• 5.20.15   Vault49 Gets Microscopic with Uniqlo

    Uniqlo is in the business of textiles. They make materials from which to shape garments, and it’s more than a question of just color or texture. Instead it’s about strategic weaves that maximize potential, like breathability and UV protection. The designers at Uniqlo get deep into the fibers of their materials, literally, by figuring out how to lay fibers in such a way that they can do what other textiles cannot do. For their latest publication, “The Life Wear Book,” Uniqlo wanted to offer readers a better understanding of how deep the design of Uniqlo goes. In order to bring a visual language to these technical textiles, they tapped Vault49 to work their CGI magic. Close up, these textiles are otherworldly. Each fiber takes on the look and imagined feel of steel. They become vast woven structures that are equal parts impressive and humbling. We start to see these objects from a completely different point of view. The vision that Vault49 gives us is through the eyes of the technicians and artists who take it upon themselves to understand our world in a much finer way. Every object, every composite piece of our world, is crafted by nature or man. And rather than just leaving it to chance, when we create these smaller elements, we have the opportunity to do it right, to understand how we fit into a larger context and take advantage of it in a way that benefits ourselves and ideally our world. Vault49 shows us how the designers have to see each tiny element in creating these powerful fabrics. It shows us how light, air, and these complex weave interact with one another at a nearly microscopic level. And that level is exactly where Vault49 started their production. Luke Choice, Lead Designer at Vault49, explains that they were given a close look at the fabrics, much closer than just the human eye could reveal. “For a couple of them there were microscopic images,” says Luke. “We had to study the actual fabrics to see the individual weaves of certain products.” Using hands on interaction they were able to learn about the materials in such a way that they could communicate their details visually. But the real trick was avoiding the typical, cliché graphic diagrams and turn the images into something compelling. “The challenge went into crafting the visual stories,” explains Luke. “It had to be quite classy.” The results are look at these materials we could never see all on our own.
  • 5.22.15   Effervescent Excitement with Ars Thanea

    If you've never had Orangina, the carbonated orange drink that is mainly found in Europe, here's a tip: Shake it before you drink it. The natural pulp settles, and to really get the full experience, you have to shake it up to get a good mix. But be careful, the effervescence of the juice is compounded by the agitation, so open with care. When you shake it, you can imagine the vortexes your shakes are creating, swishing the juice around and catalyzing a potential explosion. The glass becomes something like Schrödinger’s lightning in a bottle, the anticipation of opening it as exciting as the drink itself. This was the feeling that Ars Thanea plumbed in their latest work with Orangina. When the drink company came to Ars Thanea, they knew they wanted the bottles to be shown beautifully, and to use the inherent energy of the drink in the composition, but they let the team at Ars Thanea figure out the details of how everything would come together. Conceptually, the images are inspired by traditional packshots, the photographs we’re used to seeing in milquetoast ads, but Ars Thanea wanted to bring it to another level. In a subtle subversion of convention they used the liquid dynamic of the drink to imply the shape of the bottle as it flew through the air. To achieve this effect they photographed silicone in a variety of different arcs and trajectories and stitched them together in postproduction. To bring an extra layer of excitement, Ars Thanea brought in some orange segments to fly around the composition. They worked through a few ideas and finally settled on the high velocity movement of flying pieces. “We wanted to underline the dynamic there,” says Marcin Kowalski of Ars Thanea, explaining how this added piece highlights the flavor and effervescence of the drink. Each element of the images give us an exciting look and feel to the Orangia experience.
  • 5.21.15   Thayer Allyson Gowdy and Creative Luxury

