• 5.22.17   FAITH XLVII Brings Wrought Reality into Focus

    Hong Kong is one of the busiest and most packed places in the world. With nearly 17,000 residents per square mile, Hong Kongers are stacked on top of each other in record numbers. But in the middle of that concentration, there is a void, a vacuum, and it drew FAITH XLVII into its gravity. “My fascination with abandoned spaces has led me to an expansive and desolate five-story apartment block in central Hong Kong,” she explains. The result of her enthrallment is the latest installation of her video series ‘Aqua Regalia,’ a meditation on how human stories collect in space and leave their residue on everything the touch, living and stasis. As a muralist FAITH XLVII, expresses her relationship with spaces in unique ways, reshaping them with paint and imagery to comment on where she is and what that location is doing. But in ‘Aqua Regalia’ she gets to communicate what she sees, and interact in a more collaborative (and presentational) way. Throughout the video, we hear pieces of the stories that lead back to this empty building, and whether or not they’re the true stories of this space, they collect into a compilation that feels immediately familiar even if the stories are told in Cantonese. While FAITH XLVII was creating the video with co-director Dane Dodds, they collected the detritus left behind from the abandoning residents and made a piece in remembrance of the stories that could only be imagined in the absence of the tellers. “We created a shrine that allows for the ceremonial gesture of the personal narrative as sacred,” FAITH explains. “The short film documents this process as its starting point as we weave the images of the building with the nuanced interactions outside in the city.” Residential buildings are naturally a cistern for human stories, acting as a repository for every life that passes through those spaces – existing as a space for living one day, and abandoned the next. Their existence is the result of lives, not the focus of them, and it is those shadows that FAITH offers us in ‘Aqua Regalia.’ “We experience these two disparate realities as interlaced,” FAITH tells us, reminding us that we only ever truly know half the reality we confront and imagine the rest. But each part is as real as the other.
  • 5.25.17   Stephen Wilkes Discovers Disney's New World for Bloomberg

    When James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ released in theaters in 2009 it was a phenomenon. The film set on the invented planet of Pandora required 15 years of development andin only 19 days became the fastest movie to hit $1 billion in ticket sales at the time. Since then, Cameron has scheduled no fewer than four sequels. Fans are thrilled at the prospect of getting to explore more of Pandora on screen, but this Sunday they’ll get even more. On May 27, Disney opens “Pandora — The World of Avatar” as a part of their Animal Kingdom Park in Orlando and ahead of the release, Bloomberg Businessweek invited Stephen Wilkes to help show off all the work Disney's done on the incredible, immersive experience. “It’s this extraordinary marvel that they’ve created in terms of the physical structure, recreating Cameron’s vision of Pandora,” says Stephen. “Floating mountains, bioluminescent plants… It’s kind of astounding during the daytime but really crazy at night with the bioluminescent lights beginning to come on and suddenly you really feel like you’re in another world.” Stephen even noticed birds nesting in the false plants that are mixed in with real ones. “When you fool nature you know you’ve done the right job,” he says. Stephen’s ability to blend epic landscape with minute detail was the perfect combination of skills to show off this incredible piece of art. It’s not just that they got the big ideas right, figuring out how to get mountains to float above guests’ heads, but all the way down to vine textures and magnetic rock formations. Over the course of the 16+ hour shoot, Stephen got to spend time with Joe Rohde, lead Imagineer at Disney, to hear about the process so he could do it justice. “Everything is grounded in reality and by example, so when they recreate something they actually experience it first hand, they don’t just look at pictures on the Internet and try to render something,” says Stephen. “That’s one of the things I was trying to capture, they don’t ever really get to see photographs showcasing all the nuanced detail that go in to making this such a unique experience for everybody who comes to the park.” Not everyone will be able to get to the park immediately so Stephen did everything he could to show us what it’s really like. There was one more element that made Stephen the right choice for this project: Rohde was familiar with Stephen’s Ellis Island project and actually used Stephen’s images for inspiration when they were designing elements of the park. Within the Pandora experience, there are ruins of a previous world and Disney wanted to make that realistic but also beautiful. So they looked to Stephen’s work before they even met him. When Stephen was at Disney he recognized it immediately. “You could see that language of ruin within the context of rebirth as it comes together in this very unique way,” says Stephen. “I think it’s going to be a very exciting place to go. It is completely different and unique from anything I’ve ever seen.”
  • 5.24.17   We Are The Rhoads Find Their Tribe with Mr. Porter

