Madeleine Penfold

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Driven by people and the power of storytelling, Madeleine Penfolds work focuses on creating Energetic, Impactful and Emotive visual work for local to global projects. 

Stories have the power to shift perceptions and change the world - Madeleine is driven by an opportunity to create visual work that contributes to creating an equally representative and inclusive visual landscape, across mainstream media, capturing stories that inspire and encourage positive change. 

Madeleine is passionate about human movement, creativity, sports and stories of growth.

Experimenting with different forms is all part of the fun - photography, moving image, creative retouching and digital art are part of what she does.

Born and raised in North Manchester, Madeleine grew up taking pictures with any camera she could get my hands on - mums disposables, dads compact old digital. She was inspired by the world around me, a nearby football pitch and rows up on rows of terrace houses was my youth. As she got older, she became curious of the wider world, especially stories of her grandma’s upbringing in Kenya, which lead her onto exploring the world of image making in a number of communities and culture.

Madeleine's passion led her to the USA, South East Asia and South Africa and West Africa. Driven by purpose, she has made her way around by working at summer camps, photographing for charities and cofounding a charity project in West Africa. It was within these experiences that she realised the power of storytelling for good and formed a natural, intuitive and immersive style of photography. 

Today, Madeleine loves to work with other passionate creatives, collaborating on projects, playing with ideas and working with her team or alternative team with the aim of making work that matters. 

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