• 3.13.18

    John Boyega and Patrik Giardino Go Epic

    It’s impossible to miss John Boyega. The breakout star of the newest Star Wars trilogy, the headline lead of the new Pacific Rim film coming out later this month – not to mention the now cult classic Attack the Block that hurled him to fame in the first place. Boyega is everywhere these days, even the newest cover of Men’s Health shot by Patrik Giardino. The incredible intensity of Boyega’s new fame means he spends a lot of time in front of the camera – both for work and for editorials like this shoot with Patrik. But he’s still having fun. “He’s done it for a little while now but he’s not tainted from tons of years or being sick of everything yet. He’s very easygoing and can get into it really fast,” Patrik says. “That makes my job so much easier. And once you start seeing those frames on the computer and you get the nod from the publicist: it’s full steam ahead.”

    Patrik and Boyega didn’t spend more than a couple hours together, but they maximized every minute. Plus, Patrik timed the shoot carefully to get the sun right between the late afternoon and sunset, so each moment the light was a little different but always gorgeous. “That’s very good time to shoot that time of day, and he was totally into it. That made it a lot easier because we had beautiful light and we were also a little bit lucky that day because we had dramatic skies because of a lot of cloudiness - which doesn’t happen very often,” Patrik explains. “It made him feel like he could just run around and not worry about the light or sitting still. I let him just to be free because no matter what the light looks cool.” That freedom let Boyega improvise and have fun, ensuring that every shot felt as authentic as possible.

    Boyega’s resume reads like a veritable checklist of blockbusters, and Patrik was sure to keep that feeling going. The light is a part of that, but grabbing a rooftop location in Los Angeles adds a whole new layer. “The location helps a lot,” says Patrik. “He was open to do anything and he liked that feeling of not having to sit still, he loved that, which makes him open up a lot more. It’s almost like filming like a video camera: you shoot the whole time.” The results were a ton of pictures, each one more dynamic and epic than the last.

  • 3.13.18

    The Selby Takes to the High Seas with Vogue

    Ever wonder how your favorite models spend time off? Would you guess that they adventure on a houseboat with a new puppy to make nachos in the fireplace? That’s exactly what Hanne Gaby Odiele and her husband, John Swiatek, did on a recent day on the high seas with The Selby along for the ride, filming and shooting a story for Vogue partnering with JBrand Jeans. When the call first came in, Todd was excited. "I always thought she’s so cool, and then her husband is amazing and they’re such a charismatic couple,” says Todd. They were all able to spend the entire day hanging out, playing games, and of course, cooking in the fireplace.

    “I knew that Hanne loves nachos so that made me come up with the idea that she was going to make nachos. But then actually the oven was broken so then we improvised and made a nacho holder that they could put in the fire,” Todd explains. It’s that improvisation that brings a sense of realism into the piece and allowed this branded content go from traditional advertising into the world of more authentic storytelling. “Consumers are smart and they don’t want to be force-fed stuff. If you’re making films or photos with the brand you have to make it worthwhile on its own to watch and to share and to be fun, and then start weaving in the brand in an authentic way that matches the voice,” Todd says. “That’s what a lot of what I try to do.”

    Since Todd’s focus is on putting the story in front, his plan was less about showing off the jeans – although that was definitely part of it – and more about putting Odiele and Swiatek at the center of the story. “I just wanted it to feel like you get a sense of their playfulness,” says Todd. “They have a real playfulness and fun energy. I wanted you to get a feeling of that and just kind of get a sense of nice moments between them and a vibe of their relationship. That was really the goal. And to make it fun.”

    Don't miss the video at the bottom of this post!

  • 3.8.18

    Tom Corbett and Forevermark Celebrate Powerful Women

    It’s International Women’s Day and that means it’s the perfect time to celebrate all the women in your life. Everyone who inspires you, motivates you, and that adds a little bit of sparkle. Forevermark and Who What Wear wanted to show off the sparkle that comes along inherently with anyone who is inspiring so they asked Tom Corbett to reveal how the details can empower women.

