Justin Fantl

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Justin Fantl’s photography is an exploration of the world around him and, especially, the details within it. Whether he is shooting an aerial or a conceptual still life, his work is graphic, colorful, subtly nuanced, and often humorous. Methodical in his approach, Justin considers what he is trying to capture and, ultimately, what he is trying to say long before he starts shooting. His work begins by connecting to a place, for ariels and landscapes, or an idea, for still life.

His aerial work stems from a deep love for aviation (he has his pilot’s license!) and the ability to have control over this unique visual perspective. For his still life, he brings an object from the outside world into a controlled environment to focus on technical aspects and styling. In both cases, Justin’s affinity for experimentation results in images that touch on bigger ideas and tell visual stories. He currently resides in Santa Barbara and shoots locally in LA as well.

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