• 6.5.14

    Tom Corbett and Refinery29 Turn Up The Heat

    Summer is about being bold. As the temperature rises, so do the opportunities to go big with beauty. Refinery29 teamed up with Tom Corbett to show off the potential locked inside that heat. The flip-side is that no one wants to stay indoors gussying themselves up, lacquering on make-up, and worrying about their manicure. That’s why Tom and Refinery29 chose looks that were bright, light, and easy to run with. It’s about looking good, not looking like a production.

    Using jewel tones and rich neutrals, Tom’s work shows off the confluence of sunglasses, lipstick, and nail polish. Just these three elements can bring a look together and scream, “Summer!” while still being effortless. 

    Laura Miller, the photo editor of Refinery29, worked with Tom on the direction. Tom explains that they wanted to “make it fun and modern and have a sense of energy and spontaneity.” If you’re even a tiny bit familiar with Tom, you know how perfect this is because, as he said, “it sums up how I like to shoot.” 

    That fun that they’re talking about is obvious from the shoot – the looks are playful, light, and full of a carefree joy that cannot be PhotoShop’d in. Tom explains where those looks came from, the “models were told to enjoy themselves and with music blasting they made quirky, fun faces.” But wasn’t only in the photos, the pleasure wasn’t only in front of the camera. Tom says that the shoot was “great fun.” Laura agrees, saying, “I wish all my days on set were as fun!”

    Adding to the fun were Sara Cooper and Gregg Hubbard, who were styling and working on the make up, respectively. Laura sums up the project saying, “it felt like a really nice collaborative effort. Overall, it was an awesome team to work with.”

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