• 6.20.17   Bewilder Gets Good for PepsiCo

    Sometimes the best way to change the world is to start with yourself. We change the world not through huge actions, saving it all at once, but instead change is built tiny brick by tiny brick, each one created by our daily choices. To make the world cleaner: clean up after yourself. To make the world happier: make yourself happy first. To make the world healthier: make healthier choices for you and your family. That's what PepsiCo's Hello Goodness initiative enables: it makes the world a healthier place by offering better alternatives to the peckish and the thirsty. They put out more healthful products to choose over options that are not as good for you. PepsiCo asked Bewilder to help introduce their massive initiative to an audience who may be unfamiliar. “We wanted the piece to feel contemporary and fresh,” explains Ruan Vermeulen, Animation Director at Bewilder. The result is a broad video that follows a cast of characters while they incorporate better choices into their lives. What's remarkable about the Hello Goodness spot by Bewilder is that it doesn’t rely on an overarching narrative or voiceover to force any one particular story onto whoever is watching the video. Instead the broader story invites viewers to place themselves inside the stories and see themselves in the situations that Ruan and his team present. “The strong graphic and modular design language, combined with bright colors really helped to stitch the piece together,” explains Ruan. “We were able to blend graphic shapes into environments, thus creating smooth panning transition. The architectural environments, and the linear movement through them gave us the opportunity to let the camera tell most of the story, instead of character performance.” Maybe you need a break from your desk in the middle of the work day. Maybe you need to replenish after a work out. Maybe you want a picnic with family or friends. No matter what you're doing there's a better choice for you, and Bewilder shows all of these situations (and more) and how they can be seamlessly improved with more healthful choices. It’s easy for us to put ourselves in place of the characters that Bewilder created, even though the characters are so stylized. They have a unique look to them, and one that was created with incredible detail and attention to communication. “The character design were very much influence by the already established CI for Hello Goodness,” says Ruan. “Bold, graphic and simple shapes, with thinner lines to connect various elements. We intended on creating very generic characters, so that their design could easily be interchangeable to create more diverse characters. The thinner lines were very effective in creating facial expressions, and adding detail to characters where needed.” By making their characters these shapes they were able to represent the audience and tell a more effective story for everyone.
  • 6.23.17   Andrew Rae Travels the Globe (Kinda) with Delta and Tinder

    Where do you want to go but have never been?  If you’re like us, your list is as long as your arm, and although you’d love to make every stop around the globe it might not happen soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it! Delta knows that you can’t be everywhere at once, and they’d like to help you get to where you want to go, but in the meantime, they’ll help you pretend you’re there. They teamed up with Andrew Rae, dating app Tinder, and Wieden + Kennedy New York on a huge mural that gave passersby the opportunity to travel all over the world from the safety of their own sidewalk. The mural features pictures from Honolulu, Paris, Los Angeles, Pisa, London, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Zurich, to act as backdrops for anyone wanting to take a selfie so they can pretend they’re in those beautiful locations – and then post them on Tinder (worldly profiles tend to get more attention, don’t you know?). Between the photos are illustrations by Andrew, including instructions on how to use the photos (pose, upload, match!), but also all sorts of different characters taking selfies of themselves – often inspired by the location that the photographs imply. You’ll see a baguette posing for a flick next to the Eiffel Tower, a communist bear by Moscow, and a ripped beach goer getting his photo in with LA’s Randy’s Donuts. Andrew’s illustrations remind us a huge truth: there’s always more to a photograph than what’s inside the frame. Sure, at the edges of these frames we learn that the photographed are not actually in those locations. That is true. But there’s also something a little more fun at work: everywhere we go we’re surrounded by characters whether they get close enough to be in our pictures or not. Andrew shows us some of those characters, based on truth or imagination, reminding us how wide and wonderful this world is. And what a blessing it is to travel it. And if we can’t, at least we can do our best to try – or pretend!
  • 6.22.17   Jamie Chung Makes a Statement with Smirnoff

