• 1.30.18

    Vault49 Gets to Work with Justworks

    Running a company is about more than just having a great idea and setting up an LLC. You’ve got to solicit customers, manage employees, get a gorgeous website, and don’t forget about getting in enough coffee! All that and you haven’t even gotten to the legal aspects yet: payroll, benefits, HR, compliance. It’s a lot to handle, and for many business owners, it’s too much. And that’s okay! There are people who will do it for you. Justworks created an entire business out of doing that work so you don’t have to, and if spreadsheets don’t seem sexy enough, Vault49 was brought in to help sell it. 

    Vault49 helped Justworks by creating a series of advertisements in CGI, bringing together retro inspiration with the timeless aesthetic of neon lights. Justworks cuts through the darkness of navigating the complications of running a business, so Vault49 wanted to offer the light in the dark – and sell a couple aspects of the company.

    In the pieces, Vault49 focused on two distinct issues: benefits and reliability. The first piece proclaims, “Get the Benefits of Your Dreams.” Benefits really are a dream, they can be what causes a fantastic candidate to choose your company or another, so vault49 kept the composition dynamic and exciting – while adding in a friendly, sleepy sheep in the corner to remind you that you have nothing to fear.

    The second piece that Vault49 created for Justworks proclaims, “We’re Working Whenever You’re Working,” reminding us that Justworks is all about creating a professional internal culture. It’s not enough to do your best when you’re just starting a company, you can’t really let up until the whole machine runs smoothly – and that can take a while. Vault49 created an image that assertive and firm: they’re not here to play. Trusting an outside resource like Justworks with the crucial elements like payroll and compliance is no trivial matter, so Vault49 created a composition that inspires trust and reliability. Messaging is as much about emotions as it is information. Vault49 tracks, and expresses, both.

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