• 4.7.15

    Tom Corbett Creates Chaos with Millennials

    Magazine covers are usually reserved for movie stars and super models. They are platforms to show off celebrity and trends in the fast paced world of fashion and entertainment. But as media turns to the possibilities of online communication, fame and influence come as quickly as a well-composed tweet or beautifully styled Instagram picture. The new generation of celebrities includes a roster of young power players whose arena is online. William Valdes, Yuya, and Hector Trejo have each used their social fame to build more conventional followings, and vice versa, creating a self-perpetuating cycle of contemporary celebrity. Siempre Mujer is on the cutting edge of this trend, following this new movement and putting these three fire brands on their latest cover. The magazine tapped photographer Tom Corbett for the cover shoot, knowing his mastery of visual energy would match them effortlessly.

    When working with three different young adults, a lot of energy is running around on set. Whether the three of them were jumping, tossing kisses at one another, or making the most ridiculous faces possible, it’s an incredible amount of energy to fit into each frame. But for Tom, that energy doesn’t represent something that needs to be controlled. Instead, he wants to use it. “I don’t need to manage the energy so much as harness it,” says Tom. “I like chaos, I thrive on chaos. Chaos is what I try to achieve. Controlled chaos. It gives you the opportunity to get something really special.” By engendering an atmosphere of freedom, these three millennials are able to be their authentic selves in front of Tom resulting in images that are faithful to their personalities.

    Part of what made this shoot possible in its breadth and dynamism is Tom’s working relationship with David Cooper, the Photo Editor at Simpre Mujer. Tom and David work together to create visual concepts that will communicate their messaging as boldly and uniquely as possible. “We work really closely together, we talk a lot, come up with the concepts together,” says Tom. “We have a very close working relationship.” In fact, if it weren’t for their close relationship, Tom says, they wouldn’t have arrived at the triple exposure images where each of the talent is jumping with different impressions in blue and red. This unconventional use of imagery adds unexpected movement that transcends a single, still photograph.

    To round out the energy on all fronts, stylist Stacey Jones assembled looks that were as fun and energetic as the kids themselves, and manicurist Titilayo Bankole brought a fresh extra hit of color to Yuya's palatte.

    For Tom, much of what made the shoot so fun were the three people in front of his lens. That “controlled chaos” that he works so hard to set the stage for helped create an experience that was invigorating and inspiring. “It was just a good laugh. Some of them had never been to New York before,” says Tom. “It was a big day for them, they were really just enjoying the moment. They had so much energy, it was a real pleasure.” 

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