    Grace and strength collide in the campaign that highlights Dylana Suarez, Janelle Marie Lloyd, Maddie Greer and Melis Lin, women who have written their own definitions of how to be a powerful woman. These four women have taken hold of their careers, driving the narrative of who they are and how they interact with the world, always coming from a place of creativity and power. It’s a disruption of the idea that strength is masculine, and thanks to Tom’s command of photography we’re able to see that in stark clarity.

    The Tribute Collection that is featured in this campaign ranges from bold to subtle, but each pieces is placed on each woman in such away that they highlight the subject, enhancing her natural features, accentuating lines and colors. Tom ensures that we see each woman for who she is, and allows their natural grace to come through. With Tom’s signature energy and a little bit of bling, this is a collaboration that truly shines.

  • 3.8.18

    Go Apartment Hunting with Adam Hayes and StreetEasy

    Real estate in New York is no joke, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it. StreetEasy is one of the premiere services to help those in the market understand the market: what’s available, budget ranges, and how to get in contact with agents. But we all know the process is much more complicated. Where you live – the area, where in the building – is more complex than just what the coolest neighborhood in the city is. You’ve got to figure out where the grocery stores are, travel, if it’s close to your job or a park. These are heady concepts that are tricky to put into quick visuals for ads, so StreetEasy invited Adam Hayes and Office of Baby to help them do it. And if you’ve ever looked for real estate in New York City, you know how perfectly they executed it.

    Adam Hayes, StreetEasy, and Office of Baby set the stage of the city as the setting for a living Venn Diagram that imagines how the unique needs of each house hunter can and would be met with the availabilities in New York City. When you’re looking for that perfect block that’s close enough to work but far enough from your coworkers, close enough to the subway but far enough from all the noise, or the right floor of the building to avoid band practice and high heeled walkers, these new ads perfectly illustrate how all those demands come together to find just the right spot.

    Adam created a set of base images that involve a mind-bending duo of street maps for Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as more than a dozen characters (human and otherwise) who pop up in the ads as supporting characters – because we all know the right apartment will always be the hero.

  • 3.6.18

    Paola + Murray Honored by PDN 30

    The PDN 30 2018 has been announced and we’re thrilled that Paola + Murray are among the impressive list chosen for the honor this year.

    Their incredible collection of clients and collaborators affords them the ability to travel all over the world, capturing their travels and experiences in unique ways, delivering us the goods. We get to travel along with them, experiencing the sights and sounds that we may otherwise never be able to. More than images on a page, Paola + Murray brings the moments to life as if they’re happening right in front of us. 

    PDN has awarded the PDN 30 for almost 30 years now, examining the careers of hundreds of emerging photographers each year and identifying their top 30. The publication looks for photographers with “a variety of styles and genres [who] have demonstrated a distinctive vision, creativity, and versatility” and have been working professionally for five years or less. This year they started with a list of almost 300 photographers nominated by photo editors, art directors, curators, educators and fellow photographers, while others were incorporated into consideration at the behest of the publication. Within these rigorous parameters, and considered alongside other incredible talents, Paola + Murray were named to the esteemed list.

    PDN chose a selection of their favorite images from Paola + Murray’s recent work and it represents a veritable global jaunt. Images from the Dolomites, Oaxaca, and even Oman (taken with Food & Wine, New York Times Magazine, and Conde Nast Traveler) give the patented Paola + Murray point of view on locations most tourists don’t think to visit. No matter where they go, Paola + Murray eat well, live well, and introduce us to the flavors and people that make up a place. Because at the end of the day, that's how we experience the world.

    Check out PDN's profile of Paola + Murray for a deeper look at how PDN chose them for the PDN 30.

    Please join us in congratulating Paola + Murray on achieving this honor.

  • 3.2.18

    Jason Schmidt's Collaboration with Creatives Goes Wild for T Magazine

    This weekend the entertainment world will direct their gaze to the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles for the Academy Awards, but even as the highest awards in entertainment are doled out creativity continues percolating throughout the industry. This month, T Magazine ran a story about the renewed interest of artistic companies and their effect on the current creative climate. Jason Schmidt was brought on to photograph three of the more impactful groups working today: Oskar Eustis’ troupe working out of the Public Theater in New York, Noah Baumbach and his collaborators, and the ever-evolving cast and creative crew behind Ryan Murphy’s shows that include American Horror Story and American Crime Story. Each of the three images is unique in its own way, but since Jason was working with creatives he left room for collaboration. “Each one had a pretty good plan going in and I would say the pictures are figured out at least 50% before we go in,” Jason explains. “That allows for enough things to happen on the shoot that we’re sort of covered, we know what we’re going to get but then we allow for certain things to happen.”

