• 3.25.14

    Tom Corbett's Poppy Party Girl

    Siempre Mujer and Tom Corbett continued their longtime collaboration with "La reina del party," a spread in the magazine's April/May issue. "The wardrobe for each shot spoke to a different special occasion – a gala, a graduation, a quinceañera, a wedding, and a birthday party – so we needed to devise a general concept that could work well for each," explained photo editor David Cooper. "Balloons are representative of all celebrations, so I thought it would be interesting to use them as a theme, and Tom brought an edge to the idea that made it more editorial and interesting to look at."

    Shooting at Dune Studios in Manhattan, Corbett and Cooper created a hyper-realistic environment using the colorful orbs and the clothing as the main storytelling devises. "From the very beginning, Tom discussed using a ring flash to give the images a cool, poppy, and modern look," Cooper noted. "He also kept the model moving and tried to capture her most graphic poses," translating to a range of photos from the pared-down opener to the energy-filled, ending closeup.

    "I'm very conscious of the stories I commission Tom to shoot," Cooper went on. "I have a good idea of the ones he'll find interesting, so I give them to him, because I know he'll bring 100 percent to the table to shape a beautiful piece." He added: "I think we also know how to push each other and the rest of the crew," which included B&A manicurist Titilayo Bankole, "to get the best results possible."

    Executive editor: Zuania Capó
    Fashion editor: Ellen Silverstein
    Hair: Kozmo at Bryan Bantry Agency
    Makeup: Javier Romero
    Manicure: Titilayo Bankole at B&A

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