• 1.17.18 Platon Sees a Hero in Stephen Hawking for Wired UK

    Stephen Hawking lives at the juncture of flesh and technology, both because his entire career as a theoretical physicist and cosmologist has been about exploring the limits of the human condition, but also because it is through a complex series of technologies that he remains alive and communicating. ALS has stolen most movement from him, relegating him to a motorized wheelchair, and allowing him the usage of only a single cheek muscle to manipulate a communication system. The 76-year-old scientist was the subject of Wired UK’s 100th issue cover, and SAT with Platon for the photograph. Platon met Hawking at his personal office at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge University, England. “The professor was brought in by a team of medical nurses and a technical adviser. I was asked to leave the room so they could have some privacy to prepare him for my sitting - and prepared he was,” explains Platon. “He has a powerful presence. Silent. Motionless. Yet, 200% alive. This man radiates charisma - his eyes burn with fire.” Those of us who aren’t in contact with Hawking on a daily basis, and are isolated from the differently abled among us, often lower our expectation of life signs from those who experience life differently from how we do. That’s a mistake. As Platon’s experience and images prove, just because we can’t empathize with an experience, or see the expression of it, doesn’t mean it’s not as rich and full as our own. Hawking’s limitations in his chair could potentially also limit his ability to express himself in other ways – like fashion – but he was on point for his session with Platon. “He rocked a dapper tweed jacket with a silk cravat, which elegantly covered up all the plastic tubes entering his fragile body,” says Platon. “He was engulfed by a mechanical throne-like wheel chair, in my opinion it only added to this man’s stature.” He even donned a pair of sunglasses at one point in response to the photography lights, and upon doing so adopted what Platon calls “rock star swagger,” making him into a kind of “a badass super hero.” We must all constantly reshape how we think of achievement and contributions, and what they look like. Even as Hawking ages and his body betrays him, his work becomes ever more relevant and we must continue to listen to this living icon.
  • 1.12.18 Sophie Fletcher Brings Client Liaison and GQ Into the Era of their Dreams

    If you don’t already know Client Liaison, it’s time to catch up. The indie-pop duo has leaned hard into their retro styling from the beginning, and GQ Australia doubled down on that aesthetic when the publication named the band as the Band of the Year for 2017. The magazine invited Sophie Fletcher to Production Design the special shoot with photographer Charles Dennington. Client Liaison’s unique embrace of 80s era androgynous energy and affinity for bright lights and pastels is on full display for the whole shoot, carefully calibrated by Sophie’s handiwork. Sophie found the perfect palate draw from with an almost exclusively Gucci wardrobe, a brand whose own aesthetics have harkened back to days past thanks to lead designer Alessandro Michele's redirection of their trajectory. Watercolor sunsets, lens flare galore, and hearty cellphones round out the pitch-perfect tone of the shoot. It's a unique blend of past and present that at once feels like mainlining the past while steps ahead of cutting edge. Scroll through Sophie's work and feel that special ache that comes with reminiscing about the future. This is the past you've always dreamed of. Sophie Fletcher is represented exclusively through our Sydney office. Credits: Photography: Charles DenningtonProduction Designer: Sophie FletcherStyling by Olivia Harding Grooming by Michele McQuillan
  • 1.12.18 Joey L. Opens the Wilderness for Hostiles

    The United States of America’s history with Native Americans is rife with blood and conflict, a horror story filled with terror and shame. It’s a history that every American must contend with as a part of our shared heritage, and one of the best ways to approach that education is through storytelling – even if the stories are fictitious. Late last year Hostiles debuted at the Telluride Film Festival, with a larger national release on December 22. The film stars Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, and Wes Studi, and depicts a collection of white Americans escorting a dying Cheyenne war chief to his homeland in Montana in the late 1800s. The film was shot in New Mexico, where Joey L met the cast to photograph the key photography for the project. Joey was able to grab portraits of each of the main actors including Jesse Plemons, Ben Foster, and Adam Beach.  Shooting in New Mexico afforded Joey L the luxury of a kind of untouched wilderness. From a metropolitan point of view in 2018, it’s easy to forget that even just over 100 years ago, the US had a kind of wildness that has since been largely sanitized not only by urban spread, but also by technology that arrests anyone from getting lost. Part of what makes western stories so captivating is the experience that any danger can be on the other side of a hill, the mysterious stranger we meet could threaten any life, and there is no savior on the other end of a cell signal. Joey L uses the expansive wilderness to great effect, calling up all those desperate risks, allowing the landscape to unfold into mountains in the distance that are then absorbed into the clouded sky. In each solo portrait, each character stands in the grassy expanse, profoundly alone. In the group shot, they move together through the same landscape, alone together, working towards a single goal despite whatever conflict undoubtedly will disrupt their efforts. The full story is told in Hostiles, but Joey brings pieces of it to the key art the studio used for promotional posters found in Times Square, and dotted all over the country. Hostiles is out now at theaters nationwide.
  • 1.12.18 Jesse Lizotte Shows Every Side of Winnie Harlow for Oyster Magazine