    Jason is known for photographing groups and photographing visual artists, but it’s not as often that both of the worlds collide. And in this case, the artists he was directing were well-known performers (some of who are nominated for Oscars, and some who have won them in the past) and directors in their own right. That adds to the pressure. “I love the adrenaline on these shoots, particularly because a lot of these people are directors. So, to direct directors is kind of intimidating,” says Jason. “The pictures would look very different if they were shot for a different magazine. T Magazine, they wanted the pictures to feel a little bit off, or a little bit different.” Jason finds that the interest for off-kilter options ends up freeing him and his subjects to create something different.

    Jason sees it as a goal to create images that are unique. He wants to make sure that his photographs are different from what we’re used to seeing. There are plenty of photographers who take gorgeous photos of groups of famous people. Jason wants to come at it from a different angle, and the way he does that is allowing moments to unfold in real time and not plan everything. When he was photographing Baumbach and company at the Mandarin Hotel, he noticed that one of his actors was itching to move and it changed the entire image. “Once we started to take the pictures, after a few minutes Adam Driver - he’s really pretty much like the kind of guy you would think he is - I was like, ‘Adam, you want to get up and move around?’ and he’s like “YES!” and he stood up started climbing on the table and put a chair on the table. In any of these group shots you have to go in with a pretty good plan but at the same time it’s important to allow for things to happen.”

  • 3.1.18

    Michael Muller Joins the Roster at B&A

    We are thrilled to welcome Michael Muller to the roster here at B&A.

    Michael’s career began in earnest after a childhood of world travel he settled on photographing snowboarders. The excitement and explosive energy in that sport appeared on every frame, priming him for a career that’s all about finding excellence stored in a fraction of a second. “When people view my work, I simply want to evoke emotion, and let the viewer feel they are in fact alive,” he says.

    Michael is a Hollywood favorite photographing the official art for huge movie franchises like Marvel’s Avengers, Iron Man, Captain American, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Deadpool (and a bunch of those sequels), plus another superhero movie dropping later this year that we can’t wait to share with you.

    Outside of photographing celebrities and blockbuster films and editorials for the best publications in the world, Michael is known for his series of underwater photography, chasing sharks all over the world and getting intimate with them, capturing unprecedented imagery that’s as shocking as it is enticing. Checking the photos out online isn’t enough: you’ve got to grab the book published by Taschen.

    If you love Michael’s work as much as we do and want to learn how to do it yourself, check out his iPhone app MullerPhoto that offers editing techniques that match his style.

    Please help us in welcoming Michael Muller to the B&A family!


  • 3.1.18

    Andrew Fitzsimons Get Intimate with Kim Kardashian West for Vogue

    The Kardashians aren’t just famous because of the variety of factors that rose them to prominence more than 10 years ago, it’s what they’ve done with the time between then and now to stay at the forefront of influence and no one has and more impact than Kim Kardashian West. She’s taken a series of unsavory circumstances and turned them into the most powerful personal brand in the world, lending her face and identity to shift cultural flows. Calling her a trendsetter is an understatement, and she surrounds herself with the best in the world like Andrew Fitzsimons who is the hairstylist of choice for West and her sisters. Recently, West appeared in the pages of Vogue Taiwan in an intimate editorial with hair styling by Andrew.

    Part of the cultural fascination with West is her endless appearance of effortlessness, but even Andrew can tell you that it takes a lot of work to look like it took no work at all. In fact, Andrew is kind enough to offer pointers on his own Instagram that show how you can get similar styles to what he does for West and the other Kardashian sisters. In this editorial, each tress is carefully placed to swoop and swerve, creating texture and depth, allowing the hair itself to be not just a canvas or accessory, instead West’s hair is a crucial color component that brings the shots all together.

