Troy House

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Growing up in Iowa and helping out in his father’s portrait studio, Troy dreamed of shooting one day for Rolling Stone magazine. However, as he honed his craft he naturally gravitated towards lifestyle photography. Finding his niche in capturing everyday moments, with natural light instead of staged backdrops. You might say Tory evolved stylistically from a studio perfectionist to a location-based accidentalist.

His clients run the gamut, including brands such as Chase, Hilton and United and publications like Bon Appétit and The Sunday Times. Their is a consistency to his photography, wether shooting a campaign, creating personal work, or directing a commercial. This stems from his systematic approach to every project, focusing in on the objective and then working backwards to create a finished product.

Troy’s tendency to chase adventure and his passion for travel has also become a key element of his work, which often showcases far flung corners of the world. He resides in Brooklyn, New York but Troy can often be found inhabiting various airports, shuffling from place to place, en route to his next project. When he’s not working, Troy seeks out inspiration and describes the perfect afternoon as being spent gallery hoping in Chelsea and peeping the architecture around the city.

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