• 6.30.16   Peace Takes Wing with Eevolver

    The Rio Olympic Games are right around the corner and despite various reports of Brazil’s lack of readiness to host the global event, the games are something we all could really use. The Olympics are the perfect time to remember that the world is a global community, and coming together in the spirit of joyful competition is a great opportunity to recognize our commonalities and celebrate our differences. As we prepare for the Olympics, it’s time to think about what we want our global message to be and Eevolver is helping the International Olympic Committee get the messages out there. Their joint campaign, #OlympicPeace, allows users to combine a CGI peace dove with a hopeful message and share it on social media. For Eevolver, this is an inevitable step in a tradition that dates back thousands of years. “We are very proud to be part of the Olympic tradition and to have created imagery that represents the releasing of the White Doves as a sign of peace. It is a tradition that started in 1896 in Athens, and is still part of the opening ceremony today,” says Stacy Burstin from Eevolver. “The Doves white ‘color,’ literally represent inclusiveness and peace. Scientifically speaking, white includes all colors in the visible spectrum of light. That is a powerful message.” The doves that Eevolver created are, candidly, perfect. You wouldn’t know to look at them that they’re CGI but that’s attributable to the years and years of shared experience on the Eevolver team – and it’s also not for a lack of hard work. “Our team has had many, many years of experience developing photorealistic imagery for all types of CG animals, including many types of birds,” Stacy says. “They had to appear as if we just captured an image of them in a moment of flight.  Creating the dynamic quality of motion, without adding additional effects such as motion blur, took a lot of posing and planning.” Balancing the constituent elements, creating a library of complex feathers, and injecting personality in to each of the birds is what makes them come alive and the message of peace to really sing. Everyone has their favorite moments of the Olympics. “I love everything about the Olympics, the opening ceremony will be amazing, the competition is fun, and I always love to have an excuse to get together with friends,” says Stacy. Usually these moments are almost exclusively experienced from the audience. But with #OlympicPeace you get to join in on the festivities and spread your own message. Create your own #OlympicPeace message via the IOC’s official website here (click “Get Started”).
  • 7.1.16   Platon Meets Edward Snowden's "Snowbot"

    The last time Platon connected with Edward Snowden it took the photographer a year to track him down. Through veritable international espionage they met the whistleblower in Moscow and it was the first time the world had seen Snowden since he went on the run. But the world has changed a little bit since then. Snowden now controls a fully operational robot, outfitted with cameras, microphones, and screens allowing him to go anywhere and interact with anyone. That robot rolled up to Platon’s door to get its portrait taken for the cover of New York Magazine, and once again just a door separated Platon and Snowden. “I opened the studio door and this robot comes in, wheels itself in with Snowden’s face on the front of it and it was just great to connect with him again,” says Platon. “He operates it all from his hideout in Moscow. He’s got a whole ground control. So it signifies something very interesting, which is as a man who is not free, now he has been liberated once again through technology.” Snowden has been in hiding since 2013 but now he’s able to get out again, at least in this small way. In the world of photography, still life and portraiture are two very different disciplines and are approached differently. But this robot with an actual human face blurs the line between these two types of photography and Platon had to find the middle ground. “The robot is a very clinical thing and it has sort of implications, it reminded me of Hal in ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ it also reminded me a bit of ‘1984,’” says Platon. “And yet there’s this moment of humanity coming through the computer screen… He was totally engaged with me once again, so it was a moment of deep human connection and it was also a moment of this clinical technology as well. It all fuses together.” Platon and Snowden fell right back into the relationship that they forged in Moscow more than a year ago, working together once again to find the honest image they were responsible for creating and sending out into the world. Snowden finding a relative freedom through operating this machine begs questions that will be answered in the coming years. How does this change what freedom is? Can the authorities stop this? Who else will have access to these kinds of technology? And do we want them to? When tomorrow comes, we will see more and more like this and we’ll all have to figure out how we want to deal with it. For now, Platon got a glimpse of that future when Snowden’s “Snowbot” was leaving. “One of my neighbors came out to take the garbage out after the shoot and they saw the Snowbot leaving the studio and they raised their eyes as if ‘another crazy day in the life of Platon,’” he says, laughing. “But it was a really great closure that I had to go through the mill to find him. It took me a year. And then this time the pendulum swings and he comes to me.” The Snowbot represents a totally new way of thinking about criminality and freedom, but what that means for all of us has yet to be decided.
  • 6.29.16   We Are The Rhoads See Three Strong, Powerful Women

