• 1.23.13

    Thornberg & Forester is All About Feet with Dansko

    Thornberg & Forester has developed a new film entitled "Word of Foot" for Dansko, a leading maker of comfort footwear. Dansko and branding agency Toth + Company first came to T&F after seeing their brand film and work for the GEL Conference.

    Conveyed in the form of an animated fairytale, the film is told from the perspective of a series of feet in search of comfortable footwear. The story explains how the iconic footwear first came to America from Europe, and as word spread, Dansko became the favorite shoe of people everywhere. Karen Hite, Toth's associate creative director, noted that they were "thrilled to partner with Thornberg & Forester who brought the story to life. A film featuring feet has the potential to be off-putting, but the style their team created has a very charming appeal."

    Client: Dansko Footwear
    Agency: Toth + Company
    Design/Production Company: Thornberg & Forester
    Creative Director: Justin Meredith
    Director/Illustrator: Kyle Hurley
    Illustrator/Animator Ken Krueger
    Executive Producer: Elizabeth Kiehner
    Producer: Kelsey Thomson
    Music/Sound Design/Mix: Dean Hurley

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