• 2.25.13

    Uli Weber Shoots Clements Ribeiro's New Campaign

    Uli Weber teamed up with a longtime collaborator, fashion house Clements Ribeiro, to launch its first web campaign to reinvigorate its e-commerce site. The campaign went live last week on the first day of London Fashion Week. The images depict two models as twins and takes stylistic cues from Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom." The film's heroine's 60's school girl chic style was the inspiration for the spring collection.

    "We are very serious about our Web site and shop because the Web is still virgin territory, to a degree, and we are a small, independent company, so this is a way for us to connect with our customers without intermediaries," said Inacio Ribeiro to WWD. "We are excited about being on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - my favorite - about being truly independent and being in touch with our customers."

    Client: Clements Ribeiro
    Photographer: Uli Weber
    Hair and Make-up: Nicky Tavilla
    Styling: Clements Ribeiro
    Art: Giovanni Bianco

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