    We are entering a new era for powerful women in this country making it the perfect time for We Are The Rhoads to photograph three incredible female entertainers who are each forging ground in their own unique ways. The photography duo caught up with Kaitlin Olson for Good Housekeeping, Riley Keough for The Hollywood Reporter, and Bibi Bourelly for i-D, showing each of them in ways you’ll recognize and others that will surprise you.  If you watch ‘Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ you’ll recognize Kaitlin Olson as Sweet Dee, the sole female in the group of characters who get into some of the hairiest, most debaucherous, most disgusting antics on television. Despite Dee being a total narcissist (and probably sociopath) it turns out that Olson is actually a wonderful person. That’s exactly what Sarah and Chris Rhoads wanted to bring to the forefront when they photographed her for Good Housekeeping. “The thing about peoples’ interests in celebrities is they all have an actual life outside of the character,” says Sarah. “What Chris and I are always interested in is digging into who people are, not how they are perceived. Drawing out who Kaitlin is was at the heart of what we were going for. She is a gracious and kind and open and warm-hearted person so she made it really easy to capture that spirit.” They’re drawing out their subjects’ true personalities frame by frame. Sometimes, when someone has been photographed as much as Riley Keough a photo shoot can be a very predictable space. Keough knows her angles and knows how to speak to a camera, but when The Rhoads photographed her for The Hollywood Reporter they wanted to surprise her. They wanted to get an unexpected moment. So Chris pulled out a large format camera that finds its roots at the very beginning of photography to show Keough something different and something fun. “When people are so used to being photographed all the time it’s nice to break up their expectations a little bit,” explains Chris. “By showing them a different process, even as simple as having a different camera that they’re not used to seeing, they’re suddenly reanimated and excited about something from a new point of view.” It takes some time to get the shot just right when you use a large format camera, so The Rhoads only had time to take one frame but it ended up being The Hollywood Reporter’s favorite, and it ran as the portrait in the story. Bibi Bourelly is also very comfortable in front of the camera, but for a totally different set of reasons. The songwriter that brought us Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money,’ along with hits with Selena Gomez, Lil Wayne, and Usher, is very young but also knows exactly who she is. For Sarah and Chris that makes for an exciting session. “She really knew who she was and those kinds of people are the most fun to photograph,” says Sarah. “They’re confident, they bring a certain attitude to the shoot and they’re willing to be very giving of themselves.” Their time with Bourelly had an incredibly natural feel to it and resulted in images that show her personality and humanity exactly how the Rhoads found it.
  • 6.27.16   Marc Hom Catches Norman Reedus

    Norman Reedus is the surprise star of The Walking Dead, AMC’s currently most popular show. When he began on the show he was a supporting character whose personality was mostly defined by the crossbow he held in his hands. But over the intervening seasons his unique relationships and quiet manner have made him a fan favorite, inspiring a vicious passion from his base. Part of Reedus’ draw is his enigmatic energy that is personal, but draws on for his professional life. He follows a path that is set inside of, that is mysterious even to those closest to him. In their latest issue, Men’s Journal wanted to highlight some of the few things that are clear about Reedus to the rest of his: his love for motorcycles. Using that as a root, Marc Hom met up with Reedus in Louisiana to get the best picture of him possible (both photographic and conceptual). Often, magazine shoots that are paired with lengthy profiles are high concept and about executing ideas more than they’re about giving us a better idea of who the subject is. In this case, it wasn’t a question. Reedus’ newest project is a documentary series that is centered around motorcycle culture, something that Reedus has been a part of for decades. So Marc and Reedus met down in New Orleans just as he was wrapping up the last episode of the series. They found an old vintage gas station and fitted it out to look just like a mechanic’s shop. Reedus has spent a fair share of his private life around motorcycle mechanics, so although it was a set up for an image, it was something that he was totally comfortable with. Then they went on the road, both figuratively and literally, setting Reedus up in a tent and getting him in action on his bike. Even if Reedus is beyond our understanding, at least we can understand a part of his world and his experience. At least we can see a part of a shared vision, and thanks to Marc we get at least that.
  • 6.24.16   Shotopop Wants to Annoy You