    Don’t let anyone tell you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder: it’s not. Beauty is right smack dab inside you, and comes from what makes each of us unique. Few are a better living testament to this than model Winnie Harlow who said, herself, “My story is painted on my body.” Jesse Pizotte photographed Harlow for Oyster Magazine’s profile of the prolific model and found the experience to be illuminating. “Winnie is naturally beautiful and she has a certain presence on set,” Jesse says. “She exudes confidence despite the adversity she’s faced throughout her career, I think that's where her strength and beauty lies. She changes our ideas about perfection by just being herself.” Perfection is an idea that Jesse has examined since his he started working as a photographer and has carried with him throughout his own career. That shifted point of view helps him to see every subject from a stunning array of angles. “Before I started shooting commercially I was always drawn to subjects that were considered esoteric or not ‘normal’ whether that was a skater kid from Venice with missing front teeth or a Yakuza in Tokyo with missing fingers,” Jesse says. “I felt very much at home shooting with Winnie, she was much more feminine and gentle than what I am used to!” When you look through the whole story Jesse created for Oyster you’ll notice that the shoot consists of both digital and film execution, a combination that Jesse was adamant to include even though he had a very short window to execute his vision. He got it done. “I had only one hour with Winnie to do ten or more shots and with no assistance that was a stretch,” Jesse explains. “In the end, I only shot one roll of film in-between shots and the rest was digital. For me that's the best part about digital: you can work a lot faster, get into a flow and capture those moments you might otherwise miss.” Luckily for us, he got both. With every element captured, Jesse shows us Harlow in many forms: stillness and joy, expressive and impressionable. She’s a model who knows the face she has and knows it’s beautiful.  Jesse Lizotte is represented exclusively through our Sydney office. Credits: Styling by Sarah StarkeyMake up by Xeneb Allen
  • 1.10.18 Bill Gates and Stephen Wilkes Have Good News in TIME Showing the Grand Canyon from Day to Night

    There’s good news! The good news is that as a culture and as a world we’re doing better than ever. It may not feel that way every day, in fact, as Warren Buffett points out in the latest issue of TIME, pessimism is on the rise. But it’s a feeling of malaise that’s not tied to the real numbers of what daily life looks like today. The reality is more beautiful, and sometimes we need to step outside to remind us how beautiful. In the latest issue of TIME, guest edited by Bill Gates (the first time the magazine has ever had a guest editor), that reminder comes in the form of Stephen Wilkes’ Day to Night photograph of The Grand Canyon. Stephen created the image over a full day of capturing thousands of images that he then digitally stitched together into a single composition. For those of us who can’t get to this amazing natural feature, better yet spend a whole day there, this is the closest we can get to the lived experience in nature. And that’s exactly what TIME wanted to do by inviting Stephen’s photograph to be a part of this monumental issue. The days may feel darker today than they have in a decade, making Gates the perfect editor for an issue of TIME. The magazine accused him of “relentless optimism,” an incredible and influential quality. His response was astounding. “Improvement is kind of a silent thing that happens gradually. The world is unjust, but it’s way more just today,” he told the magazine. “When you say you’re optimistic you’re not saying you can just stand back, and you’re not saying there aren’t reversals. But you can say, ‘Okay we’ve done really well, let’s take the examples of where we’ve done super well and spread those.’"  Stephen’s image is paired along with a piece by Warren Buffett that goes through the numbers of why we should all be more optimistic about what the future holds. The issue also includes contributions from Ava DuVernay, Malala Yousafzai, and Bono. They’re here to give us the good news, even if it’s couched in hard shots of reality. But if we keep our heads up and our eyes open, we can start to see the world the way Stephen Wilkes is showing it to us: broad, bold, beautiful, and fleeting. Let’s get out there and see it. (For a closer look at the majesty of this image, click here.)
  • 1.12.18 GQ's Actor of the Year, Travis Fimmel, Brings Some Chaos to Jesse Lizotte