    If you ask We Are The Rhoads, there’s something of a new pilgrimage to Los Angeles happening right now. In fact, they’re a part of it having moved in the last few years from Seattle to the City of Angels, and for good reason. “You have all these people that are hard workers, that are talented, that bring this East Coast work ethic to the West Coast and are kind of creating this best of both worlds,” Chris Rhoads explains, half of We Are The Rhoads, the other half being his wife Sarah. “We’re surrounded by a community of likeminded people who think similarly to us, we want to live a good life but we also want to create good shit that we’re excited about and LA provides the lifestyle around which we can do that,” says Sarah. Their own participation in this pilgrimage made them the perfect collaborator for Mr. Porter’s “California Dreamers,” a piece that looks at six different creatives in LA and what they love about the city. Travis Lett, Reggie Watts, Ben Medansky, Alex Matthews, Luke Davis, and Stephen Kenn met The Rhoads at the Beverly Laurel Hotel for a series of boundary-pushing portraits with fashion styled by Mr. Porter. These six men – a chef, a performer, a designer, an artist, an entrepreneur, a surfer – each represent different ways of thinking, different ways of expressing themselves, and very different personalities. Before the shoot even began, The Rhoads were familiar with most of the gentlemen. They’re friends with Stephen Kenn, they have one of his couches in their studio. They use Ben Medansky’s work all the time. They’ve eaten at Travis Lett’s restaurant. And of course seen Reggie Watts’ work. “A lot of these folks are people that we know personally or have interacted with on some creative level,” Sarah explains. “Our spheres have crossed over, so it’s cool when they showed us these people’s work. This is like our tribe.” The whole shoot was at the same hotel location, which seems like it could be limiting, so to keep every shot unique The Rhoads used the resources they had in front of them: their subjects. “One of the biggest challenges was making it all feel like it’s one cohesive story yet feel different enough that it didn’t feel like it was all necessarily just shot on a white cyc,” says Chris. “But I think that’s where having people like Luke and Reggie that are willing to approach things from a new point of view allows that to be refreshing.” They kept everything moving, exploring the space from different angles, resulting in incredible variety of imagery. These six men – a chef, a performer, a designer, an artist, an entrepreneur, a surfer – each represent different ways of thinking, different ways of expressing themselves, and very different personalities. The whole shoot was at the same hotel location, which seems like it could be limiting, so to keep every shot unique The Rhoads used the resources they had in front of them: their subjects. “One of the biggest challenges was making it all feel like it’s one cohesive story yet feel different enough that it didn’t feel like it was all necessarily just shot on a white sike,” says Chris. “But I think that’s where having people like Luke and Reggie that are willing to approach things from a new point of view allows that to be refreshing.” They kept everything moving, exploring the space from different angles, resulting in incredible variety of imagery.
  • 5.19.17   Joe Pugliese Wins Bigly for The Hollywood Reporter, and We're Not Tired of It Yet

    He might not like us telling you this, but Joe Pugliese is a total nerd when it comes to Saturday Night Live. He loves the show and has for decades, so whenever he gets the opportunity to photograph the cast, producers, writers, it’s always something that he leaps at. This week SNL will close out the current season, but it will go down as one of the most consequential in the show’s history because of the incredible work the cast has done lampooning the Trump administration. Mocking the President isn’t new for the show, but this season has gone in a slightly different direction. “SNL has always poked mild fun at Presidents and this is another level, this is almost like activism in a way,” says Joe. The Hollywood Reporter invited Joe to photograph this SNL Trump Administration, creating something of a historical document to remember the work these actors and writers have done. “I don’t generally like to inject humor into my photos, that’s sort of a little bit out of character,” Joe explains. “But given the opportunity I felt like it was important to document this cast of characters doing what they do the same way I would have wanted to with Monty Python troupe doing what they do, just to get it down as a record.” Joe met the cast at New York City’s The Rainbow Room and brought with him paparazzi photographs from the Studio 54 era to show the actors. He wanted to replicate that feeling with the cast, let them imagine that the Administration is the coolest kids on the block, living it up in one fantastic night. Communicating with the actors in that way was the key to making this shoot work as well as it did. Since Joe gave the actors their ‘scene,’ as it were, these incredible improvisers just let go and played. By offering them the freedom to jump into character, Joe’s job became smoother. “If I had to photograph Alec Baldwin as Alec Baldwin, New York actor, comic actor, that would have been really hard if he weren’t in character,” says Joe. “As soon as he put on that wig it’s easy, he didn’t even need to think about it. None of them did. They all did their characters and had a lot of fun with it.” Instead of coaxing these moments out of each of the actors, Joe got to sit back and play audience for these experts. And they delivered. Joe sees his job as a photographer to be witness in rooms and situations that the rest of us can’t be in. He’s our emissary. He reports back to us not in words and quotes, but in moments frozen in photographs, evoking the emotions that he experiences while he lives them. It may seem like a catalogue of photographs of actors in character is contrary to that goal, but Joe explains that in this particular instance it’s actually exactly that. “We’ll look back on this in ten years and say that was a moment where politics and entertainment really collided,” says Joe. “With Trump’s victory a lot of people have become activists whether they’d like it or not. I feel like with the way people communicate now, everyone has a channel or an outlet, a voice, they have their own headlines to write in social media, and there’s a general low level feeling of activism across the board whereas it used to be just the really passionate people be the activists.” Elections are an amazing reminder that democracy is a process and everyone’s voice counts. SNL’s work this season is an extension of that, of the burden of citizenry. Even if it comes with a laugh.
  • 5.17.17   Brian Doben Finds His Heart 'At Work'