    One of the challenges of lifestyle shoots, something that Thayer Allyson Gowdy is very familiar with, is the pure amount of energy that has to be maintained. Getting a deep variety of imagery in a plethora of settings takes a lot of time, and a lot of focus. The energy compounds on itself on set and ultimately helps to frame the final images with the same energy spilling in. As beautiful as those results are, there’s another side to lifestyle that can offer the same kind of beauty. When Thayer shot for Tommy Hilfiger, it was a bare bones crew. It was just her, the art director, a prop stylist, and her digital technician, and it was exactly how she likes it. “It was kind of a dreamy job,” she says. “We had so much freedom… It was a rare opportunity that we got to just sort of collaborate. It was refreshing and really, really lovely.” Working with a group of people that small meant both physical and creative mobility, allowing them to find the right shots in their own time. When it comes to treating her shots this way, Thayer uses an athletic example. “We had a shot list for the day we stared and we just sort of moved through it at our own pace,” Thayer says. “And we always got done really early and did extra shots. It’s sort of the same theory of a marathon: if you walk part of a marathon, you can still get a good time.” In truth, when photographers are working on broad projects with deep requirements, it is very similar to the work of an athlete. At the end of the day we judge the final product, their performance. But to get there requires focus, time, and practice. And nothing can beat perfect conditions on the day. Part of Thayer’s perfect conditions on this shoot was her relationship with Lionel Cipriano, the Art Director for the shoot. Their creative synergy on set is what allowed for the compounding good vibes. She explains that when you have a working relationship like what she has with Lionel, you can leave behind on-set drama, which is a big time save. “You get straight to getting an image done a whole lot quicker when you can collaborate that closely, we ended up getting so many more shots than we needed each day and we had a shot list as long as our arm,” she says. “It was great! And we had a good time!” When it comes down to it, those relationships are as important to a photographer’s success as their prowess with a camera, and it really shows up in the frames. “Any time that you feel really good and there’s good energy, it’s really positive and relaxed,” she explains. That feeling permeates the entire set and suffuses the images with effortless beauty and a little shot of natural luxury.
  • 5.15.15   Everything Comes Together for Zeitguised

    Every spring, creatives from all around the world converge on Miami for the ADC Festival, an event that celebrates all forms of art, providing space for artists to work, collaborate, and learn new forms. They shepherd an environment of experimentation, where artists play. Whether it’s digital mavens working with clay for the first time, or photographers putting their first brush to canvas, it is a time of creation and exploration for all attendees. This year was the 94th year this event came together, marking almost a century of creative unity. In order to bring a captivating visual story to the event’s public announcement, Zietguised created a series of short motion projects that illustrated the feelings of variety and cohesion that are inherent at the festival. In fabricated three-dimensional planes, space and natural law become mere suggestions while the imagination of Zietguised’s artists break through. We see blocks, cylinders, and unnamable shapes move across one another to immeasurable rhythms, while each element organically shifts within itself. Concurrently unsettling and hypnotizing, the spots show how dozens of unique elements can come together into a single visual story. Zietguised was singularly qualified to be the herald for the ADC Festival with a huge array of artistry background in their team. The forms of sculpture, installation, fashion, and architecture are all represented in their own creative sandbox and Zietguised tapped into all of these disciplines for the spots. These abstract creations live purely in the conceptual world, an opportunity that studios as established as Zietguised rarely get to work within. With schedules full of traditional advertising and storytelling projects, it’s not everyday that a large creative studio like Zietguised get to play this way. But Zietguised has been fortunate. “We’re lucky, we’re in a position where people ask us to do things we like to do,” explain the guys over at Zietguised. Regardless of whether it's luck or skill that have gotten them to where they are, the results are just as mesmorizing.
  • 5.19.15   Tom Corbett and Victoria Justice Against the Elements

    It is late February. Actress and singer Victoria Justice sits in a van with photographer Tom Corbett and his team. They’re deep in the Angeles National Forest as torrential rain pounds the windows and windshield. On what was supposed to be a sunny clear day, they’ve moved everyone in the van to wait for a break in the weather. When it finally comes they jump out of the van and Victoria leans against a tree. She’s wet, chilly, but looks as fresh as ever. They get the shot almost immediately and pile back into the van before the rain starts again. It went like this all day when Tom Corbett shot the multitalented actress for Cosmo for Latinas. “Everything was thrown at us that day: torrential rain, hail, snow,” says Tom. “We just kept on popping out of the van between extreme weather and got it done.” It’s almost magic that this doesn’t show up in the images, save for the beautiful cloud formations that paint the sky above Victoria’s face, the only evidence of Mother Nature's wettest contributions to the day. The visual heart for the shoot, as creative directed by Michael DeSimone, was centered around indigenous fashion inspiration. From Chilean prints to Peruvian fabrics and Mexican textiles, Victoria’s own rich heritage, including a Puerto Rican legacy from her mother, echo through the styling. The mountains of Los Angeles offered a stunning backdrop reflecting the rich forests of these native lands, and contributing to compositions that feel like they are in another world. But they were just a few miles outside of LA’s press. For Tom, the lesson behind this project was very clear. “Never give up, even when it seems everything is working against you!,” he says. He and his team never did give up despite the extreme weather. These situations can be challenging to fight through, especially for Victoria who had to look flawless no matter what the sky was throwing at her.  “Victoria was a real trooper, she never complained,” says Tom. Instead they kept moving forward, inspired by each other and the nature around them. They took in the beauty of their surroundings and used that inspiration to keep going, finishing the day, Tom says, "with a story were all really proud of!" "Native Espiritu" is in the latest Cosmo for Latinas which hits stands today.
  • 5.18.15   Peter Martin Makes Claptone "Immortal"

