• 3.13.18

    The Selby Takes to the High Seas with Vogue

    Ever wonder how your favorite models spend time off? Would you guess that they adventure on a houseboat with a new puppy to make nachos in the fireplace? That’s exactly what Hanne Gaby Odiele and her husband, John Swiatek, did on a recent day on the high seas with The Selby along for the ride, filming and shooting a story for Vogue partnering with JBrand Jeans. When the call first came in, Todd was excited. "I always thought she’s so cool, and then her husband is amazing and they’re such a charismatic couple,” says Todd. They were all able to spend the entire day hanging out, playing games, and of course, cooking in the fireplace.

    “I knew that Hanne loves nachos so that made me come up with the idea that she was going to make nachos. But then actually the oven was broken so then we improvised and made a nacho holder that they could put in the fire,” Todd explains. It’s that improvisation that brings a sense of realism into the piece and allowed this branded content go from traditional advertising into the world of more authentic storytelling. “Consumers are smart and they don’t want to be force-fed stuff. If you’re making films or photos with the brand you have to make it worthwhile on its own to watch and to share and to be fun, and then start weaving in the brand in an authentic way that matches the voice,” Todd says. “That’s what a lot of what I try to do.”

    Since Todd’s focus is on putting the story in front, his plan was less about showing off the jeans – although that was definitely part of it – and more about putting Odiele and Swiatek at the center of the story. “I just wanted it to feel like you get a sense of their playfulness,” says Todd. “They have a real playfulness and fun energy. I wanted you to get a feeling of that and just kind of get a sense of nice moments between them and a vibe of their relationship. That was really the goal. And to make it fun.”

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