• 9.12.19

    The Selby and Taylor Swift Ask Anna

    In the latest chapter of his ongoing Ask Anna endeavor with Conde Nast, artist The Selby worked with the cover star of the September issue of Vogue, Taylor Swift, to produce the latest segment.

    For this collaboration, the team captured Taylor’s asks for Anna while on set shooting the cover of the September issue of Vogue. Taylor came prepared. “During the cover shoot, we were able to film Taylor asking questions, whatever she wanted to ask and find out. It was definitely exciting if you’re a person who’s into fashion like Taylor is. Getting the opportunity to kind of just go for it and ask Anna anything you want is the dream for some people. Taylor was really into it, asking Anna about her favorite cat from the show. Her energy with Anna was great, they have a respect for each other and they made it really fun for everyone to watch.”

    After they filmed the questions and answers, The Selby worked to add his signature illustrations to the piece. For this special feature of Ask Anna, Selby added more details with borders around the subjects. “I like the moments when Anna gets the most animated,  so I can use the illustrations to play off of it.”

    If you were wondering which the project was filmed, you would have a hard time deciding based on Anna’s outfit. “She loves a floral print or any kind of colorful print. All-year-round. It’s kinda rare when you see her in a solid which I appreciate because I’m the kind of guy who loves color myself. I’m a more is more kind of person. Some people have a misconception about Anna, something about wearing all black, which is actually totally incorrect, she loves print and color. Except for leggings. She does not like a colorful legging. Although Anna did wear pink leggings in like 1993. Honestly, I did call her out on her pink leggings, but you know it was 1993, I don’t even know what I was wearing in 1993.”


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