• 4.12.10

    Uli Weber's La Cage aux Folles Campaign

    Theater-goers are eagerly anticipating the revival of La Cage Aux Folles on Broadway this spring, starring Emmy Award-winner Kelsey Grammer and Olivier Award-winner Douglas Hodge. The Spotco advertising agency is responsible for the playful neon pink-tinged campaign, shot by Uli Weber. The poster is accompanied by a video that is currently being broadcasted and shown online, also directed by Weber.

    The campaign went through many iterations, some were deemed too cold, too aggressive, or not loud enough for Broadway and the flashy marquees of Times Square. Finally, Spotco found its winner with the silhouettes of men against the neon-hued letters of "La Cage."

    Says Drew Hodges, the founder of Spotco advertising agency, "This is a campaign that you could put on a billboard in times square and see from 10 blocks away; and it still gets so much personality out of it and I know that I can make many, many iterations of this campaign for years to come. It's got enough personality but enough flexibility that I can make anything up from a matchbook to a billboard and all still have it be within the same brand personality of La Cage."

    "La Cage" is directed by Terry Johnson and playing at the Longacre Theatre. Previews have already begun since April 6th, 2010; the show opens April 18th, 2010. If you are a fan of the original show, be sure to fall in love with the show again.

    Ad Evolution: 'La Cage aux Folles", New York Times
    Uli Weber's portfolio

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