    For more on Andrew Fitzsimons check out his portfolio, and for daily updates check his Instagram.

  • 2.27.18

    Ben Rayner Goes Behind the Scenes at the Westminster Dog Show

    The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the most recognized dog show in the world, broadcast to all corners and attracting millions of viewers every year. One of those viewers is photographer Ben Rayner who decided it wasn’t enough to watch at home. A few years ago he grabbed his camera and his wife and went to the show to see it in person. “It actually started off as just something fun me and my wife did together and I took a camera and we went back again and it was hilarious,” says Ben. “It really is like nothing you’ve ever seen.”

    This year Ben brought back with him a collection of photographs that reveal what it’s really like to be there at the show and experience the insanity of it all. On screen it looks like relatively tame experience with a wide playing field and a ton of spectators, but behind the scenes it’s a very carefully controlled version of quiet chaos. “There’s obviously no getting anyone to pose, there’s none of that, it’s purely fly on the wall,” Ben explains. “A lot of times there’s a lot of people crowding around so that’s quite an interesting shot sometimes when there’s lots of people huddled in one shot. There was loads of stuff. There’s definitely a lot of energy in there, a lot of dogs in one place. It could be a disaster but it’s pretty chill there.” 

    Ben brought his unique aesthetic to this shoot, employing a camera mounted flash to make the project almost feel like a club scene, bringing a sense of humor to the presence of the dogs. When watching a dog show it’s easy to forget that even though it’s ostensibly a dog show, it’s a show for humans to show off the effort and will of other humans. “It’s breeders, it’s people who breed the dogs, it’s the dedication that people have to their breed it’s almost like their life’s work,” Ben explains. “They know everything about them. It’s bordering on obsession.”

  • 2.23.18

    Chris Buzelli Invests with Sea Monsters

    Business is already trying enough even before money gets involved, but for many small business owners it’s not possible to get their ideas off the ground without some kind of investment. Investors are like spouses, you’re tied to them in an elective commitment for as long as it works for both of you. And the relationship can be ever more complicated by professional and industry variables. Recently, Chief Investment Officer Magazine invited Chris Buzelli to illustrate their 2018 Outsourced survey that explores “Finding the right partner to navigate challenging conditions.” Chris chose a nautical theme because navigating business can be as dangerous as a life on the high seas.

    The most obvious focus of Chris’ piece is a massive whale who is able to make his way through the waves as a native to the sea, carried a small sailboat that would have been dashed to smithereens. In fact, there is the flotsam of a ship that suffered that fate, not in the wake of the whale but close enough for a good look. This is the danger of wading into industries without the experience or power of an investor or guide who can help lead the way. Conversely, we must examine the motivation of the whale, who could lift any ship or let it drown by its own whim. The hulking beast that rises out of the water is more powerful than any little sailboat, must be recognized for that power. 

    So which whale will you tether yourself to? That’s the big question.

  • 2.21.18

    We Are The Rhoads Shoot Ellen Page & Emma Portner for T Magazine

    Every marriage is a creation. That relationship is the result of beautiful creative work, undertaken by the commitment of two people who forge it each day. Sarah and Chris Rhoads, the two photographers behind We Are The Rhoads, have made that creation the center of their personal and professional lives, working together every day so that their lifelong collaboration creates more beautiful things. It made them the obvious choice to participate in T Magazine’s ongoing series that examines creative couples’ relationships like that between actress Ellen Page and choreographer Emma Portner. T Magazine invited the Rhoads to create a video of Page and Portner working and creating together. “When T Magazine calls we always like working with them because they give us a lot of freedom to do what we can,” says Sarah. “They give us access to interesting people. When we found out it was Ellen and Emma, I love the concept that it’s couples who create together since obviously, that’s close to our hearts. We also loved that they were coming at it from different mediums and doing this kind of mash-up.”

