• 5.29.15

    Tristan Eaton's Inspiration On Wheels

    It’s hard to go almost anywhere in the world, especially in New York City, without finding something that Tristan Eaton has put his mark on. His murals are on surfaces from Little Italy to Paris to Australia, each in his unique style that is immediately identifiable. He plays with conventions, pop culture from different eras, color, and movement in ways that are essentially Tristan Eaton, but also rooted deeply in their thematic and local inspirations. The Statue of Liberty graces a building in downtown Manhattan. An archetypical Film Noir damsel pales in the face of Botox on a Los Angeles wall. Napoleon rides into a philosophical battle, unaware of his essential irony, on a very post-war French building. Tristan understands context and draws inspiration from his own creative history, as well as the history around him, and there is no better example of this process than his latest multinational project.

    Tristan partnered up with Guess to begin this huge project in New York City. Drawing inspiration from Guess' aesthetic history and current photographic imagery, his murals focus on the fresh energy of contemporary life. In NYC's "Big City Dreams," the signature bold colors and movement of Tristan's work pops, but with a subtlety and calm inspired by Guess' identity.

    Tristan’s creative relationship with CEO of Guess, Paul Marciano, was a crucial element to making this project happen, something that isn’t lost on Tristan. He explains: “Paul’s history in the art world as a collector and supporter of the arts is on full display with this project.” But that’s not all.

    The journey continues through Europe as Tristan takes part in Gumball 3000, a cross-continental road trip. Tristan is strapped in one of Guess’ three official Dodge Vipers customized by Tristan's artwork. You can follow all three cars as they rip across Europe by following their progress on social media.

    All New York City photographs courtesy of Rey Rosa for The LoMan Art Festival and The L.I.S.A. Project NYC. Video created by Jordan Ahern.

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