• 4.1.15

    We Are The Rhoads and Taylor Swift Team Up for Keds

    When you’re going to shoot a star as big as Taylor Swift for a brand with as much reach as Keds, there are a lot of moving pieces. Campaigns like this are what We Are The Rhoads shine at. To make sure that Taylor was comfortable with Chris and Sarah Rhoads throughout the entire shoot, they took some time before the craziness to get to know each other a little and build a rapport. It was in these moments before the teams of stylists and crew stepped in that they created common goals making the entire process run smoothly. “I think she really appreciated what we were trying to do, injecting a new energy into the shoot and really trying to find a sort of spontaneity,” says Sarah. Taylor Swift and Keds have paired up for years on a handful of campaigns, but this time The Rhoads were brought on to bring a different energy.

    For the campaign they settled on six different looks, and the only way they were going to be able to capture all those different styles was if they kept moving. That meant they they had to work quickly and efficiently. “It was a really aggressive day,” says Chris. “Taylor is a natural performer, so we just had to give her some direction and it was an effortless collaboration from there.” That performance quality means that Taylor arrived camera ready and primed to get the shot. It was a fast and full day, but it wasn’t rushed. They got exactly what they needed.

    Adding to the volume of what they had to accomplish up at Montauk, The Rhoads also cut together some live action videos to round out the campaign. In terms of technology, it’s a slightly different execution, but for The Rhoads, who do a lot of photo and motion based projects, it has the same heart. Chris explains, “We treat it pretty much the same. We’re still looking for the same spontaneity and energy.”

    One way they kept the energy up was by creating a personal atmosphere. They used Taylor’s own playlist culled from her music collection of artists and performers who she is a fan of herself, making for a more intimate environment. At one point, Sarah remembers singing with Taylor as they snapped away. “Kendrick Lamar came on and we were all rapping together,” says Sarah. “That was a very fun moment.” By finding that common ground, The Rhoads were able to quickly relate to one of the biggest stars in the world and get the exact shots Keds needed for this campaign. They did all that while injecting The Rhoads’ signature authentic feel, with Taylor’s irresistible charm.

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