    Page grabbed a guitar, playing Nelly Furtado's “I’m Like a Bird” while Portner choreographed in real time while Chris and Sarah documented them. There wasn’t much time, so all four artists took advantage of every minute. “It was a bit under the gun but that also added to a mystique and kind of feel and tone because it was really stripped back and it just had to be the way it was,” Chris explains. “Sometimes when you’re forced into these decisions due to time or availability or certain needs outside of your control, and it actually impacts the creative in a beneficial way and gives you a different result.” Every time they ran the piece, Portner’s choreography was slightly different so Sarah and Chris couldn’t plan anything, and ultimately had a variety of raw material to work with. 

    “They got into that mindset where it was very collaborative in nature, where all of us in this time crunch trying to make something really special and beautiful. It’s always fun when everyone’s on that page together and it’s like hey let’s make the most beautiful and interesting thing we can together given the restrictions,” says Chris. After they finished shooting, the four of them took a minute outside to grab a single photograph on the Rhoads’ large format camera. Portner and Page embraced and the Rhoad’s got the photograph. “It felt like we got a little peek – they invited us into this little moment of their relationship right before getting married,” Chris explains. “We have this little love story on film of them working together and creating together that just captures them in a unique and special way.”

  • 2.16.18

    10 Years of Marvel's Cinematic Universe by Marco Grob

    This weekend marks the opening of Black Panther, Marvel’s latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – and it looks like it’s about to be the biggest. Pre-sale tickets have outpaced even some of the strongest showing from Marvel's past and they’re on pace to place highest as number one. Black Panther will be one of the most successful films Marvel has ever created. From here it seems like an inevitability but it’s easy to forget that it was only 10 years ago that Marvel first jumped into this project with Iron Man, a movie that was by no means an experiment but also grew to be much larger than anticipated, kicking off a decade of superhero fever. To celebrate the ten year anniversary, Marvel invited Marco Grob to photograph the cast of this decade of movies, ultimately creating an image with dozens of actors filling roles in stories that cover centuries of storytelling on a handful of worlds, through uncountable space, and in multiple dimensions.

    The photograph is so large, revealing a population so grand, it’s difficult to take in all at once. Each actor’s size in relation to the others pales in comparison to the entire composition, and that’s kind of the point. At this point, the MCU is larger than one actor, one character, or one story. Robert Downey Jr, who plays the titular character of the MCU’s first film stands front and center, but glance to another part of the image and you’ll find Michael B Jordan, the richly complex antagonist of Black Panther. Nearby is Bradley Cooper whose face is never seen in his multiple appearances since he plays a CGI raccoon. These are voices and faces we’ve be thrilled, terrified, and inspired by.

    The rumors are that the next couple films will mean the end of the road for many of the actors in Marco’s photo that we’ve come to love over the last ten years, but Marvel’s plan to create movies extends far beyond the limited storylines that these actors were

    Black Panther is a movie that was needed now, though it’s been needed since the beginning of this project. What better way to celebrate the end of one decade of storytelling and the beginning of the next?

    Check out the Behind the Scenes video below, and Marco's posters for Black Panther.

  • 2.13.18

    Go Modern with Tom Corbett and Harper's BAZAAR Greece

    Common wisdom tells us that our civilization was cradled in Greece, the apparatus of how we interact as a human culture was created in those years and the impact has reverberated ever since. It’s literally the Classical Era, defining what it means to be a classic. In today’s world we have many modern classics, whether it’s a black dress or a clean pair of heels, but there is nothing more classic than a Chanel suit. “It’s very classic,” Tom reminds us. Chanel’s latest Cruise collection features a smattering of Grecian inspired looks that Tom Corbett dialed up to 100 for his story in Harper’s BAZAAR Greece.

    Styled by Sandy Armeni, the whole shoot is a study in shape, angles, and attitude. By bringing the project into a studio, Tom was able to focus on bringing those shapes and angles to life with the energy necessary to highlight the volume and movement of the clothes. Model Taja Feistner worked with Tom to balance body language and grace to show off all the details. Whether it’s a ballooning pair of pants, an expertly woven skirt suit, or brilliantly appliqued crewneck, each piece needed a unique presentation and they found it together. Bradley Irion lent his mastery of hair to balance each look, while Brian Duprey makeup stayed in line with the classic inspirations. The details are underscored with accessories, completing each look, making each look as modern as it is classic, stitching together two eras in a single editorial.

