• 2.17.16

    We Are The Rhoads Goes Home with Staz Lindes and Vogue

    Normally when you’re flipping through the pages of Paris Vogue and you find yourself face to face with Staz Lindes it’s because you’re looking at a Saint Laurent ad. Hedi Silmane found the model, who just happens to be the daughter of Dire Straights band member Hal Lindes, when she was playing with her band, and picked her out of relative obscurity, turning her into an A-class model. Success in that field requires being able to wear your personality on your sleeve, something that she’s never had a problem with and something that We Are The Rhoads came in direct contact with. The images they created would also be published through Vogue Paris, but this time offer a deep look at the model’s life. “I have a total girl crush on her in the best way,” says Sarah Rhoads, half of The Rhoads with her husband Chris. “She’s like a tomboy and a musician and she was just my kind of muse. As a chick I really respect other women who are really going after their dreams, comfortable in their own skin, funny, smart, just able to kick it with anybody and she was really just that kind of person.” 

    That ability to relate to one another was crucial to the imagery they were creating because The Rhoads work so closely with their subjects, using the shooting day as an opportunity to get to know each other. One thing that they were really able to connect over was music. “She’s obsessed with the 90s,” explains Chris. “It was interesting because she’s obsessed with Kurt Cobain and Nirvana in the same was I was obsessed with Led Zeppelin.” They flipped through vinyls and discussed obscure bands. They were able to talk about things that really ignited passion in one another, opening up to one another, and creating imagery that was immediately accessible. “You really got the sense that’s who she is,” says Chris. “She likes music so she has the band that she plays in and she doesn’t really care. That’s a refreshing thing.” The Rhoads work with so many people in visually based industries that sharing moments together is important to them, and they use them to their greatest advantage whenever possible.

    Not only were they close in experience, they were close in proximity. The Rhoads and Staz are practically neighbors. “It turns out she lives really close to us. We both live on the East side of LA and we just got to kick it in her hood and her place, and her apartment,” says Sarah. The connection with music, and their shared neighborhood becomes a character in its own right, offering the emotions underneath compositions The Rhoads have become masters at.

    Check out the full story in Paris Vogue.

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