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  • Snask

    ​Custom Installations

    SNASK is a Brand, Design and Film agency situated in the heart of Stockholm. Their work is frequently internationally referenced and results in brand platforms, graphic identities, short films, handmade photo installations, communication strategies, design manuals, stop motions, TV commercials and carefully crafted corporate love-stories.

    They KNOW that great Brands are much like great friends. They have plenty of obvious and confusing personality traits; a ruck-sack with mesmerizing stories that you can’t stop listening to, a cute butt, shortcomings, a secret past, a weird fringe and a giggling Friday night laugh.

    They PROMISE to help your Brand to become that charming, persuasive and mind-blowing friend impossible to resist, a smooth-talker and an eloquent storyteller, with plenty of friends, a secret lover and unavoidable enemies. Making enemies ultimately means that your Brand also has devoted fans ready to die in battle for you and your beliefs. Believing is inspiring, and what inspires attracts. You heard them: making enemies is good! It has actually never been as important to make enemies as in 2011.

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