    GQ’s Men of the Year isn’t just a list of folks who had a great year, it’s also a list of gentlemen to keep your eye on for the future. GQ isn’t just taking the temperature of a dozen industries, they’re also projecting the future impact of a class of people heading into a new year. Travis Fimmel’s career started as a baby-faced vine swinger and moved to baby-faced gunslinger until his turn as the bearded Ragnar Lothrok on History’s Vikings taking the star’s success from Australia to the world. It’s been a massive few years for the actor and made him the perfect choice for GQ’s 2017 Actor of the Year, and guaranteed a great shoot with Jesse Lizotte. The versatility and energy Fimmel has brought to his roles promised a fruitful shoot for Jesse, and the results speak for themselves. “Sometimes it’s not premeditated, I just go in with the intention to collaborate with the subject,” Jesse says about getting a range of looks and experiences out of his subjects, this time with Fimmel. “Having a good natural rapport and building trust is conducive with getting great shots. I just try and be myself and I’ve been told I have a disarming personality!” It’s not only who is in front of Jesse’s camera that creates the look, though. The setting is just as important because it sets the tone for what is possible and informs the energy of the results, he explains. This time, he and Fimmel met up in Los Angeles’ Chinatown and for very good reason. “I love shooting in Chinatown because the locals were mostly unassuming elderly folks who are used to film shoots going on around them,” Jesse says. “I knew Travis wouldn’t be hassled or become self-conscious when cutting loose on the streets with a pair of nun chucks! Anything goes down in Chinatown.” They even engaged the locals for a little bit of a nun chuck lesson. That ‘anything goes’ attitude was crucial with Fimmel who’s acting work has the perfect amount of chaos inside of it to inspire fear and respect from those around him. But there was no way that Jesse could have anticipated the whole eating fire incident. “I have to give Travis credit for that one!,” Jesse says about the photo of Fimmel shoveling flaming matches into his mouth with a pair of chopsticks at a local restaurant. “It felt like we were two naughty kids in a restaurant lighting small fires. Without any hesitation, he started to eat the flaming paper and we were all terrified his beard would catch alight! He’s mad as a cut snake!” Maybe the recent bout of roles Fimmel’s been cast as – warriors and war chiefs – is exactly what he was born for! Jesse Lizotte is represented exclusively through our Sydney office. Credits: Styling by Olivia HardingGrooming by Marissa Machado 
  • 1.9.18 Jeff Nishinaka Stays Festive for CVS

    We know that the holidays are already over and eyes are set forward on the new year that’s stretched out in front of us, but we had to show you this project. Jeff Nishinaka teamed up with CVS to help them ring in the holidays with their customers, creating a breathtaking amount of work for their holiday sales. You already know that Jeff can make just about anything out of cut paper, but did you know he could create an entire holiday season? CVS’ campaign was pretty straightforward: there were a ton of deals for entertaining and gift-giving, but they wanted to add a new twist to the typical holiday fare. So they asked Jeff to create a series of holiday-themed environments entirely out of paper. And boy, did he. Jeff made it all. There’s a snow-covered pine forest made from white paper. A blue mantle is covered in candles. A green kitchen countertop is complete with wall clock and a hot pot. A red living room window sets the base for picture frames and poinsettias. There’s even an entirely white landscape of snowy hills where a snowman makes an appearance. Plus all the details you can imagine: wrapped gifts, neighbors’ houses, twinkle lights and needles of pine. It’s another year until the holidays arrive again, but it’s never too late to be festive. Especially in the face of such extraordinary work. (Check out some of Jeff's work animated below! There's even a swooping dove!)
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