    Just over a week ago we were thrilled to wake up and see that Jamie Chung’s latest campaign with Smirnoff had gone viral. Twitter was on fire with tweets of the ads created with 72andSunny, that inspired a snarky, if frank, conversation about what’s happening in the American political discourse. “We've seen some advertising recently that tried to speak to some kind of social or political issues and it doesn't hit the mark or it's not funny enough or it's just off,” Jamie says. “But I think this is really smart. It's a pleasure to have my image tied with something that's relevant.” It can be a major risk for artists and brands to engage in political conversation, regardless of which side they engage with, but a laugh is a laugh. And these ads are giving us plenty of ads.  Jamie was tasked with photographing the bottle of Smirnoff and the accompanying drinks for some beautiful imagery to pair with the sparkling copy. His specialty is still life work, balancing every ray of light and angle of product until it’s exactly right – and that’s not something any photographer can achieve over night. “It's taken a while to learn how to shoot a bottle nicely and with the proper mood,” says Jamie. “It has to do with taste and sensibility and you know I've developed it over a long time. It's not like there's like one trick or something like that.” Every shadow, highlight, colored garnish, and shining glass is created by Jamie and his team. There are no mistakes or happy accidents. This is the work of a craftsman. Full disclosure: when Jamie first starting working with 72andSunny and Smirnoff on this campaign, they had different copy on the ads. But they decided to roll with current events to engage the public. It was a surprise, but a welcome surprise to Jamie. He knew that it was always going to be something great. “The creative team on this was like really stellar,” says Jamie. “You know I trust they would to do something incredible in the end.”  For more on this story, check out AdWeek’s write up on the campaign.
  • 6.16.17   The Selby Laces Up with Buscemi

    If you want to get a piece of The Selby you can head over Todd’s blog, grab one of his books, a stack of stickers, walk through the Daelim Museum, or catch any number of his commercial projects on billboards and displays when they pop up. But if you want to take the next step, literally, you can lace up his latest collaboration. He teamed up with luxury sneaker brand Buscemi on a pair of hyper exclusive kicks that feature his work pressed in gold onto the highest quality Italian calf leather. To create the pattern for the 100mm sneakers he looked at the world around him and drew from everything – whatever inspired him went into these shoes. “I decided I would do some watercolor paintings of all the super random things that inspire me, lobsters, cats, Chinese take out, manhole covers, fire hydrants, you know… the good stuff,” says Todd. “My wife Danielle Sherman came up with the idea to print white onto the finest shiny gold leather which apparently makes the shoes pop more.” Todd’s wife is right: they do pop. They’re bright and shiny and a very clean choice for any day of the week. Not only did Todd’s illustrations make it to the upper of the sneaker, but they were also imprinted into the famous lock that Buscemi sneakers are known for. The hardware reflects the leather: it’s glistening gold. The shoes are available now in very limited quantities for $1,200. If that price tag is a little higher than you’re used to spending take heart that it’s for a good cause. $100 of each Buscemi x The Selby pair sold goes to Creative Growth, a charity that supports people with disabilities creating art. You get to pay it forward and rock a beautiful new pair of sneakers. Editorial photography of the courtesy of cobrasnake.
  • 6.8.17   Ben Rayner Gets Up Close with Liam Gallagher for ES Magazine

    As one of the founding members of Oasis Liam Gallagher is a bona fide rockstar, and someone that Ben Rayner has admired since he was a kid. “Oasis has been my favorite band since I was a child. I saw them in 1996 and many times after so Liam was actually the one person I wanted to shoot my whole career,” he says. When ES Magazine called Ben to shoot Gallagher for the cover he jumped at the chance to spend time with an artist he admires and bring translate his personality to still images. “I was a huge fan so I was super happy and I am really happy how it turned out,” he says. Part of being a total rockstar means that Gallagher has a unique energy to him. It’s that energy that makes his music specially honest and able to speak to millions of fans. It’s that power that turned him and his band into an international movement for the better part of two decades. And it’s that energy that jumps off every frame. In order to get that come through, Ben didn’t try anything fancy at all. In fact, he did the opposite. “I directed him somewhat but I wanted him to be him, so I really wanted to capture him as he is and I hope that came through,” Ben says. “He knows who he is. He’s not trying to be anything else.” Whether it’s a raised eyebrow or a grimace of consideration passing across his face, rather than offering a series of pristine moments, Ben offers a window into who Liam Gallagher is beyond the music and the fame and the tabloids. They’re quiet moments, and surprising. Ben didn’t have a ton of time with Gallagher to get a broad range of images, they spent some time in the studio and took a stroll down the street, but Ben wanted to offer a wide look at Gallagher with a series of different aesthetics. So Ben mixed up the medium, using his regular camera, and then a few others to offer a selection of looks and feelings. “I shot it on an old Fuji instant camera from the 90s, and also a point and shoot from the 90s just to mix it up, to try some different things,” Ben says. “It can add some variety when you’re shooting a celebrity and you don’t have much time and it just adds variety to the sequence of images.” Not to mention that Oasis was such a significant band from the 90s and using equipment from that era feels appropriate. “It becomes a bit more timeless,” Ben says. Check out Ben’s shoot of Liam Gallagher, and the rest of his portfolio here
  • 6.13.17   We Are The Rhoads Get There with Maven

