• 6.10.14

    Zach Gold's Rolling Stone cover finds an adult Jack White in a boyhood dream

    Just a few years ago, Jack White left his home of Detroit Michigan for a new one in Nashville, Tennessee. The “Music City” was the perfect place for this neo-iconic Rocker to build his “eigenes Imperium” (that’s German for “Private empire”). Zach Gold, who took Jack’s photo for the cover of Rolling Stone Germany, summed it up aptly saying, “He has created a special environment that feels like a fully realized boyhood dream.” What is that boyhood dream? “To make a creative space for yourself that is completely your own,” Zach explains.

    But even though his empire is like a boyhood dream, the photos that Zach produced for the German branch of music’s premiere publication are vignetted by a solemnity, a shadow that could only be cast by an impression of lived maturity. The star has seen his share of public trials, along with attempts to shrug them off by saying, “Everything apart from the music is a trick.”

    But Zach explains that the reverie we see Jack in is not entirely spontaneous. That the musician is “at the same time both completely aware of what he wants the pictures to be like and being really open to other ideas.” So maybe we’re all in on the trick?

    It all comes with the territory. Zach explains the admiration he has for Jack White saying, “I have been a huge fan of his work and think of him as one of the biggest talents of his generation.” That voice has to be very well calibrated to make sure it comes through precisely the way it’s supposed to.

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