    When he was prepping for the latest chapter of his ongoing ‘At Work’ project, Brian Doben found out about The Alternative Limb Project by Sophie De Oliveira Barata that creates prosthetics for amputees that include beading, sculptural elements, and non traditional colors and textures. “She came across our radar as someone who was bringing art, bringing fashion, and bringing a sort of showiness to the artificial limb world,” explains Brian. “I was very intrigued by that because I thought it was amazing, the idea that you can have a missing limb and you don’t have to hide the ugly prosthetic, you can make that into something really impressionable to other people.” Barata offers the opportunity to wear something beautiful that can be shown off instead of hidden behind shame. This is close to Brian’s heart as he understands at least a piece of it after replacing some teeth he lost in a horrific bike accident. Brian was made whole once again thanks to the work of his doctors, and for this video he got to witness Barata help make other people whole once again. “I think there’s something really special about giving people that wholeness that’s really quite beautiful,” he says. Brian’s ‘At Work’ project has been jamming for years now but this is the first time he’s brought a motion component to it. Film and photography, although artistic siblings, offer very different ways to tell stories, each with their strengths. For Brian, film was a great way to explore different ways of presenting the ‘At Work’ mission. “It’s a conversation, it’s people sharing their inner thoughts as to why they do what they do,” says Brian. “There’s something to be said about open conversation and the ability to just talk and share what’s going on inside their mind. It just was kind of this snowball effect, one thing lead to another lead to another.” That winding pathway of conversation is reflective of the winding pathway of a life, whether it’s a life being lived or a career being created in real time. Only so much can be planned, the rest reveals itself step by step. That is the nature of human experience, underlined by his conversation with Matt, a cartoonist who has been creating work for The Daily Telegraph for years. “He is just the most hysterical man and beyond passionate. He is everything that ‘At Work’ stands for,” Brian says. “He is excited every day going to work, he is humbled by what he does.” One of the moments that stood out for Brian about his time with Matt, and something that Brian wanted to make sure was communicated to his audience, is what Matt has to say about the creative process. “We want to romanticize that ideas come to us, that there’s this moment where the clouds separate and the light has this euphoric moment and you have your idea,” Brian explains. “And Matt said something that was very true and I think people need to understand: we have to put as many ideas on paper as possible and most of them are rubbish. You have to cleanse the body until that one moment comes and that’s the moment that you seize.” Brian is quick to point to his own story with photography as an example of this phenomenon. He was a professional photographer for 15 years before he began his ‘At Work’ project, what is now the defining pillar of his career. Sometimes you have to work through everything else before you get to the heart of it.  The key is getting there.
  • 5.18.17   Garrigosa Studio Slows It Down

    Time flies when you’re having fun.  That universal truth is a favorite to be spouted at kids who complain when playtime is already over. But adults face the same conundrum when their own playtimes end too soon, which can be disappointing for everyone involved. The reasons for a premature end to the fun are as variable as the people who share the complaint, but KY has found their own solution for it – literally. They asked CGI studio Garrigosa to help them visualize what their new Duration spray does. The results are at once both breathtaking and hilarious. Two ads each feature naturally speedy animals with the identifying qualities of notoriously slow animals. The first image shows a cheetah, the best runner in the world, with a tortoise shell – perhaps the slowest. In the other a jackrabbit sports a snail shell. In a moment we know that these typically speedy animals have been restrained while still operating relatively normally. What’s remarkable about the images isn’t just their humor but how realistic they are. Obviously, it would be impossible to get a tortoise shell on a cheetah (and where could anyone find a snail big enough to have a shell fit on a jackrabbit?), so Garrigosa literally created the impossible. “We always love intense images, even if it’s in a fun or in a dramatic way,” says Macarena Gª-Castrillón (Maca), Producer at Garrigosa Studio. “The most amazing part of this project was the combination of both: the playful concept with an impressive execution. The balance made us enjoy the project a lot!” To get the realism displayed in these compositions, Garrigosa captured their own reference materials, photographing live animals, and combining them with what they could find online. “We used animal photos of our own stock (it’s been a year of collection!!) with stock images,” says Maca. “Then it was all composed in postproduction, where all the magic happens.” Maca is right, what Garrigosa did with the project was make magic happen. We know that these animals cannot exist in this way, but the studio did such a detailed an accurate job that it fools us into believing that they could exist, even if only in the borders of this frame. The animals are a fantasy, and looking at them helps prolong that fantasy and keep the fun going – even if it’s ephemeral. A fitting representation for KY’s newest offering.
  • 5.23.17   Discovering Grey Gardens Again with Tom Corbett and Alexa