    The world is out there waiting for you, you just have to get to it. In 2017 there is a host of different options to get out and see the world and one of the newest, Maven, wants to join you on your journey. The car share program from GM makes vehicles available for wherever you want to go. Unlike the rideshare model that’s become so popular in recent years, car sharing allows you to borrow and drive the car yourself – it’s a system that’s relatively new and could use some introduction. That’s why Maven asked We Are The Rhoads to help introduce them to the world. Sarah and Chris Rhoads helped create a campaign that focused not just on the cars and driving, but what happens when you get to where you want to go. “This was all about using a car to go to these interesting places so we sent out a location scout around San Francisco and the surrounding areas to find as many interesting places as we could and ended up with this little honey pot of options,” says Chris. “Not everybody uses a car for the same reasons. So it was interesting and fun to come up with unique scenarios and ideas.” You may want to plunge into nature with Maven while your neighbor may just need a car for a trip to the furniture store. No matter your reason Maven can make it work and the Rhoads wanted to show that.  To do that, they got the greatest range of imagery they could. “One day we went out to the Redwoods, another day we went to the ocean, another day we created a festival scene within San Francisco, and we also went to Chinatown. We really shot all over which was fun,” says Sarah. The result is an expansive campaign that hits a ton of different energies, aesthetics, and moods. But all of it is strung together by the Rhoads’ inventive creativity and storytelling. That’s something they build from the ground up in every shoot – just like they created the aforementioned music festival on a quiet San Francisco street. “One of my favorite scenes we did was the festival scenario but at the time there weren’t actually any festivals so instead we created it,” says Chris. “It’s one thing to take something that already exists and document that in a unique perspective, but I always really like the challenge of creating something from nothing and building out what we all have in our mind.” One of the most surprising elements of the campaign might be that there are very few cars to be seen, but this was by design. Sure, at the root of it Maven is all about connecting drivers with available vehicles, but in action, it’s about so much more. It’s about freedom, mobility, and accessibility. Showing off those elements is the most immediate way to describe the brand. “The whole campaign is centered around ‘Be There’ and being in the moment,” explains Sarah. “Most times when you are in the moment that you want to be in it’s not about getting to the moment. It’s not driving to the moment. It’s being in that experience and fully immersed in it.” It’s something of a corporate risk to not put the cars front and center, but through development, Maven got on board with the more expressive and creative campaign –that’s something they deserve credit for. “I really applaud Maven for that trust in the creative and to really, wholly embrace that approach,” says Chris. The campaign has since rolled out all over, including major billboards and installations in Washington D.C. and San Francisco. Wherever you are: look up! It might be there!
  • 6.19.17   Eevolver Tranforms for Paramount

    Ten years ago Michael Bay released “Transformers,” a film based off the Hasbro toys and 1980s animated television show. It was a brave new vision for a film landscape that was decidedly less hero-centric than the environment we have today. It was wildly popular, bringing maturity and adult level action to storylines that were originally angled for kids, and launched a series whose fifth installment hits theaters this week. The movies get bigger and bigger with each release (the series budget has crossed $1.1b so far with at least two more films scheduled to release), and their impact resonates beyond the screen – at least the big ones. To help celebrate the release of the fifth Transformers movie, ‘Transformers: The Last Knight,’ Eevolver helped bring some of the fun to the smallest screens. The LA based CGI studio was invited by Paramount Digital Entertainment to create a series of “stickers” for mobile users to incorporate into text message communications, and the results are transformative. All your favorites are here: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Hot Rod, Hound, and even Megatron (plus Squeeks to blink at you in silence). Users who download Eevolver’s app can use the stickers like emojis: Optimus Prime will give your friend a thumbs up on your behalf, while Megatron offers some sinister guffaws perhaps after a well timed but unfortunate joke.  The stickers are completely free for Apple Device users, but if you don’t have access to one of those devices we’ve included some of our favorites. As our world gets smaller and more digital, our stories are getting bigger and more exciting. But no matter how big they get, we are constantly reminded that every story is a human story. Even the tale of ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ is about people being people, loving and knowing others. And those stories, even as they fill our hearts and minds, will always be intimate enough to fit in the palms of our hands.
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