• 7.26.16

    Tristan Eaton Takes a Bite Out of Overfishing

    It’s a well-trod line that we know less about the ocean floor than we do the surface of the moon. And although this is entirely correct, there are a few things that we do know about the world’s oceans for sure. The most important being: we need them. Oceans over two thirds of our planet and these incredible expanses of water contain uncountable life and are the regulators of our planets. Rising temperatures present their own savage threats to these carefully balanced systems, but overfishing is another component and one that Tristan Eaton finds himself inspired by. His latest work, in conjunction with non-profit PangeaSeed attempts to raise awareness about this challenge and it’s something you can take your own piece of.

    Specifically, Tristan is taking on over fishing of large fish. The numbers are shocking. In the pursuit of shark fins alone, 100 million sharks are killed each year. Sharks have been a part of our global ecosystem for 400 million years, and just in the last 50 years humans have killed over 90% of the ocean’s big fish. It’s a trajectory that is not sustainable. The name of Tristan’s piece, “Moriría Por Ti,” translates ‘I Will Die For You,’ and features a shark in his signature style, whose special trajectory is literally to die for the pleasure of humanity. 

    “I hoped to make a statement about how much marine life such as sharks are affected and threatened by human life, human greed and industrial activity,” Tristan says. “They are literally dying for us.”

    Tristan’s piece was made into a print that was available for a limited time through PangeaSeed. A portion of the proceeds from each print sold support PangeaSeed’s Foundation to raise awareness about issues like overfishing. Unfortunately the prints have already sold out but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them and engage with the message.

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