    When the world was introduced to the two Edies in 1975’s documentary ‘Grey Gardens,’ we fell in love. The two women used style as a weapon against their struggle, facing mounting social and lifestyle pressures with grace. They inspired a generation of style that continues to live on today. Their home, Grey Gardens, was a mess when the documentary was filmed, but it has since been brought back into repair – and Alexa Magazine picked it as the perfect location for their latest cover story. They invited Tom Corbett to photograph a high fashion interpretation of the original documentary at the original location, and it looks spot on. “It worked out for us that day because it was a very misty overcast day and that vibe really, added to the tone. It was ethereal and a kind of spooky Grey Gardens moment – what you have in your head from watching the documentary. We got lucky with that,” says Tom. “It was an amazing location, it really was kind of cool exploring that and going into different rooms.”  Tom got lucky with the natural light of the day, but he wanted to make sure that the tone was maintained throughout the shoot. As they set up every shot he ensured the feeling of the light stayed consistent, sometimes using a little bit of flash to fill in when needed. And then the magazine wanted to make sure the clothes looked amazing so Tom balanced everything to keep it looking great. “The client was pretty aware of trying to keep the colors consistent with the clothes so it was really about balancing that out and also getting an interesting picture,” explains Tom. “It was finding that middle ground.” Once all the specific needs were taken care of Tom got to play a little. Throughout the shoot, Tom sprinkled little details and surprises. One of the biggest secrets is in an image of the model wearing a gorgeous fur coat in the driveway. “If you look closely there’s the ghost of Edie in the window. We put the stylist assistant in the window of the house and if you look closely you can see her head staring out,” says Tom. There’s another image with the model in a stairway with a shadow on the wall behind her that Tom placed there on purpose. It adds a sense of foreboding and presence without bringing in another figure. “I like doing things like that. In fashion it’s nice to have a bit of fun with it and put little things in it that you may or may not see,” Tom says. One of the key lessons we learned from the original 1975 documentary is that it’s all in the details, and Tom made sure that there was beauty in every detail.
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  • @buffmonster reminds us with his "Earthly Paradise" that we should all make our own little paradise around us. ⠀
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  • @buffmonster is always telling a melty story, look closely. This frame is "The Triumphant Warrior." It looks just like you totally winning this week.⠀
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  • Photo by @jamiechungphoto.⠀
Let this weekend be an explosion of love, for your Mother and anyone else to whom you can give what love you have to spare.⠀
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  • Styling by Rebecca Donnelly.⠀
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  • Styling by @rnasti.⠀
This one is for all the Moms. The superhero Moms, the soccer Moms, the doting Moms, the single Moms, the working Moms, the Moms that live too far away, the Moms who live too close, the Moms no longer with us, the Moms who gave everything, the Moms who sacrificed everything, and the Dads who had to be Moms.⠀
#styling #stilllife #squad #goals #tgif #mom #mothersday #love #inspo #inspiration #flowers #flowerstagram #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalgems #mothers #dad #photooftheday #photography #pink
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  • @jeremyville is helping us get those hugs in today with "Imagine Eternity." Yes, we
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  • @paolaandmurray found this quiet bluff in Baja.⠀
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  • The thunderous blue Dolomites captured by @paolaandmurray.⠀
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  • @paolaandmurray found this lonely road in Tuscany and brought back its singular vibrancy with them.⠀
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  • A little injection of anxiety on this Tuesday morning created by @kylejbean for @kinfolk in collaboration with @aaron_tilley.⠀
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  • You know that feeling when you win? The contestants at The Price Is Right showed @joepug their winning faces for @LAMag. And now it
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  • Get excited! @joepug worked with contestants at The Price Is Right for @LAMag. Find something this fun and stick with it!⠀
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  • @joepug keeping it real with contestants at The Price Is Right for @LAMag. There
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