new 2012 Volkswagen CC. The car company is marketing the vehicle as more luxurious than the standard Passat. The campaign reflects how the CC has been updated to be more stylish and refined. Haveric chose to highlight the simple elegance of the car by centering it in all the frames. He thus makes the car itself and its design the sole focus.

    See more of Emir Haveric's photography here.

    Client: Volkswagen
    Agency: Grabarz + Partners
    Creative Director: Ralf Nolting
    Art Director: Nicole Popp
    Photographer: Emir Haveric
    Production: Klein Photographen

  • 11.15.11

    Emir Haveric Captures the Mercedes AMG Black Series

    Emir Haveric photographs the campaign for the exclusive new Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series. The C63 is the latest in a series of high-performance concept cars from the automobile maker. The Black Series is so rare that Mercedes has only added the label to four previous models. The car is designed with Formula 1 racing in mind but ready for driving on ordinary roadways.

    Haveric shot the campaign on location in Los Angeles. The sets included Universal Studios, Paramount Studios, and downtown Los Angeles. The concept behind the campaign was inspired by Frank Miller's neo-noir comic series Sin City. Haveric, however, used more color and less contrast than appears in the series. Several special effects, including rain and fog, were used in conjunction with with CGI and intensive post production to create the overall look.

    See more of Emir Haveric's photography here.

    Client: Mercedes AMG
    Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar
    Art Director: Alexander Tibelius
    Art Buyer: Susanne Nagel
    Photographer: Emir Haveric

    Client: Mercedes-AMG
    Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar
    Art Director: Alexander Tibelius
    Art Buyer: Susanne Nagel
    Photographer: Emir Haveric

  • 10.26.11

    Emir Haveric Wins an AOP Award

    Emir Haveric's dark landscape photograph won in the Non-Commissioned Environment Single category at the 28th Annual AOP Photographers Awards. The awards honor professional photographers and their exceptional work. Haveric's photograph will be included in the awards' exhibition and book as well.

    Haveric captured his landscape image near Las Vegas. He was tech scouting near Las Vegas, saw the billboard, and had to stop. Haveric considers it a sign of the world we live in, a billboard in the middle of nowhere that just a few years before would have had advertising on it. He says, "as always with the non-commercial work, the shot found me and not the other way around."

    See more of Emir Haveric's photography here.
  • 9.16.11

    Emir Haveric's the Spirit of Volkswagen

    Emir Haveric's films for the new Volkswagen Tiguan models are part of a catalog on the new Volkswagen iPad application. It is the first time the company has created a catalog for the iPad.

    Haveric filmed the two Tiguan models on location in Spain. The on-road, city model was filmed driving the streets of Barcelona, while the off-road model was filmed just north of the city, driving over rough roads and climbing hills. The cars are part of a new design phase for Volkswagen. The films provided a great opportunity to show off the high-class performance of the cars and what the cars stand for. The challenge was capturing the right positioning and speed for capturing the car. The tempo of the music in the films was also important to capturing the coolness of the car.

    Haveric has collaborated with Volkswagen for several years. He and Creative Director Ralf Nolting worked on the concept for the two films together. Nolting calls Haveric "a great collaborator" and states that they had great teamwork. He adds that Haveric is "one of the most experienced photographers," he's worked with, especially on car photography shoots.

    See more of Emir Haveric's photography here.

    Client: Volkswagen AG
    Agency: Grabarz & Partner
    Creative Director: Ralf Nolting
    Photographer: Emir Haveric
  • 5.6.10

    L"urzer's Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers 2010/2011

    L"urzer's Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers 2010/2011 has recently been released. Bernstein & Andriulli photographers Stewart Cohen, Florian Geiss, Christophe Gilbert, Stuart Hall, Emir Haveric, and Michael Schnabel are featured for their work in Animals, Automotive, Beauty and Nudes, Children, Interiors, Landscape, Life, People, and Transportation categories. The 416 page volume includes art from 111 photographers that were nominated by ad agency art directors. L"urzer's Archive then invites the photographers to submit their best work and an international jury of 8 makes the final selections. Congratulations to Cohen, Gilbert, Hall, Haveric, and Schnabel for standing out among the 6,539 submissions.

    Pictured above: Emir Haveric
    Category: Transportation
    Agency: McCann Erickson, San Francisco
    Creative: Sari Hamman
    Client: Microsoft

    Haveric's self-promotional work appears in the Animals section and his work for BMW with agency MAB, Berlin appears in the Automotive section.

