• 9.2.11

    Zach Gold's Fashion Film Screens at New Holland and More

    Zach Gold's fashion film, "String Theory," for A.F. Vandevorst is currently screening at New Holland in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Gold and the Belgian fashion house collaborated on the film in 2010. It is a dream-like interpretation of the Spring 2010 collection and features a young woman experiencing brief rifts in her reality. Vogue.com described it as "the beginning of a whole new genre of entertainment; fashion cinema, a collision of the worlds of design and moviemaking."

    This year "String Theory" is screening at film festivals around the world. It was recently screened at Out of Fashion, as part of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012 alongside other fashion films for brands like Prada and Comme des Garcons. It is currently showing in Sao Paolo and at New Holland. New Holland is an artist island developed by Dasha Zhukova in the heart of Saint Petersburg. The island was first envisioned 300 years ago as the private residence of Peter the Great. However the plans were scrapped and for those hundreds of years it was used for storage and naval purposes. Last year Zhukova and the Iris Foundation began a restoration project to turn it into a space for museums, galleries, and conceptual art attractions and live performances. Later this fall the film will be screened in Moscow.

    See more of Zach Gold's photography here.

    Directed by Zach Gold
    DoP: Steve Romano
    Art Director: Michael Sturgeon
    Stylist: David Dumas
    Hair Stylist: Eloise Cheung
    Make-Up: Vincent Oquendo
    Model: Evelina Mambatova
    Music by: Casa Nova Studios

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