  • 2.12.18

    Stephen Wilkes Takes Flight with National Geographic

    This small blue marble that we live on is awash in ecosystems and visceral traditions we seldom see and even less frequently understand. Even as millions of migratory birds have flown tens of thousands of miles all over the planet each year, it is only recently that we’ve begun to unlock the mystery – as human communication becomes more immediate and our lived experience brings us closer together, we see the magnificence around us. These stories are older than the human species, timeless in a way we can scarcely imagine even in the prehistoric calcium in our bones. Stephen Wilkes pulls these journeys out of time in his latest feature story with National Geographic: The Epic Journeys of Migratory Birds.

    The breathtaking story includes four new images from Stephen created through his Day to Night process that is a taxing but incredible method that stitches entire days and nights into single images. To capture the four images, Stephen chased five different birds over the globe: Northern Gannets in Scotland, Lesser Flamingos in Kenya, Sandhill Cranes in Nebraska, and Black-Browed Albatrosses and Southern Rockhopper Penguins in the Falkland Islands (who, Stephen reports, were surprisingly cooperative). Each stunning image is the result of an incredible process: Stephen remains at a fixed position with his camera for 26 to 36 hours, hitting the shutter almost by instinct, resulting in anywhere between 1,000 and 1,800 exposures that he sorts through expertly. Once this expansive amount of imagery is brought back to the studio, Stephen begins the process of bringing the exposures together to reveal the entire day in one single composition. He compresses time into one image, almost inverting the limits of photography, removing the boundaries of the medium.

    In photographing this way, Stephen is able to reveal more than a stolen moment from one group of birds, and is, instead, able to provide us with a larger context to give us a taste of what it’s like to experience these creatures and their behavior in a deeper way. “The flamingos create extraordinary patterns and the sky becomes an undulating piece of fabric,” Stephen explains, a notion he’s able to deliver to us thanks to the sheer volume of work that goes into the photographs.

    If you want to experience the images beyond the limits of your screen, they will be on view at The National Geographic Museum (1145 17th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C.) as a part of ‘Day to Night: In the Field with Stephen Wilkes.’ Also included in the show will be aerial imagery he captured as a part of the global exploration. The show opens Tuesday, February 13, and will be on view through April 22.

    For more on Stephen Wilkes' innovative 'Day to Night' process, check out his interview with the BBC.

  • 2.6.18

    Patrik Giardino and Gus Kenworthy Proudly Advance on The Olympics

    It was only four years ago that LGBTQ+ athletes were skipping out on the Sochi Winter Olympics because of Russia’s bizarre anti-gay laws. Some out athletes didn’t want their celebrity to attract visitors or outside dollars to the country, so they opted out, while others – like skier Gus Kenworthy – used the opportunity to show the world the inhumanity of those laws. It was a tense time, that put a lot of athletes, countries, and committees in difficult positions. But now, on the eve of the PyeongChang Olympics, it’s a different situation. Patrik Giardino just caught up with Gus Kenworthy to shoot a campaign for Head & Shoulders, but what started out as a hair care product commercial turned into so much more. “He was super nice, he was so easy to work with and very open and happy,” Patrik says about working and collaborating with Kenworthy. “He wanted to do everything, to make the shoot different.” That creative dynamic meant they were able to do a lot more than glamour shots of great hair.

    With the Olympics around the corner, and Procter & Gamble (Head & Shoulders’ parent company) a sponsor of the games, Kenworthy and Patrik knew that a lot of eyes were going to land on the photographs and ad, so they took on the task knowing the stakes. “There was a little more pressure because a lot more people are going to scrutinize the shots, it’s not like just another athlete going up to promote some product,” Patrik explains. Kenworthy’s status as an out athlete means that he’s a hero to more than just other skiers, he represents the future of competition, where every athlete can compete as themselves with nothing hidden away. Patrik wanted to bring that into the shoot. “We had a focus on something else, so it means a lot more than just going up there and shooting someone for the PR or the commercial,” he says.

