• 10.30.13

    Tom Corbett's 'Glam Slam'

    Tom Corbett captured the holiday season's finishing touches for FITNESS's November/December issue.

    "For the 'Glam Slams' spread, we wanted the images to pop and be close up, in order to detail both the featured accessories and the beauty tips – which focused on the eye, lip, and nails," said photo director Toby Kaufmann. "I've worked with Tom for many, many years and he was the perfect choice [for photographer] because I knew he could bring it all to life, and add another layer with his lighting techniques."  

    Kaufmann added that she and Corbett "discussed the pictures beforehand, so we went into the shoot knowing exactly what we needed to do" for each of the four looks: "You're Golden," "So Sophisticated," "The Bright Stuff," and "Walk on the Wild Side." The team finished at 5 p.m. and came away with photos that couldn't have made FITNESS merrier.

    Beauty director: Heather Muir
    Makeup: Keiko for Bryan Bantry Agency
    Hair: Kozmo for Bryan Bantry Agency
    Manicure: Fleury Rose for Illamasqua
    Prop Stylist: Rebecca Donnelly
    Model: Kathrin/ for Muse NYC

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