    Do you know what’s really annoying? Because Shotopop does, and they’re using it to sell coffee. In their latest piece for Maxwell House, the creative agency brought to life an insufferable cup of fancy coffee that they made precisely to piss you off. “We tried to make the character as annoying as possible with the voice over, his mannerisms, the way he moves, and the way he speaks,” says Casper Franken of Shotopop. They did this for a really good reason: Maxwell House stamps out the character at the end. After all, Maxwell House has always been the coffee for regular people and it’s time we saw regular people win instead of the elite. We get to see that with a simple Cup o’ Joe. In execution, creating the super-annoying cup of coffee was actually quite complex. Shotopop had to balance aesthetic wishes with material limitations. So they used stop-motion, photography, and CGI to bring together a comprehensive visual experience. Ultimately the annoying dude was made entirely out of CGI so they could have him perform actions that they wouldn’t be able to do with any other medium (and hit their deadline). “We decided to go with a 3D approach so we could keep the character a little more flexible,” Casper says. “If you look closely at the character there’s actually some motion that’s a little unrealistic in terms of what paper could actually do but it brings a little more life to him.” Whether he’s fluffing his foamy coif with a whisk or blowing himself a kiss while taking a selfie, the agility that Shotopop found by bringing him into a 3D space made it a successful endeavor. This video will be seen all throughout the Chinese market, and with that different audience comes different expectations. Shotopop noticed a different, more vigorous work ethic from their partners in Asia, and with that came a really positive experience. “We had a good time collaborating with them,” he says. “It was our first proper 3D animation character, and it was a good one!” They were able to hit a couple birds with one stone all while making a memorable character for a very funny spot. Even if it’s a little annoying!
  • 6.28.16   Jenny Wichman Makes Magic

    The trick with still life is that an image needs to tell a story without including a living being. It’s the arrangement of objects, the play of colors and textures, and the contrast and blending of each of these elements that comes together to make an arresting image. Prop Stylists are the artists who make this balance possible, and Jenny Wichman is at the top of her game. Her unique style allows her to create incredible compositions with the photographers she works with, and we’re thrilled to welcome her to the roster at Bernstein & Andriulli. Jenny always brings a playful eye to each of the images she helps create, blending reality with unexpected textures that highlight bold colors and attractive shapes. She knows just the right way to imply personality and carve contours using nothing but the materials and products she has within reach. She makes magic from the ordinary. Jenny’s clients include Bloomingdales, Nautica, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Kate Spade, Surface Magazine and Paper Magazine.  Please join us in welcoming Jenny Wichman to Bernstein & Andriulli.
  • 6.28.16   Christmas in June for Jeremyville and Kiehlโ€™s

    The holidays come earlier and earlier every year. And honestly, today we’re a part of the problem. It’s June and we’re already telling you about one of our artist’s holiday projects, but we couldn’t hold the secret anymore. This winter Jeremyville is debuting his collaboration with Kiehl’s in an unprecedentedly huge collection that runs the gamut from beauty projects to accessories. Jeremy applies his signature playful look mixed in with traditional Holiday imagery bringing the season’s joy with a splash of silly. Jeremyville created a series of tessellating prints that play off wrapped gifts, stars and holly, and tree ornaments, that will be featured on traveling toiletry bags and gift boxes for any well chosen gift. He’s also created a winter ice skating scene that will grace a similar box. Inside these boxes and bags, customers will be able to place their, Crème de Corps, Calendula Herbal Toner, and Ultra Facial Cream that also feature designs by Jeremy on the packaging. The exchange of gifts every holiday season is guaranteed to leave smiles in its wake, but with Jeremyville’s work included on these items the smiles are sure to be that much brighter.
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