    For Kenworthy to be able to wear official uniforms and Olympic insignias, each image was going to face approval from the Olympic committee, and amazingly they approved everything. Even the images with Kenworthy posing with the Rainbow Flag, a flag that celebrates diversity and is seen as the herald of the gay community. “Luckily the Olympic Committee approved everything... It went all the way up to the top,” Patrik says. “He’s in the official Olympic uniform, and he’s allowed to represent the gay flag and everything we wanted to do, so I think in that sense it was amazing… It’s way more personal than just shooting another athlete, it feels like so much more.” The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and as images from the shoot continue to be released as the games approach, the campaign becomes more than a story of great hair: it’s the story of a more inclusive future where everyone has the opportunity compete as their true selves.

  • 2.5.18

    The Arresting Surprise of Lady Bird with Marc Hom

    Every year Hollywood surprises us, and never in the way that we expect. The blockbusters take over the summer, thrillers in the fall, then big dramas in the winter right before Oscar season. But every year there are one or two movies that appear out of nowhere and steal the hearts of their audiences. This year it’s Lady Bird, the dramatic comedy written and directed by actress Greta Gerwig and starring Saoirse Ronan, with Laurie Metcalf playing her mother. It’s a coming of age tale that has exploded on the scene, gaining an incredible amount of Oscar buzz earning a cover story at Entertainment Weekly, photographed by Marc Hom. Marc was thrilled to take on this project because he loves working with close creative teams. “What I really liked about this is when you shoot with people who have been working together for so long and their project becomes a success, to become a fly on the wall,” says Marc. “I get to see the chemistry between them in this situation, just how well they know each other and the tremendous respect they have towards each other.”

    These three leading women have worked together so closely to create this special story that the energy between them is dynamic, intimate, and intense. Although those relationships were honed through the making of the movie, Marc wanted to ensure that the photographs celebrating the artistic achievement wouldn’t be stuck in time. After all, each of these women will continue to go on and create more beautiful work. “I think it was a combination of course representing the movie but at the same time not replicating what’s already been done,” Marc explains. “it’s more about capturing them as they are more than they are as a character… It should represent the energy between three women, but also represent them as individuals, and also have a feeling of great portraits that we can look at in 10 years and say it’s a beautiful picture.” They came together for this film, which we’ll all celebrate, and then they’ll move forward and make more laudable creations.

    The images that Marc created have a stillness and intimacy to them which is a treat to behold. But there’s also a power, a power that each of the women wield in front of and behind the camera. For Marc, that power settled into the room, not just because of the capabilities of these three artists, but also because of the electricity around their movie. All eyes are on the women of Lady Bird as awards season gets into full swing. “You could definitely feel that there was a train full steam ahead,” Marc says. “You could feel that. It was definitely a good nervous energy but you could definitely feel that they were hit by something that they didn’t quite expect.”

  • 2.2.18

    Jenue Lifts Cryptocurrency to Visibility with The New York Times Magazine

    Cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be a mystery: they’re often crowd sourced currencies, so all the information is out there even if it seems like the conversation is happening without you. It’s not just Bitcoin anymore, there are thousands of different currencies, each with their own rollercoaster of valuation, and each of them with their own culture. It’s certainly a bubble, as described visually on the cover of New York Times Magazine with an image by Jenue - the question is whether or not this new market is going to burst. All markets eventually have their maximum limit, but Jenue wanted to infuse his imagery with the playful excitement that’s come along with the cryptocurrencies, as well as their true fragility.

    The idea was pretty simple: turn the currencies into balloons. It’s the perfect metaphor. They’re shiny, buoyant, can rise as fast as the air will part above them, and pop when faced with unexpected outside pressures. So Jenue created a veritable flock of Bitcoin balloons crowded onto the cover. Each of these CGI balloons is tethered to a very conspicuous string, keeping it in place. In Jenue’s image it implies the limits, but ironically, perhaps, cryptocurrency doesn’t have the tether that comes with financial regulations. It’s that aspect that has made these currencies the preferred method of illicit payments online, but may be the largest contributor to their downfall. As an entity, cryptocurrencies have built into them alluring tensions – like air captured under thin plastic.

