• 5.10.18 Miranda Kerr and The Selby Get Creative with Vogue

    Miranda Kerr suddenly has a whole lot more to do – and that’s saying a lot. She just gave birth to her second child, a son named Hart, and that's on top of being a business owner, an international model, and a familiar face on TV. She hasn’t slowed down a step. Right before giving birth to her newborn son, she teamed up with Todd Selby on a fashion film for Vogue that explores Kerr’s pregnant life in ways that might even seem silly. “We had a lot of fun with it and made it her made it a bit of a character,” says Todd. “She is secretly eating hamburgers out of a drawer and has a miniature wooly mammoth that she had genetically engineered to be her pet. And she has insane sailboat races in her pool. So, it’s kind of like trying to make it fun and do something fun with it.”  The film was created alongside still assets, and Todd even turned some of the moments into moving GIFs. Much of Kerr’s life is spent in front of the camera, so she was an engaged collaborator. But she’s also an image maker. So Todd, Vogue, Kerr, and the whole team planned out as much as they could to make sure everything looked perfect. And once all the pieces were in place: they cut loose. “Normally I’m more of like a real-life kind of guy, but this one was a more constructed thing,” Todd says. “But then also see some of it is also impromptu because she’s really fun. She started dropping rhymes on the mic with her Plexiglas piano and doing all the dance moves with her yoga and so, it’s some freestyle.” Since they all knew they’d get exactly what they needed out of the day, they were able to have a lot of fun with the game of it. Throughout the shoot, you’ll find a backyard grill covered in fruit and the moments that Todd teased like hidden hamburgers and yoga-inspired dance moves - many featuring cameos by Todd's watercolor illustrations. It’s all cheeky and chill. But don’t let it fool you: even as she approached her due date, Kerr is as busy as ever. “She’s running her own company, busting a move, having conference calls, she’s got her own products and she’s still appearing in all these magazines and doing all these editorials,” Todd explains. “We had fun with it, made it the opposite of really what’s kind of going on… It’s really cool that she was down for all this stuff. I’ve got to give her credit, she was down for all my whacky ideas.” On the eve of motherhood, Kerr took the time to create with Todd and Vogue, always making the world just a little more beautiful. Please help us in congratulating Miranda and her family for their new addition.
  • 5.9.18 Lola & Pani Push Officewear to the Next Level for Vogue Italia

    Your job is what you make it. Just because you show up at an office day in and day out doesn’t mean it can’t be an exploration of fashion. That’s exactly what Lola & Pani did with their latest project for Vogue Italia. Teaming up with stylist William Barnes, they worked with a collection of exciting fashion to recontextualize what office fashion can mean, putting it all in an environment that is at once familiar and a little bit surprising. The images are fashion-forward, with styling that includes everything from formalwear to streetwear but composed in such a way that they’re immediately accessible. Lola Paprocka and Pani Paul, the duo behind Lola & Pani, placed the shoot inside a relatively bare office space that looks like it could be anywhere, bedecked in plastic sheeting, plush carpets, and even an office plant. Each element alone has a banality to it, but combined with the fashion and gentle hair and makeup, the entire effect is as calm as it is cutting edge. It’s the balance of all these elements that we’ve come to expect from Lola & Pani, and why they were the perfect artists to pull of such a specific and provocative story.
  • 5.23.18 Chris Buzelli Gets Real with Fake News

    Information warfare has never been as acute as it is today, with every faction creating narratives to best support their goals, spreading stories that are less about fact and more about affect. The efforts are commonly known as “Fake News,” forcing every consumer in this age of information to determine for themselves what is real and what is not. Not only is it a challenging time, it’s an interesting time while we all recalibrate how we take in this information. Simmons College Magazine and Seven Elm asked Chris Buzelli to help them illustrate this topic into a single image and Chris reached back to some of our earliest and most omnipresent moments od fake news to bring it to life. Chris’ painting for the magazine called “The Fake News Age” features Bigfoot on a Central Park bench reading The World News that features an of Bigfoot, with the headline “Bigfoot Seen in Central Park.” Also in the paper: the Loch Ness Monster, UFOs, and others. Bigfoot sits, half way through reading the paper, with a mouth agape at what he’s reading. And who would blame him? When it doesn’t matter what’s real and what’s not, the stories we read can go beyond the believable into the ridiculous. Never mind the common wisdom that the existence of Bigfoot is not worth entertaining because it’s far too insane, never mind the implication that the park behind him may be a painted set piece, never mind that the rest of the newspaper is filled with ever mounting unbelievable stories: Bigfoot himself finds contemporary news cycles to be unbelievable. It’s not even a comment on the veracity of these stories, but that it’s an uphill battle to distinguish between the real and fake when the goal is no longer truth.
  • 5.7.18 Rod Hunt Goes Viral

