• 9.14.17

    Tom Corbett Gets Heroic with Marvel's Elodie Yung

    There’s good reason that so many Marvel superheroes work in New York – it’s a city with history that captures the imaginations of fans the world over. Plus there’s been plenty of crime. At least six of Marvel’s best-known superheroes operate out of the Big Apple, and they’ve brought the quartet of Defenders to television with the synonymous Netflix series. But Elektra is not a superhero. The mercenary assassin and exlover of Matt Murdock (Daredevil) played on TV by the undeniable Elodie Yung is enticing, terrifying, and extraordinarily powerful. She’s also stunningly beautiful. When Alexa Magazine, the fashion imprint of The New York Post, featured Yung on the cover of their latest issue they invited Tom Corbett to photograph the story. “We wanted to do these heroic pictures on the streets of New York and she was really warm to it and it was a great day,” says Tom.

    Yung, Tom, and his team headed down to The Lower East Side of New York City in order to capture that unique area of the city to give their imagery the perfect atmosphere. “We wanted a grittier side of New York, an older side of New York and that was really an area which we really loved,” says Tom. “The Lower East Side hasn’t changed too much, and we wanted to shoot there and give it some of the local flavor down there.” While other areas of New York are constantly welcoming glassy new buildings, The Lower East Side has maintained an incredible number of original storefronts making some areas feel like they’re in a different time. Tom took advantage of that to create imagery that’s outside of time, untethered to trends and development and focused on style.

    As a fashion photographer, Tom mostly works with models but Yung is an accomplished actor, which is a totally different job. On the whole, Tom approaches actors and models in the same way, with one tiny little difference. “She was very in tune, she took direction very well, she understood exactly what we wanted,” Tom says. “You have to direct actors slightly differently so I tend to give my actors that I work with a little bit more of a background, a little bit more of a storyline, to try to make it fit into their world a little bit more. Models don’t necessarily always need that, but I do like working that way.” By giving her a little bit more of a story, Tom is able to work on her level and together they create images that are as beautiful as they are captivating. Plus the fashion looks awesome.


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