• 7.25.16   Marco Grob Takes On Mike Tyson

    Mike Tyson is a man of complex imagery. He retired from his storied career not without controversy and since that day has jumped into a different kind of creative performance that includes acting and his own one man show. By all accounts, since his retirement from boxing he’s become a much more subdued figure, something that Marco Grob can attest to. “He’s a very shy kind of silent guy,” says Marco. “But very sweet, very forthcoming, and he played along like a charm.” Tyson played along while they were shooting the cover story for the Chinese version of Elle Men Magazine. They were standing outside Tyson’s own house, in a makeshift studio that Marco created not only for convenience but to engender a relationship between subject and camera that is crucial to Marco’s work. “I always try to create some form of intimacy,” explains Marco. “I think it’s interesting for people to see a part of public figures, people who have the fame of Mike Tyson. And there’s a certain perception of Mike Tyson also in the public so, it’s interesting to maybe break that.” The images we get of Tyson from Marco are reserved and almost contemplative, especially the cover. This is a different way of seeing Tyson, one we’re not used to seeing. But that’s what a photographer does: shows us something that we’ve never seen, or something we know in a totally different way. As a photographer, Marco gets to change the conversation over and over, photographing celebrities and advertising alike to reveal new parts of the world for us, and explore narratives that normally go unseen. It’s part of what makes his job so fun for him, and the shoot with Tyson is a phenomenal example of that. “It was a total awesome experience,” he says. “I’m very happy that I can do what I do.”
  • 7.27.16   Erwin Olaf Throws it to the Wolves for Kohler

    One of the worst things you can do is throw someone to the wolves. Abandoning a compatriot to savage destruction by way of a canine’s canines is barbaric. But what if they feel at home amongst the wolves? What if they share their lair with these animals who accept them as one of their own? In Erwin Olaf’s latest campaign with Kohler he imagines the wolves’ lair coming home and being a part of an elegant interior. Erwin introduces these beasts as part of a sophisticated design who are as curious about the products as a shopper is, revealing a raw style. Like so much of Erwin’s work, in this Kohler ad he plays off the contrast of expectations and conventions. The subject of the ad is standing in his bar resplendent in a royally colored tuxedo, decked out with jewels and perfectly coiffed, with a full crystalline glass of water in his hands. The door to his bar is open to the outside and has attracted the attention of a small pack of wolves whose curiosity has called them to explore. At once they seem both out of place and perfectly at home in this most graceful version of a man-cave. Erwin always works to create an interior visual tension that is supremely beautiful, and this ad with Kohler is no exception. 
  • 7.26.16   Tristan Eaton Takes a Bite Out of Overfishing

    It’s a well-trod line that we know less about the ocean floor than we do the surface of the moon. And although this is entirely correct, there are a few things that we do know about the world’s oceans for sure. The most important being: we need them. Oceans over two thirds of our planet and these incredible expanses of water contain uncountable life and are the regulators of our planets. Rising temperatures present their own savage threats to these carefully balanced systems, but overfishing is another component and one that Tristan Eaton finds himself inspired by. His latest work, in conjunction with non-profit PangeaSeed attempts to raise awareness about this challenge and it’s something you can take your own piece of. Specifically, Tristan is taking on over fishing of large fish. The numbers are shocking. In the pursuit of shark fins alone, 100 million sharks are killed each year. Sharks have been a part of our global ecosystem for 400 million years, and just in the last 50 years humans have killed over 90% of the ocean’s big fish. It’s a trajectory that is not sustainable. The name of Tristan’s piece, “Moriría Por Ti,” translates ‘I Will Die For You,’ and features a shark in his signature style, whose special trajectory is literally to die for the pleasure of humanity.  “I hoped to make a statement about how much marine life such as sharks are affected and threatened by human life, human greed and industrial activity,” Tristan says. “They are literally dying for us.” Tristan’s piece was made into a print that was available for a limited time through PangeaSeed. A portion of the proceeds from each print sold support PangeaSeed’s Foundation to raise awareness about issues like overfishing. Unfortunately the prints have already sold out but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them and engage with the message.
  • 7.21.16   Michael Warren and the Soul of Barbeque with Weber

    Don’t confuse barbeque with a cookout. Throwing a couple burgers on the grill is different from meticulously balancing dry rubs and sauces on meat that’s been smoking for hours. BBQ has history in pockets all over the country, with regional tastes and variations as diverse as the people who eat it. One of the most iconic grill companies in the world, Weber, is known for making cookouts happen all summer long, but this year they wanted to bring some focus to barbeque in their annual cookbook this year called “Weber's New American Barbecue: A Modern Spin on the Classics.” The culinary tome is packed with recipes and step-by-step instructions, but they needed something with a little more soul. So they asked Michael Warren to help them out. “The spin this year was barbeque, and different ways of approaching it,” says Michael. “My assignment was to travel around the US and visit BBQ joints that are doing something a little different with a little twist, and then they were used as editorial breaks throughout the book.” Michael got to travel all over, visiting ten different barbeque joints, getting to know the people who work there, eat there, and make them unique. Traditionally, cookbook photography is rooted in the details and making sure that every floret and au jus is perfectly in place, but Michael offers something else. Something that Weber needed for their book. “They wanted it to feel more personal,” Michael explains. “They wanted to feel the juice. They wanted to celebrate the authenticity of it, and they wanted it to look like you want to eat it, as opposed to want to admire the photograph.” There’s more to making your stomach grumble than symmetry and Michael knows exactly how to make it sing in a photograph. Part of the joy of traveling all over the country chasing barbeque is that he got to learn about different styles and sample each of them. His favorite? A steak called The Eisenhower in Plano, Texas. “It’s a T-bone steak with the still T on it,” says Michael. “They get the coals going really hot and they throw the piece of meat right onto the grill. They pull it off, and they slice it up. It serves four so it’s kind of put out on the table on a chopping block. It’s absolutely delicious just to see it.” This is the part of the story where we’d wrap it up with a thoughtful conclusion but we’re too hungry for that. Maybe after lunch…
  • 7.22.16   Kevin Durant and the History of Music with Nike and Shotopop

