• 4.23.18

    Tom Corbett Warms Up the Icy Queens of Broadway's 'Frozen'

    Disney’s ‘Frozen’ is obviously one of the most successful children’s movies of the last few decades, with kids (and parents) all over the world singing their favorite songs from the animated musical. Unsatisfied by merely dominating the animated genre, Disney turned the film into a stage musical that just opened up on Broadway. The New York Post’s fashion imprint ‘Alexa’ got the two leads of the show, Caissie Levy and Patti Murin, for a feature article with Tom Corbett on hand to photograph the actresses on location.

    For Tom, photographing the story at the theater is a unique thrill. “I had the opportunity to shoot the main cast from Broadway’s ‘Frozen’ and they wanted to shoot in a theater setting which I always love,” says Tom. “I love the dramatic elements you get with the lighting, playing off the negative space and using light from behind. Theaters have so much negative space you can work with so I just love working there. We had a lot of fun playing around, painting with light, and trying to get some drama.” Tom took full advantage of the space, bringing the actresses from the stage to the house (and backstage, too) filling the negative space with beams of colored light and plumes of smoke. When the house lights are on, a theater can read as a big empty room filled with seats, but when it’s handled by someone like Tom it turns into an epic space for powerful moments.

    Frozen is a new icon in the pantheon of fairytales, but Tom and Alexa didn’t want to lock this shoot down to the single production. The story was about more than just the performances and processes that these two professionals went through. So, they went out of their way to make the story timeless and removed from what will ultimately be a fulfilling but temporary part of each of these women’s careers. “We saw some serious actresses and wanted to treat them as such,” Tom explains. Instead, the shoot reveals two women at the top of their game, dominating this particular challenge, who will eventually take on another and another and another like the queens that they are.

    You can catch both Levy and Murin in ‘Frozen: The Broadway Musical’ now.

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