• 5.14.15

    You're Safe with Elizabeth Weinberg

    If there’s something about Elizabeth Weinberg’s work that jumps off the page, it’s her use of light. Whether she’s shooting Diplo for the debut of K-Swiss’ new crowd sourced artist movement, The Board, or a portrait for a Complex Magazine feature on Shamir Bailey, Elizabeth is all about keeping it simple. By using almost exclusively natural light, she’s able to capture intimate imagery relating directly to her subject. “I like to keep it as simple as possible,” Elizabeth explains. “Just me and the subject. I think setting up a light can automatically intimidate people. I like to make it feel like we’re just hanging out.” 

    That personal interaction means that her subjects have the opportunity to open up and show a side that we may not otherwise get to see. “I really like timeless, intimate pictures, no matter what,” Elizabeth says. “It’s less common to find those unguarded moments with people and I try to get that out of them.” That’s how Elizabeth gets those uncommon photographs, those looks at something different: with her presence and steady hand.

    When she was shooting Diplo, it was in the middle of a busy day for him – he was shooting a new video. The shoot with K-Swiss afforded her a quick cameo in his video that she hadn’t exactly planned for. “I play a photographer, which I was not expecting to do because I was wearing a really dumb hat and my hair was insane, but in the video that they shot there’s a clip of me doing an over exaggerated hand motion to kind of show that I’m taking his picture,” she says with a laugh. It was perfect because they were already shooting in LA’s Arts District, so it fit in seamlessly, and allowed Elizabeth to show off her behind the camera energy, even if it was just for a music video. 

    Another musical artist that Elizabeth captured recently, Shamir Bailey, has a voice that is unique to say the least. Many are taken off guard by his high pitch and energetic lilt. But that’s what makes him the musician that he is, and Elizabeth was there to empower his creativity. When a young artist is facing a big feature like one Shamir had in Complex, it can be a stressful moment. But Elizabeth is there to offer her guidance and support to make sure the final images are as flattering as possible. “Just have fun and do whatever,” she says with a laugh. Those words are as welcome on a set as they are anywhere else in life.

    We’re proud to welcome Elizabeth Weinberg to our roster at Bernstein & Andriulli.  

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