Avatar Dance Battle

The Avatar Dance Battle pits Lil Buck, John Boogz, and Turbo, three preeminent movement artists, against their digital avatars in locations in and around Las Vegas. Utilizing cutting edge volumetric capture and stereoscopic camera technologies, this experience explores new possibilities for dance in VR.

The origins of this collaboration came out of a chance meeting and a shared passion to innovate. Sensorium saw an opportunity to enable talented artists to expand their creative practices into a new medium while also experimenting with their production capabilities. The result was a unique experience that tells an engaging story through movement in VR. 

The Avatar Dance Battle is still in post-production and poised to hit the festival circuit. It also serves as a primer for other performing arts groups and institutions looking to expand their capabilities into VR and other experiential activations. Sensorium is also planning a followup experience with Lil Buck and John Boogz to fulfill their dream of shooting a movement art experience in the Uyuni Salt Flats of Bolivia.

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