• 9.22.17 Platon Dresses Up Power for Garage Magazine

    Platon is always creating new work. His studio is a flurry of activity, with every moment scheduled to the minute. This way of working is done to ensure that he spends his time the way he wants to and the way he needs to. Each year he tries to fit in at least one big fashion story – bigger than what we normally see in the industry – because as a photographer who has mastered fashion work he can use the medium to have a significant impact. This year he teamed up with Garage Magazine for their 13th Issue on a story called ‘Power Dressing.’  “It was our tribute to power and authority and we were looking at how we use fashion to express a self-expression, particularly with power,” says Platon. “And I didn’t want to just treat it as a surface based style project, this was very much calling on the younger generation to think again about their own moral compass and their own responsibility.” Unlike a typical fashion story that would usually take just a week, ‘Power Dressing’ commanded Platon’s schedule for months because the message is worth it. All the models are styled by Pheobe Arnold in the most cutting edge, high end fashion, but all of it is inspired by power – cultural, political, historical. But there are hard lines between them, lines Platon wants to disappear. RuPaul tells us, “You’re born naked, the rest is drag,” underscoring that all fashion is costuming. We dress to identify ourselves, to identify with others, and to place ourselves in the world and in history. It is this exact notion that Platon seeks to disrupt with ‘Power Dressing.’ “We have become more tribal than we ever were in history and ironically social media was supposed to build bridges and help us communicate more and I believe it’s done the reverse,” Platon explains. “Before, tribalism always existed especially with style and self expression that’s how you had subculture and it was always the way youth would express themselves but now this idea of tribalism has gone way beyond that idea of self expression and it’s become it’s choking society at large. And I think it’s important now to start to challenge this idea of tribalism.” So how do we do that?  Platon says we must enlist cultural leaders into the fight. Most of them have become leaders as a result of the powers that maintain the lines between tribes, but if they’ll take on the fight their voices are ever more powerful. “These models are leaders in culture, and they have huge followings. With that position of authority comes responsibility. You can’t be a leader even if it’s a cultural leader without carrying a sense of responsibility,” Platon explains. “Winston Churchill always said, ‘True greatness comes with a cost and the cost is responsibility.’ So I then turned to all these fantastic young models as cultural leaders of their time and I told them that we were going to work together to provoke respectful debate and they must to use their authority and their position and their influence in society to help people think again about this tribalism. And they all stepped up to the cause.” It’s not lost on Platon that by photographing the representations of the tribal groups, in a way he’s perpetuating them. We must diagnose the issue before we can heal it. He has photographed more than 60 world leaders in his time, many sitting on the same apple box that Lineisy Montero sat in for this story, and too few of those leaders were women. There’s a sickness in our culture where democracies do not elect a representative ratio of women – so showing women as leaders in these groups, right before they tear them down, is a part of the disinfection. “This was a photo essay about women’s empowerment first and foremost, but it was also a sign to help everyone recognize that each picture almost represents a tribe and either we choose to stay in that tribe or we choose to destroy intolerance and destroy the barriers that exist between us,” Platon says. “And maybe I would like this to be the last time these tribes were ever seen.” Take a last look for yourself in the latest issue of Garage Magazine.
  • 9.14.17 Tom Corbett Gets Heroic with Marvel's Elodie Yung

    There’s good reason that so many Marvel superheroes work in New York – it’s a city with history that captures the imaginations of fans the world over. Plus there’s been plenty of crime. At least six of Marvel’s best-known superheroes operate out of the Big Apple, and they’ve brought the quartet of Defenders to television with the synonymous Netflix series. But Elektra is not a superhero. The mercenary assassin and exlover of Matt Murdock (Daredevil) played on TV by the undeniable Elodie Yung is enticing, terrifying, and extraordinarily powerful. She’s also stunningly beautiful. When Alexa Magazine, the fashion imprint of The New York Post, featured Yung on the cover of their latest issue they invited Tom Corbett to photograph the story. “We wanted to do these heroic pictures on the streets of New York and she was really warm to it and it was a great day,” says Tom. Yung, Tom, and his team headed down to The Lower East Side of New York City in order to capture that unique area of the city to give their imagery the perfect atmosphere. “We wanted a grittier side of New York, an older side of New York and that was really an area which we really loved,” says Tom. “The Lower East Side hasn’t changed too much, and we wanted to shoot there and give it some of the local flavor down there.” While other areas of New York are constantly welcoming glassy new buildings, The Lower East Side has maintained an incredible number of original storefronts making some areas feel like they’re in a different time. Tom took advantage of that to create imagery that’s outside of time, untethered to trends and development and focused on style. As a fashion photographer, Tom mostly works with models but Yung is an accomplished actor, which is a totally different job. On the whole, Tom approaches actors and models in the same way, with one tiny little difference. “She was very in tune, she took direction very well, she understood exactly what we wanted,” Tom says. “You have to direct actors slightly differently so I tend to give my actors that I work with a little bit more of a background, a little bit more of a storyline, to try to make it fit into their world a little bit more. Models don’t necessarily always need that, but I do like working that way.” By giving her a little bit more of a story, Tom is able to work on her level and together they create images that are as beautiful as they are captivating. Plus the fashion looks awesome. Fcorbet
  • 9.11.17 Douglas Friedman and Elle Decor Get Personal with Andy Cohen