    This is a sensitive topic so we’ll try to be ginger about it. Have you ever caught something? Maybe from someone you met on a night out and left that interaction with more than just a new friend? Have you ever had to go to the doctor after an evening someone new? You’re not alone. It happens every day, and we all come in contact with more than we know. The French AIDS non-profit AIDES and TBWA\Paris launched a viral activation last month about sharing the love but protecting yourself. They commissioned a massive, and risqué, illustration by Rod Hunt that was then shared in pieces on Twitter. As the images were shared, larger pieces of the illustration were released through an account named “Henry Ian Vernon,” but it wasn’t until the whole illustration was made public that it was obvious Vernon’s alias was for the initialism HIV. The activation proved that sometimes we share things without total knowledge and it can be personally damaging. It’s a powerful message with a fun piece of work by Rod. And Rod had a lot of fun drawing it. “The brief was showing sex without showing sex,” he explains. “It was everything had to be hidden so no junk, no boobs, no nipples, it had to be sent out and shared on Twitter.” Rod’s illustration is a massive playground of sex with hundreds of couple (and more) engaged in #NSFW behavior. But Rod made sure every element was inexplicit while remaining illustrative. A lot is going on in the illustration, not just in terms of sexual activity, but also all the environments Rod created for his denizens. Everything from a nightclub to a theme park to a rocket launch to a private island. They’re all covered by bodies having a good time. And staying as safe as possible. Except for maybe the couple on the ride-on mower: that may not be totally safe. “The main center of it was this nightclub in the center of it was a real starting point and focal point of the whole thing,” Rod explains. “But then there’s also the little things in there like little jokes like the couple doing it on a ride-on mower mowing the grass, or while jet skiing. There’s a little hip-hop video shoot on the island. A lot of little jokes to look out for.” The illustration itself gets pretty racy the closer you look, but seems pretty tame from far out. And that’s part of the message too: if we want to stay safe we have to look closer and take the details a little more seriously. Once that’s all wrapped up: have fun with it.
  • 5.4.18 SpikedSeltzer Makes Its Debut with David Doran

    This season's outdoor parties are just around the corner and what better way to get them going than with some SpikedSeltzer? The brand of naturally flavored alcoholic beverages was ready to spread their message throughout the world for the first time and David Doran was on hand to help them do it. The campaign, created with Bullish Inc., imagines the brand's original logo in each of the locations that inspired each of the flavors. “The main aim of the brief was to bring the logo to life and add character and add personality to each of the sirens,” explains David. “And I think having them each have an individual element and aspect to their personality came about quite naturally.” David started with the flavors, but let the new characters be inspired by the people who drink the drinks.  “There are these 1920s old cocktail posters which we had as reference and we did a lot of research and referring back to what has come before, and what inspired the drinks and the aesthetic that we were trying to aim for,” David explains. Whether it’s a sandy Cape Cod beach in the shadow of a lighthouse for cranberry, or a feathered headdress topped siren for West Indies lime, the locations and characters draw a direct line between flavor and personality.  Since this was the first campaign from SpikedSeltzer David found a lot of support from everyone involved, and it made for a great creative experience. “Everyone was really invested and we had a lot of time to go back and forth over sketches and really find what angle works best,” David explains. The exploration and experimentation was holistic: consider the varying shapes of the sirens tails, how each of their hair flows, the costume choices, the color palates. Each element was carefully balanced to create the perfect representation to introduce SpikedSeltzer to the world in the best way possible.
  • 5.2.18 Robert De Niro Gives Two Thumbs Up to Michael Muller's Cannes Bound "Into The Now"

