• 4.2.14

    We Are The Rhoads at Home With Carrie Brownstein for Rolling Stone

    We Are The Rhoads photographed "Portlandia" co-creator and former Sleater Kinney frontwoman Carrie Brownstein for the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

    "Chris and I wanted to capture her in a comfortable environment," explained Sarah Rhoads. The pair spent several hours with Brownstein in the Portland house she's lived in since 2006. "My version of home is probably less conventional than most people's, but at least I have something I can picture in my mind," she told the magazine, noting, "I mostly live on the main floor and close the door to upstairs."

    The Rhoads "explored different parts of the house and found pockets full of unique elements that we could play off of," Sarah said. Chris added, "Sarah and I approached the shoot as though we were friends hanging out, and once that atmosphere was established, things felt natural and flowed ... the three of us got along well, and mostly talked about and listened to music," fitting for the accompanying article, "Life After Punk."

    Sarah continued, "Chris and I enjoy this type of work because it's connection-based and we can portray someone using our perspective, keeping with the organic feeling that we bring to any of our pictures. It's especially nice to do that in a portrait setting, when we're just one-on-one – or two-on-one."

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