• 9.30.19

    Vault49 Creates New Cow City with Burger & Lobster

    For their latest mural project, design agency Vault49 created a series of murals in collaboration with New York restaurant, Burger & Lobster.

    In the Flatiron District of Manhattan, there are many options for dinner. In an effort to stand out, Burger & Lobster asked the team of local artists at Vault49 to help connect with the restaurant with its downtown New York location and its core offering: prime-cut burgers and wild, fresh Atlantic lobsters.

    “Vault49’s team of talented artists and creatives have a passion for visual storytelling and we knew they would bring their authentic style to the narrative we wanted to tell around our history and story in a way that ignites our brand essence,” explained Vladimir Borodin, co-owner of the restaurant chain. “Their passion for craft signaled to us they understood the importance of quality and creativity in the simplest of forms, making them the perfect creative agency partner.”

    Throughout the restaurant, the artists at Vault49 decorated the walls with floor to ceiling murals that feature different branded narratives, including the journey of the lobsters from Maine all the way to the big apple. Their works of art contribute to the brand messaging and help communicate the restaurant’s personality and set the brand apart from other eateries. Working with an open brief, the team was able to get creative and pull inspiration from the restaurant’s location and history, and imagine a new world, New Cow City, where the wall mural featured depictions of cabs and subways, with a cow-inspired twist.

    “We were delighted when Burger & Lobster asked us to create murals for this site and we loved visually weaving the neighborhood into the restaurant’s brand story. The Flatiron District is a creative neighborhood with some of the best creative agencies in New York choosing to base their studios here, so it is a wonderful opportunity for Vault49 to contribute as our studio is close by,” explained John Glasgow, Creative Director of Vault49. “One factor we had to consider was the team would need to paint during the restaurant’s opening hours which created a new set of challenges in terms of lighting and limited space, but we turned it into an exciting experience for diners to watch the murals take shape as they dined, creating elements of surprise and delight.”

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