    You haven’t had a real swimming with sharks VR experience. Not yet at least. Maybe someone created a gorgeous digital approximation or you’ve seen some cool 360 videos from underwater, but there hasn’t been anything on the market that makes it feel like you’re actually there with the sharks. Until now. Michael Muller just debuted his underwater VR experience ‘Into the Now’ at the TriBeCa Film Festival that builds off his expertise of photographing sharks underwater. The experience is on its way to the Cannes Film Festival now, but before they left New York, Robert De Niro took it for a spin and gave a very worthy two thumbs up. 'Into the Now' is traveling all over the world because it offers much more than a traditional VR experience. “The same way Jacques Cousteau inspired me and planted that seed to go out and explore and swim in the oceans, I hope that a little young girl or boy watches ‘Into the Now’ and it plants a seed,” says Michael. “I want to really educate and inspire this next generation to fall in love with our oceans, to learn that we still have such amazing oceans and there are so many amazing things still there.” The journey to ‘Into the Now’ is decades long and the results are hauntingly inevitable. The first photograph Michael ever took was of a shark. Well, kind of. It was a photograph of a photograph of a shark he found in an issue of National Geographic. He snapped the photo on his first camera, got the film developed, and told everyone he took it, and then he spent the rest of his career turning it into a reality. He began photographing animals underwater after establishing himself as a celebrity shooter, including the posters for the very first Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. After photographing high profile subjects with impeccable lighting and controlled sets for so long, Michael found himself unimpressed by underwater photography equipment. “I wanted to light a Great White like I do Iron Man,” he says. So instead of operating with the status quo, he created a whole new lighting system for underwater photography, working with an engineer from JPL and ending up with four patents. This set him up perfectly for the VR project years later because he ended up having to create a new image capture system almost entirely from scratch. Before even experiencing VR for himself, he knew it was the movement of the future and wanted to get in on the ground floor. So before he got on a plane to shoot a campaign in Antigua where he'd be off the grid for a few weeks, he sent out a flurry of emails looking for partners on what would eventually become ‘Into the Now.’ Three weeks later he got back home to an email inbox showing interest from everyone he reached out to. At the same time, some very high-level neurologists showed interest. “Two days later I got a call from Andy Huberman at Stanford University and he said, ‘We’re really interested in your shark work.’” Huberman was studying PTSD responses and was thrilled by Michael’s story of starting deathly afraid of sharks to swimming with Great Whites outside the cage. He saw an opportunity to use Michael’s work as a blueprint to help those affected by the disorder. One by one the pieces came together for the project to turn into something massive. Michael quickly secured the funding he needed to create the picture. He developed the technology he needed to capture the picture. And he worked with Huberman to get the data that they needed to extend the picture beyond a one time experience. The results are a fully immersive experience that confronts the viewer with the reality of being with the intimidating creatures, allowing the audience to live through those moments as truly as possible without getting wet. It’s available to anyone who can get to it, and Michael and his team have even created an educational portal so kids can study the ocean biology under the waves, plus it’s being used with military veterans and at Children’s Hospitals to let them explore the ocean. But in the end, it was the experience that was most important to Michael and you’ve got to experience it if you want to understand the full story. “I don’t really want to go into that too much because it will give away the film, and I want the film to be a bit of a surprise for people,” he said on the eve of ‘Into the Now’s premiere.  ‘Into the Now’ is set to show at the Cannes Film Festival that opens on May 8.
  • 4.25.18 Amanda Marsalis Gets Real with Rédélé

    Amanda Marsalis is busy. Between directing episodes of Queen Sugar and Ozark she was able to squeeze in a shoot for Rédélé, the Italian eyewear brand, that ended up being surprisingly Californian (more on that later). “The designers are my dear friends from Venice that I met through mutual friends years and years ago,” Amanda explains. Those very designers ended up publishing two books of Amanda’s, Reproduction and A Catalogue of Constant Motion, before they even started working together this way. But it was through that relationship that they decided Amanda was the perfect choice for this project.  Over the last few years, working extensively in Film and Television, Amanda has taken her craft to the next level, allowing the time in the director’s chair to inform her still photography work. For this project with Rédélé she knew she wanted to work with models who could offer her a lot more than mere photogenics. Now she swears by live casting where she gets to meet her subjects before taking them on. “You want to know somebody’s vibe because the more that I direct the more that I think of my talent as actors,” Amanda explains. “I have to know that they can be in the space that I need them to be in.” It's not about posing right, or knowing the angles - it's about creating a holistic image and experience. Behind the camera, Amanda has found the amount of detail that goes into directing to be liberating for her still shoots. The preparation is exhaustive but builds the foundation for beautiful surprises. “You can create situations in photography where you’re so prepared that you leave room for spontaneity,” Amanda says. “The designers gave me really clear mood boards ahead of time for what they were going for so it’s almost like I was given a good script to work with. That’s really helpful.” As the project came together, Amanda decided the best way to make it work would be to make it personal, so it’s shot almost entirely in and around her own home. As a native Californian, few understand the California lifestyle like Amanda. That affords her a unique perspective to tell the story of California in an honest way. For Rédélé that point of view was exactly what they wanted to show off to their customers. “What we’re doing is really selling California to Italians,” Amanda says with a laugh. “So it’s like a heightened version of what we all think of as stereotypically California, but instead of doing beachy it was about doing it a little more real.” That’s why she brought it to her house, and that’s why she created it with her friends. Because it’s all about being real.
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  • @mirandakerr just welcomed her new son, Hart, into the world last night, but before she did she teamed up with @theselby on a new fashion film "Waiting Games" for @voguemagazine. Check out the full story via the link in our bio.⠀
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  • @serialcut’s newest work for @festival.paraiso brings life to the Madrid festival’s different aspects: Music, Art, Resting, Gastronomy, Premium and Recreative.
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