• 8.9.11

    Tristan Eaton Illustrates Yelawolf's Tour Bus

    Tristan Eaton collaborates with Yelawolf on his brand new tour bus. The Alabama rapper just signed with Eminem's Shady Records and is currently on the Warped Tour.

    Eaton worked closely with Yelawolf to create the concept and design for the bus, even video-skyping on several occasions to discuss ideas. Eaton was inspired by Yelawolf's background, a mix of down-South hip-hop, redneck lifestyle, and skateboard culture. It was Yelawolf's idea to make the tour bus look like a double-wide and Eaton added illustrations of speakers, an American flag, and a recliner to make it look like a party bus that Yelawolf could park outside his mother's house in Alabama. Yelawolf's music video for the song "I Just Wanna Party," also served as inspiration for the bus.

    The bus is on the Warped Tour with Yelawolf now. See a behind-the-scenes video of the creation of the bus here.

    See more of Tristan Eaton's illustrations here.


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