    You know Andy Cohen. Whether he’s dishing with real housewives, breaking down the latest entertainment news with the newsmakers, or just mixing a drink with your new favorite comedian, Cohen is everywhere. He knows how to get the real story out of his guests, always cutting the tension with a laugh and holding space during somber moments. But what about him? How do we get to know this man who helps us know so many others? Andy welcomed Elle Décor and Douglas Friedman into his home for the cover story of their September issue, but it wasn’t the first time that Douglas had hung out with Cohen. “I’ve known Andy for some time and we actually get along really, really well, so it was it was a really fun shoot to work on,” says Douglas. “He’s a very interesting person, he’s a very interested person. So he doesn’t make himself the center of attention. He’s a gracious host when you’re in his home and even though you’re there working he makes you feel like you’re the most important person in the room. Which is kind of the opposite of what normally happens on a photoshoot.” It made for the perfect energetic exchange to get the shots that they needed. When Cohen bought the apartment, it was actually the slow acquisition of three apartments in the West Village of New York City that he eventually blended into a single property. That makes it a big home by New York City standards, but also a little bit of a jigsaw puzzle. The layout presented unique challenges for Douglas as he worked out how to capture it in photographs. “It’s a fairly complicated house to photograph, especially that main living space he has. These unexpected volumes set in, and it’s challenging. Definitely, it was a challenge,” says Douglas. “You approach it very methodically. You address one problem at a time and eventually it all solves itself. You just have to be willing to put in the time, whatever the hours, whatever it takes to solve that little bit. It’s like a domino effect.” As each of those pieces come together, the space really starts to sing in a way that we can fully understand it, and regard the genius of its design and beauty. Every home reflects the person who lives there, either purposefully or not, and in Cohen’s space there’s a lot to look at in every room. But as someone who knows him well, Douglas thinks that it’s Cohen’s office that reflects him the best. “His office is full of such interesting things, and they’re uniquely Andy,” says Douglas. “Whether it’s a keepsake from Madonna or something from Sarah Jessica Parker, or a box of Andy Warhol Polaroids, there’s all these one off things that are so interesting on their own, but as a collection you really see who Andy is.” There’s also a sealed glass case of letters he sent a friend from the summer he came out of the closet. It’s a space that acts as a cistern for a well-lived life, with a lot of space for more to come. Check out Douglas’ photos of Cohen’s house here, and check out ‘Watch What Happens Live’ tonight: Douglas will be bartending all night!
  • 9.8.17 Lydia Whitmore Blows It Up for Michiko Koshino

    There’s a certain ease to photographing live subjects. Every model is full of vital energy that appears in the frame of the photograph as soon as the shutter clicks. But still life photography requires an added level of ingenuity to tell a story and imply the same kind of story. For Lydia Whitmore, that challenge is especially exciting. Using composition, space, and even motion to make a captivating image out of still life is one of the most compelling challenges and one that she invested herself into for her latest project with Michiko Koshino. She created a stop-motion video that relies heavily on still life photography, even when there’s a model in the frame. By shifting the focus from the human element to the product, Lydia offers a special take on fashion identity. The heart of the Michiko Koshino collection is a series of inflatable outerwear, and Lydia played with those special pieces and their unique construction to create dynamic visuals. The highlight of her campaign is a playful video that uses a single model to visually and spacially riff on how the pieces work and interact with volume and shape. Thanks to Lydia’s obsessive interest in the product, she came to understand it through and through which made her experiments reveal an almost balletic beauty in the way the pieces inflate, deflate, and take up space. The inflatables aren’t all that are in the collection or in Lydia’s piece. There are prints and neon, choreography and music, each element carefully balanced to show what makes the fashion so indispensable. Lydia’s ability to calibrate and explore each separate component, and make each representation the most beautiful version of it, injects us into the vision of Michiko Koshino, serving the style most effectively and inviting us to fall in love with it.
  • 9.6.17 Pick The Most Delicious for Dunkin Donuts with Vault49

