• 9.9.13

    Two Sides of Mario Wagner

    Mario Wagner created two new works – one for Cosmopolitan Germany and the other, for Harvard Business Manager – that show both his subject range and commitment to his aesthetic. The Cosmo image accompanied an article about trusting your intuition and the HBM illustration ran in the August issue's "Best Practice" section, which featured Albrecht Jung's high-end light switches

    "I like the balance and the coloring in the HBM piece a lot," remarked Wagner. "It should transport brightness. For Cosmopolitan, I like the confusion in her head. She can't see where she wants to go, so she has to trust her intuition and not her eyes." 

    For editorial projects, he typically comes up with an idea after reading the text and then looks for visuals. He uses Photoshop and vintage graphics, though he said, "If I need something specific, I'll take a photo myself – it saves time and I can get the right angle." Then he sends a rough version ("which is usually pretty far along") to his clients, so they can understand what he's getting at.

    "The concept is not so obvious in my work," the artist relayed. "First you see the beauty and realize afterwards that there is much more going on." 

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