    As mentioned, there are so many more currencies than just Bitcoin, so Jenue also brought the logos of Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Zcash to life in golden, poppable balloons in a center spread to help us visualized the breadth of the issue, and recognize how these variables are broader than we know now. The balloons are aloft, thanks to Jenue, now we wait to see if they’ll be attending a celebration or an entirely different kind of ceremony.

  • 1.31.18

    Lydia Whitmore Discovers the Origin of Coffee with Nespresso

    In Nespresso’s latest campaign, The Origin of Coffee, created with photographer Lydia Whitmore, they strike a fascinating aesthetic balance between photography and illustration. The imagery creates an almost alternate reality that exists in the space between the two mediums. For Lydia to achieve this her team crafted paper sets for the coffee and then she balanced the images with the propping so together they would sell the aesthetic chameleon. “The challenge in this project was working on such a small scale and making sure that the coffee sat naturally within the set,” she explains. To make that happen she surrounded herself with a great team.

    “Luckily, I was working with an amazing paper artist, Lydia Shirreff, who understands finding the right weight and texture of paper, and transformed the original illustrations into a carefully designed and intricate set.” Bringing coffee plants, flowers, and huts apart from the background offered a whole new dimension not only for image placement but also to let Lydia play with shadows and depth.

    While all their hard work appears in the final photographs, there’s even more we don’t see.

    “The other indispensable team member was Lesley Sendall who is a really talented food stylist,” Lydia explains. “She had a table of Nespresso machines all going to achieve the perfect coffee with the exact proportion of crema. What I didn’t realize at the start of the day was that the coffee she prepares is only perfect for around 3-5 seconds, after that it settles, and a new batch has to be made.” With the flora and fauna popping off the page, fresh coffees zooming in and out of the frame, it’s a wonder that Lydia was able to capture a stillness and calm that comes with the morning’s first cup of coffee.

    Of course, after a full day of pulling shots, Lydia’s whole crew had their fill of coffee. But Lydia stayed focused and chill by abstaining while the world hummed around her. “I don’t drink coffee so I missed out on all the free drinks the rest of the crew were taking advantage of - I think they were all buzzing by the end of the day!”

  • 1.30.18

    Vault49 Gets to Work with Justworks

    Running a company is about more than just having a great idea and setting up an LLC. You’ve got to solicit customers, manage employees, get a gorgeous website, and don’t forget about getting in enough coffee! All that and you haven’t even gotten to the legal aspects yet: payroll, benefits, HR, compliance. It’s a lot to handle, and for many business owners, it’s too much. And that’s okay! There are people who will do it for you. Justworks created an entire business out of doing that work so you don’t have to, and if spreadsheets don’t seem sexy enough, Vault49 was brought in to help sell it. 

    Vault49 helped Justworks by creating a series of advertisements in CGI, bringing together retro inspiration with the timeless aesthetic of neon lights. Justworks cuts through the darkness of navigating the complications of running a business, so Vault49 wanted to offer the light in the dark – and sell a couple aspects of the company.

    In the pieces, Vault49 focused on two distinct issues: benefits and reliability. The first piece proclaims, “Get the Benefits of Your Dreams.” Benefits really are a dream, they can be what causes a fantastic candidate to choose your company or another, so vault49 kept the composition dynamic and exciting – while adding in a friendly, sleepy sheep in the corner to remind you that you have nothing to fear.

    The second piece that Vault49 created for Justworks proclaims, “We’re Working Whenever You’re Working,” reminding us that Justworks is all about creating a professional internal culture. It’s not enough to do your best when you’re just starting a company, you can’t really let up until the whole machine runs smoothly – and that can take a while. Vault49 created an image that assertive and firm: they’re not here to play. Trusting an outside resource like Justworks with the crucial elements like payroll and compliance is no trivial matter, so Vault49 created a composition that inspires trust and reliability. Messaging is as much about emotions as it is information. Vault49 tracks, and expresses, both.

  • 1.29.18

    Michael Schnabel / Lexus LC500

    This project with Michael Schnabel and Lexus earned the Gold at the PX3 Awards 2017, first place at the IPA Awards 2017, and was listed as part of Lürzers 200 Best Advertising Photographers.

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