Tom Nagy

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Born in Germany, Tom was introduced to the world of photography at the young age of 15 when his father gave him his old Minolta camera. Upon graduating high school Tom opened his first studio and assisted in Germany and Paris for 5 years, before starting his career as a full time photographer in Hamburg.

Vast open spaces are Tom´s forte. Best known for his large scale photography, Tom loves to travel around the world for his global clients. He is fascinated by the immensity and drama of monumental spaces. These can range from epic landscapes, cityscapes, industrial facilities and architectural environments to simply large groupings of people, airplanes or skies.

In all of his work, be it personal or commissioned, Tom strives to create images that the viewer would want framed and hung on the wall.

Over the last 18 years Tom has been the recipient of many awards. ADC,APB,PDN,One Show,Graphys, Communication Arts,BFF and Lürzers 200 Best to name a few.

His work has been shown in single & group exhibitions and he has lectured at several universities. He is a member of ADC New York, AOP in London and BFF in Germany.

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