    It’s easy to forget that celebrities have their own obsessions. Paris Hilton famously loves old clocks. Harrison Ford is an avid pilot. Nick Offerman has a professional woodshop. But did you know that Kevin Durant loves music? The (newly announced) Golden State Warrior looks to a wide variety of music genres to inspire his place and that’s something Nike wanted to highlight to celebrate the latest version of his sneaker, the KD9. They asked Shotopop to help create a series of pieces for their social media accounts, looking directly at Durant’s favorite genres of music to inspire and inform their work. As Casper Fraken of Shotopop discovered, each genre of music works on Kevin Durant in a different way. “It brings out different parts of him to dominate certain aspects of the game,” Casper explains. “He’s a diverse music guy so different genres bring out different things for him and we’ve got three of those which are rock and funk and jazz.” Playing off those three different genres, Shotopop created short illustrated videos inspired by album covers from each of those disciplines of music. Each motion project plays in front of music from that era and features the appropriate thematic visuals mixed with imagery of KD himself, capped off by a look at the new shoe. When it came to creating the visual language in each of these videos Shotopop wanted to stay true to the historical aesthetics so they looked to the titans in each genre. “A little bit of Jimi Hendrix for the rock, for the jazz it was Dizzy Gillespie albums, and for the funk one it was James Brown,” explains Casper. By reaching into history, and into what it is that helps make Kevin Durant the kind of player that he is Shotopop was able to create something unique and at the end of the day that’s what’s makes it exciting. “It’s really unusual of Nike to do something like this which I think is really fun.”  
  • 7.19.16   Stacey Jones Brings Us Closer to Kate Beckinsale

    Part of what makes Kate Beckinsale unique is her incredible traditional beauty paired with her ability to melt into characters that are as relatable as a neighbor. It’s a mix of classic grace and recognizability that make her a special figure in Hollywood, and one who is always worth watching. For her latest cover with As If Magazine, that blend is on display reaching into retro inspiration for a shoot styled by Stacey Jones that shows off everything that’s amazing about Beckinsale. As the Fashion Director at As If, Stacey is uniquely poised to shape the way we see stars like Beckinsale, pulling fashion from all corners of the industry to color our experience. Stacey chose flowing gowns and form fitting dresses whose mostly neutral palate plays off the color and style of an old Buick. She’s playing with high class and something a touch more accessible, drawing us into a woman who we realistically shouldn’t know but feel like we just almost do.
  • 7.20.16   Eevolver Gets Proportionally Political with The Village Voice

    We are in the midst of a Presidential election with unprecedented emotion, and the party that is catching most of the attention this season is knee deep in their convention. We’re on day three of the Republican National Convention, and tomorrow is set to be the climax of the four-day event. Last week the Village Voice, one of New York City’s most left leaning papers prepared for the convention with a humorous cover by Eevolver that features a bull elephant (the mascot of the party) with some features that are markedly… smaller. It’s something of a playful jab at the presumptive nominee but they didn’t want to go too far. “We did some versions with red hair on it and it was almost too literal, we didn’t want to hit you over the head with it,” says Stacy Burstin of Eevolver. “We definitely wanted the image to stimulate discussion with humor and definitely reflect Trump in a funny way.” Creating a photorealistic image that plays off expectations and realistic animal physiology that also focuses on messaging can be a tricky job, but it’s a balance Eevolver was able to find. They started with a couple source images, made sure the elephant’s pose was exactly what they wanted, and then started to play with relativity and sizing. “We went through a process of adjusting features in a subtle way and a couple much more dramatic, and just figured out what proportions worked and came up with this one collaborating with the editor,” Stacy explains. The final image features the elephant of normal size, with ears to match, but with a head – trunk, tusks, and eyes – that are much smaller than they should be. For Eeolver the project was all in good fun, but the paper was a little more aggressive in their messaging. From a publication whose politics are so different from those of the presumptive nominee the headline “The Freak Show Begins,” is fairly tame and something that the folks at Eevolver felt worked. “We actually weren’t given that headline, we were just given general direction, so once we generated the image we thought the headline worked really well with the image,” says Stacy. They thought the match up was pretty funny and hope everyone gets a good laugh from it.
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  • A special @tristaneaton print, Moriría Por Ti, is available today through July 22 12pm EST via shop.pangeaseed.co. 100% of the profits will benefit the @pangeaseed foundation to help our world
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  • How could you not catch that face? CGI by @eevolver. #pokemongo #donthate #thegameisfun #gooutside
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  • Happy Fourth of July! Illustration by @timlahan. #freedom #fourthofjuly #4thofjuly #america #murica
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  • Say hello to the "Snowbot," photographed by @platon for @nymag. Using this robot Edward Snowden can go anywhere, controlling it from a (quite literal) secret mission control in Moscow. #freedom
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  • Peace doves in the house! CGI by @eevolver for the Olympics.
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  • Tonight! The 20 year anniversary of Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt gets its due celebration with photographer @jonathanmannion who created the cover art. With music by @djclarkkent, we hope to see you there!
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