• 1.30.14

    Yves Béhar by Jonas Fredwall Karlsson for Vanity Fair

    Jonas Fredwall Karlsson photographed designer Yves Béhar in San Francisco for his newest Vanity Fair assignment.

    "I've worked with Vanity Fair for sixteen years with producer Ron Beinner and before a shoot we try to learn as much as possible about the subject – what elements surround this person that would tell a story through an image?" he explained. With Béhar, a surfer and the architect behind the Local Bike, it meant a day at Baker Beach.

    "I thought the location would work in the afternoon when the sun is in a certain angle, but the weather turned and it was completely gray – the location practically disappeared!" Fredwall Karlsson recalled. "We were packing up to leave as the weather changed again and I realized we could make a picture with the low clouds instead. I think it was even better than being able to see the whole Golden Gate Bridge in the background, which might have been a bit too much like a postcard."

    For the complementary portrait of Béhar, they went to his Fuseproject studio. "It was incredible to see his space with all of the works in progress and protoypes, and to meet his team," Fredwall Karlsson noted.

    Béhar wanted to be a part of the entire process, and found a fan of sorts in Fredwall Karlsson. "His designs are fascinating – I, too, think every day objects should be aesthetically pleasing and functional," he said. "And Yves is conscious about helping third-world children with his One Laptop per Child computer. He's an interesting guy."

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