• 9.22.11

    The Selby Photographs Next for T Magazine

    The Selby visits Chicago restaurant Next for his latest Edible Selby column for T Magazine. The newly opened restaurant changes its entire concept every three months. Chef Grant Achatz and partner Nick Kokonas turned down offers to replicate the success of their restaurant Alinea and instead created Next. While Alinea is about constant innovation and creativity, Next is about constant exploration of global cuisine.

    For the first three months the theme at Next was Paris in 1906. In July it changed to a Tour of Thailand theme with "heavily manipulated" pad thai and panang curry on the menu.

    In his audio interview with The Selby, Achatz discusses how the Shel Silverstein book of poetry Where The Sidewalk Ends also influenced the menu. He says he and Kokonas challenged themselves to make certain lines or poems food-related. Adjacent to Next is Aviary, an imaginative bar also owned by Achatz, where an Old-Fashioned is served in the form of a spherical ice cub and then broken open with a slingshot.

    See more of The Selby's Edible Selby columns here.

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