    It’s not every day that you can direct the path of an international coffee giant. But right now you can. Dunkin Donuts is testing the thirst for three new flavors by letting customers decide what wins and makes it into the pot. They want to know what’s your “flavorite” flavor from their Bakery series: Blueberry Pancake, Dulce De Leche Cookie, or Coconut Caramel. It’s not enough to get a taste the flavors, you’ve got to experience them too, so Dunkin Donuts asked Vault49 to help them bring each of the flavors to life in a series of three digital illustrations that come together on DunkinFlavorite.com. In three stand-alone images, Vault49 played on the idea of the game, creating three different versions of the classic Plinko drop game. There is a certain amount of chance when it comes to which flavor is going to win: as the thousands of votes come in, they cannot be swayed by anything but their own experiences. So it’s up to a certain amount of chance to see which flavor wins. Vault49 spares no desire in each of the images, doing their best to make each flavor look as delicious as the rest. Whether it’s a buffet of donuts, cheesecake and squares of dewey caramel for the Dulce De Leche Cookie, a luge of berries shuttling to a high stack of pancakes for Blueberry Pancake, or coconuts overflowing with caramel next to exploding bags of coffee for Coconut Caramel, each composition has unique elements that are mouthwatering and irresistible.  But you must pick one. If you’re a coffee drinker and want to get in on the fun, check out Vaul49’s work at DunkinFlavorite.com and make your voice heard.
  • 8.28.17 Wesley Allsbrook Offers the Whole Experience with Porsche and The Atlantic

    Every piece of work is an invitation by an artist to enter into their world, to see things from their unique point of view. They create a new reality with each piece and it is up to us to witness and explore it with their guidance. But there are limitations. For one, most work is viewable only from a distance or behind a piece of glass (whether the glass is in a frame or it's the glass of a computer screen). But new forms are developing every day and Wesley Allsbrook is an artist who is forging new ground every day. Her ability to create immersive digital 3D spaces is unparalleled and just recently Porsche and The Atlantic recognized that power, harnessing it for their latest campaign. In ‘Why We Drive,’ Porsche and The Atlantic invited three drivers to describe why they love their cars and what driving means for them: freedom, exploration, adventure. As the drivers tell their stories we get to see Wesley's creations bloom around the driver. She creates fully immersive environments that illustrate the drivers' experiences, and although we don't see her we see the digital paint bleeding off her digital brush. We see the flourish of her strokes and the skating of her own movement. It reminds us that the way we do even the simplest things, like driving, has exquisite beauty locked deep inside it - even if we don't recognize it in the moment.  Porsche blended Wesley's work with the stories by the drivers into videos that allow her work to grow and develop around the drivers. The experience by the audience is once again through glass, but they've also offered Wesley's environments as a separate, unique experience for those who want to explore them. By clicking and dragging you can take your time, examining each digital stroke as close as you care to. It's a much more intimate and personal way to experience Wesley's art and absorb the stories into the viewers own experience. The opportunity is there, it would be a shame to pass it up...
  • 8.24.17 Craig Cutler’s Creative Process from Beginning to End

    Craig Cutler is more than a photographer, he is a creative force and go-to collaborator for the most prestigious publications in the world. He ideates, develops, and executes cover designs about the most important issues of our day. Whether it's the fight over Obamacare, understanding how race factors into contemporary life, or examining how the energy industry moves from the old model to the new, Craig is able to tell these complex stories in a single image. We recently caught up with Craig to talk about a bunch of his covers and his creative process, and we started with his cover for The Atlantic that features a neon sign of the word “BELIEVE” with some words blacked, so it spells “LIE.” “It’s a unique dynamic,” says Craig. “From a photography point of view it’s a nice image, it’s graphic, but when you add the element that the person who shot that actually created the idea it’s a whole different story.” Few artists get the kind of control and process that Craig does, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He starts with sketches, filling them with splashes of watercolor, narrowing them down until he lands on the best execution that becomes the cover. Sometimes he even expounds that image into companion motion work that goes beyond what one cover can do. “I do that for New York Times, Washington Post, that’s what gets me excited is that I’m brought in to concept and be creative. To me, being creative is the most important thing,” he explains. “My background is design so I like the fact that when they give me a story, I get to come back to them with ideas. It’s not for everybody. But to me, when the biggest magazines like that are coming at me I think that’s very exciting. That’s heaven to me.” It's a holistic creative process and one that requires unique trust given to him that he earns with every successful cover. Most photographers are approached by magazines with what they want the cover to be and ask the artist to create the image they already have in their heads. But Craig prefers the top down approach. It’s collaborative, creative, and incredibly rewarding. Plus it’s fun. “It’s the most exciting thing to be able to concept and then execute,” he says.
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