    The world of Electronic Dance Music has its own unique culture. Minus an exception or two every generation, only in EDM can an artist’s career and form be bolstered from behind a mask. When music is a visceral experience shrugging off the construct of fame, social identity is secondary. Or, some may argue, the mask allows for true and honest communication. Voiceless and hidden, expression is employed only through music. It creates a direct line between the artist's expression and audience members, creating flawless communication. Recently joining Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and Sia is Claptone, a German, golden masked deep-house artist. His initial collection of singles swept the EDM scene last year, making a tour and EP inevitable. After a year of development, Claptone began his first international tour this spring entitled “Immortal.” The show has been called groundbreaking thanks in large part to Oscar Nominated director Peter Martin who was at the helm to ensure it was as beautiful and affecting as can be. The name of the show, “Immortal,” represents an indictment of time, explaining why Peter focused on time’s life cycle. In many ways, time is a human construct but one that has become so ingrained we literally live and die by it. Unless you are immortal. Past, Present, and Future each got their own musical chapters in the show, each featuring their own visual languages. Still compositions and moving pictures fill out a full experience. When these imaginings are paired with Claptone’s music it becomes a celebration and investigation of the past, present, and future. The visual cues and environmental methodology paired with Claptone’s music create a fully immersive experience. Like all experiential events, you really just had to be there. But check out the official trailer and showreel for a taste of the magic.
  • 5.14.15   You're Safe with Elizabeth Weinberg

    If there’s something about Elizabeth Weinberg’s work that jumps off the page, it’s her use of light. Whether she’s shooting Diplo for the debut of K-Swiss’ new crowd sourced artist movement, The Board, or a portrait for a Complex Magazine feature on Shamir Bailey, Elizabeth is all about keeping it simple. By using almost exclusively natural light, she’s able to capture intimate imagery relating directly to her subject. “I like to keep it as simple as possible,” Elizabeth explains. “Just me and the subject. I think setting up a light can automatically intimidate people. I like to make it feel like we’re just hanging out.”  That personal interaction means that her subjects have the opportunity to open up and show a side that we may not otherwise get to see. “I really like timeless, intimate pictures, no matter what,” Elizabeth says. “It’s less common to find those unguarded moments with people and I try to get that out of them.” That’s how Elizabeth gets those uncommon photographs, those looks at something different: with her presence and steady hand. When she was shooting Diplo, it was in the middle of a busy day for him – he was shooting a new video. The shoot with K-Swiss afforded her a quick cameo in his video that she hadn’t exactly planned for. “I play a photographer, which I was not expecting to do because I was wearing a really dumb hat and my hair was insane, but in the video that they shot there’s a clip of me doing an over exaggerated hand motion to kind of show that I’m taking his picture,” she says with a laugh. It was perfect because they were already shooting in LA’s Arts District, so it fit in seamlessly, and allowed Elizabeth to show off her behind the camera energy, even if it was just for a music video.  Another musical artist that Elizabeth captured recently, Shamir Bailey, has a voice that is unique to say the least. Many are taken off guard by his high pitch and energetic lilt. But that’s what makes him the musician that he is, and Elizabeth was there to empower his creativity. When a young artist is facing a big feature like one Shamir had in Complex, it can be a stressful moment. But Elizabeth is there to offer her guidance and support to make sure the final images are as flattering as possible. “Just have fun and do whatever,” she says with a laugh. Those words are as welcome on a set as they are anywhere else in life. We’re proud to welcome Elizabeth Weinberg to our roster at Bernstein & Andriulli.  
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