• 10.3.13

    Two Sides of Taylor Swift by Zach Gold for Diet Coke

    Zach Gold captured the many faces of Taylor Swift for Diet Coke's latest campaign.  

    "The concept was to make images based on those graphic, old playing cards to illustrate two of her roles," explained Gold. "She does so much for her own career – she's the CEO of her company, she's the songwriter, she's the performer, she's a style icon both on and off the red carpet ... the advertisements show her range and celebrate her."   

    Gold gave Swift mostly positional and mood direction, and noted that she remained enthusiastic for the duration of the ten-hour shoot. "Anybody else would be a puddle of exhaustion on the floor, but she knows exactly what needs to happen and delivers," the photographer said. "When she put on her iPod, she was taken to this other place and I could see how deeply her music is her life. When I see a person that is that passionate, it's really inspiring."  

    He also appreciated the opportunity to photograph the musician in a studio, instead of on location with plenty of production: "It was a very civilized way to work."

    Agency: Droga5

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