• 9.14.10

    Am I Collective, Andrew Bannecker, ilovedust, and Kai & Sunny Celebrate More Birthdays with the American Cancer Society

    The American Cancer Society and The Martin Agency team up with artists and musicians for their "More Birthdays" movement, because "A world with less cancer is a world with more birthdays." Artists were given uplifting facts in the fight against cancer to use as inspiration for new work. Musicians recorded their own version of the song "Happy Birthday" especially for the American Cancer Society. People who visit morebirthdays.com can purchase custom art, send personalized music videos, or send an art e-card with a special birthday message.

    Artists invited to join the movement include Am I Collective, Andrew Bannecker, ilovedust, and Kai & Sunny. Musicians Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Devo, and Colbi Caillat also lent their support. Visit the website to see the full list of participating artists and explore the art and music in celebration of more birthdays. Wrapping paper, posters, and limited edition prints are for sale with proceeds supporting the American Cancer Society.

    Pictured above: Am I Collective - "Breathe Deep"
    Inspiration: Nearly 70 percent of America is now covered by smoke-free laws in public spaces.

    Andrew Bannecker - "Wish"
    About his piece: "I focused my design on the magic moment right after you blow out a birthday candle. It represents the birthdays that cancer survivors are celebrating thanks to cancer research."

    ilovedust - "Poppin' Off Birthdays"
    Inspiration: Every day, we celebrate 350 more birthdays because of the progress made against cancer.

    Kai and Sunny - "Butterfly Effect"
    What "more birthdays" means to Kai and Sunny: More adventures, more experiences, more knowledge, more surfing.

    Wrapping paper

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