• Taylor Rainbolt


    Born and raised in Nevada, Taylor Rainbolt moved to LA to pursue a BFA in photography at the Art Center College of Design. Ever fresh, Taylor embodies and effortlessly captures youthful spirit, spontaneity and an authentic sense of lighthearted enjoyment in her work. Color is her signature, and she finds inspiration in tones, hues and shades. Taylor is a skilled storyteller and creates moments across multiple mediums including photography, motion, and film. Splitting her time between both LA and New York, Taylor has a deep passion and drive that she brings to every project.


    Bb Dakota , Clarks, Converse, Crap Eyewear, Dickies, Finish Line, GQ, JBL, Munchies, Nasty Gal, Nike, Nts Radio, Nylon Magazine, The Fader, Vans, XL Records


    Bille English, Black Eye'd Peas, Devon Carlson, JesseRutherford, Migos, Riverdale, Vampire Weekend

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