• 12.20.16

    Tom Corbett Rocks Detroit with The Somerset Collection

    At the very beginning of this year, Tom Corbett traveled to Detroit, Michigan with The Somersett Collection, bringing along their high-end flavor to the city that is seeing a new Renaissance. It turns out that they ended up witnessing a part of that revival as much as contributing to it. Now they're back: closing out the year with another visit to Motor City, proving that the current creative class is high class.

    The most recent story, named Detroit Vinyl, examines the musical history of Detroit while displaying the current collection at Somerset. Tom plays in recording studios, piano bars, record shops, and the cobbled streets showing grace and flair – with a little bit of spunk. After all, this is the city that built Rock ‘N’ Roll…

    Somerset’s motto is “You Belong Here,” an invitation to go along on their magnanimous trips, seeing the world from conventional angles – like those in Paris – to the unexpected, like Detroit. Tom’s most recent work, the projects infused with the energy on display in Detroit Vinyl, prioritizes agility above complication to deliver us imagery that is immediate, affecting, and the perfect window into what being in these places is really like – or can be like in our most creative dreams. All while showing off the Gucci and Tiffany & Co. for the beautiful pieces they are.

    So take a step back in time with Tom, to another age of music history that’s still as alive today as ever before.

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