    Christophe Gilbert
    Category: Beauty & Nudes
    Agency: Euro RSCG, Brussels
    Client: Inno

    Gilbert's work for Bogh-Art with agency Adopt, Brussels is also featured in the Beauty & Nudes section and his work for Bellerose with agency Happiness, Brussels is featured in the Children's section.

    Stewart Cohen
    Category: Life
    Agency: Red7e, Kentucky
    Creative: Dan Barbercheck
    Client: Baptist Hospital East

    Florian Geiss
    Category: Life
    Self Promotion

    Michael Schnabel
    Category: Interiors
    Publication: Zeit Magazin

    Schnabel's self-promotional work also appears in the Landscape section.

    Stuart Hall
    Category: Landscape
    Agency: CSS Europe, Birmingham
    Client: International Trucks
  • 4.6.10

    Emir Haveric Launches New iPhone App

    There are currently iPhone apps for cooking, navigation, news, games, travel, and more - but what about photography and self promotion? An idea came to Emir Haveric as he watched countless art directors fiddle with their iPhones while they waited for him to set up lighting during shoots. "iPhones are just like a toy," he thought, and decided to make himself more marketable by building his own iPhone app. Haveric's iPhone app shows his portfolio, reel, and his latest news. Unlike other apps where users must keep installing updates to stay current, Haveric's "News" section can be updated by Haveric himself, thus the Emir Haveric iPhone app only needs to be downloaded once. Best of all, the app is available for free. Simply search "Emir Haveric" in your iPhone app store or click here to start experiencing Emir Haveric's new iphone app.

    Haveric spent about half a year developing the app, working on it whenever he had free time from his busy shooting schedule. The user-friendly interface is simple and easy to navigate. The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Stills of the app below.

    Purchase the iphone app for FREE
    View Emir Haveric's portfolio

  • 1.21.10

    Volkswagen Gets A New Look from Emir Haveric

    Emir Haveric traveled to Malaga, Spain to shoot Volkswagen's new Golf R and the Scirocco R. The campaign is showing now across all of Germany and parts of Europe on billboards, in magazines, and more. American fans of the Golf R can rejoice as Volkswagen has decided to release the Golf R stateside to replace the R32.

    The R-series Golf offers drivers a 2.0-liter direct-injection TSI, 265 turbocharged HP, and Volkswagen's 4Motion AWD system. The campaign for this impressive new car marks the beginning of a new look in Volkswagen campaigns. Gone is the friendly, family oriented look and in is a slicker, more sophisticated approach, captured by Emir Haveric.

    Haveric explains, "Volkswagen translated literally means 'people's car,' and in the past, that was a big part of Volkswagen's communication - let's be very friendly, so none of the past campaigns have the coolness or toughness of this one. Everything [for the Golf R] is very dark and moody, I believe this is the future direction of the look that Volkswagen is moving towards."

    Emir Haveric has been at the forefront of shooting cars combined with CGI, but for this shoot Haveric and the creative team at Volkswagen opted out of CGI. Having a shoot with the car present allowed Haveric to try many different lighting variations with much faster feedback than waiting for a computer to generate images.

    Haveric opines, "I think CGI is just a tool, and if people are smart - hopefully it's going to stay a tool. If not, all of the pictures are going to look the same. The technology is not far along enough where you can create as many lighting variations as you can on a shoot." He furthers, "Sometimes from a production standpoint it makes sense to use CGI when there are many different shots of cars in different colors and the client wants to save money on transportation, but most important campaigns are still real shots."

    With technology on his side, Emir Haveric continues to shoot cars around the world. He is currently working on another project with Volkswagen shooting the Touarag. Check back for more news from Emir!

    -Helen Shih


    Client: Volkswagen
    Agency: ddb Berlin
    Art Director: Anika Kempkensteffen-Jock
    Creative Director: Natalie Sofinsky
    Photography: Emir Haveric

  • 9.15.09

    Mercedes-Benz Launches New Hybrid S-Class Sedan

    After three years of the current S-Class, Mercedes-Benz recently launched the much-anticipated S400 Hybrid. With the world's first lithium-ion battery in a car and a 29 miles per gallon fuel efficiency, it is the forerunner of luxurious emission-free mobility. Emir Haveric combined stunning photography with CGI to produce the Mercedes-Benz global campaign of the S400 Hybrid.

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