William Scott Blair

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William’s style is nothing short of unique. Drawn to hair for it’s social implications in culture, He gains his inspiration from a fascination with how hairstyles have evolved based on region and political climate; thus navigating the medium of hair through an almost encyclopedic knowledge of looks decades past and present. First and foremost however, he is focused on making whoever sits in his chair feel like their most authentic selves. The end result is serving up signature and effortless looks to match, no matter the era evoked. Hailing from Maryland, William has had an interest in fashion and art since a very young age. With a background in photography, he took his passion to the next level by shifting his artistic focus and deciding to be a hairstylist at 19. Since moving to NYC in 2010, He has done over 10 seasons of runway assisting visionary stylists, Jimmy Paul, Guido Palau, Laurent Phillipon, and Anthony Turner on shows such as Alexander Mcqueen, Celine, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Opening Ceremony, and Marc Jacobs many times over. He has also styled print and video for Adidas, Schon, Vogue Mexico, Melanie Martinez, Neko Case, Kimbra, Brooke Shields, Hunger, Editorialist, Blanc, Ladygunn, and the Coveteur, to name a few. 

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